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9/12 Patch Notes

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1. Bingo  Event (9/12 ~ 10/10)
2. Korean Thanksgiving Event (9/12 ~ 9/26)

#Cash Shop

1. Elesis Royal Maid IB(9/12 ~ 10/24)
2. Ara Arch Devil IB(9/12 ~ 10/24)
3. Elios Noir Avatar (9/12 ~ 10/10)
4. New Moon Rabbit Legend avatar (9/12 ~ 10/10)
5. Tree Knight(Maple) pet Adult  (9/12  ~ 10/10)
6. Bingo reset/shuffle item(9/12 ~ 10/10)


1. Fixed Revenge Buff & GoD elixir not being applied after revival.
2. Fixed ‘Couple/Marriage’ rewards only being sent to one character in certain situation.

1. Aisha’s Teleport
– From lvl 20 -> 21 MP cost difference reduced
– When teleport is used consecutively, MP consumption increases per use.
2. High Magician’s Blaze Step
– Fixed error where it turns into 200MP skill starting from level 2.
3. Wind Sneaker’s Airelinna- Nymph
– Cooldown time and skill duration fixed to 20 second.
– MP cost increased by 20
4. Combat Ranger’s Flexible Movement
– Evasion increase effect deleted.
– Now when activated HP recovers gradually for 10 seconds.
(Max lvl 14: Recover 1.15%/second for 10 seconds)
5. Elemental Master’s Lightning Shower
– Lightning Range and attack amount 20% decrease.
– Lightning’s stun duration changed from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.
6. High Magician’s Meditation.
– During PvP MP recovery reduced to 1/3
7. Battle Magician’s Energy Spurt skill note.
– Fixed problem where the noted skill’s hitbox was much larger than the skill graphic effect.
8. Night Watcher, Dimension witch new promotion illustration.
9. Fixed problem where Ara’s 3 awakening buff wasn’t applied.
10. Fixed problem where Ara’s ‘resurrection’ passive didn’t knock the character down while being attacked in the air multiple times.
11. Fixed problem where Little Devil didn’t blink in towns.

[Dungeon, Field]
1. After Dungeon Entrance fixed problem where quickslot item’s cooldown time being re applied.
2. Fixed In-Dungeon stage loading screen.
3. Hamel Secret Dungeon changes
– Fixed monster cards not working correctly.
– Brutal Shadow and Dark Priest’s ‘Darkness storm’ attack damage decreased.
– Fixed Brutal Trickster’s Totem Name not displaying correctly.
– Fixed problem where some linemap didn’t align with the world

1. Added feature to block invitations in Sparring.
– Go to Ingame [Option > Extra > Privacy]
2. Fixed problem where characters get pushed back when they overlap each other.


– Moon Rabbit Legend One Piece(Black/White) –


-Elios Noir –

– Reform Star Academy (Winter) –

리폼 동복 아바타 착용 모습

-Elesis Royal maid & Ara Arch Devil-

8/29 Patch Notes

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#Main Update

1. Hamel Secret Dungeon Revamp
2. Existing Secret Dungeon Revamp


1. Secret Dungeon update event (8/29~9/12)
– more details in the events page at 8/29 afternoon.

#Cash Shop

1. Crayon Pop Helmet Avatar on Sale. (8/29 ~ 9/26)
– New costume package comes with cute animation.

1. Elesis El Officer ended.
2. Scroll of Growth 1,2,3 package sale ended.
3. Hats-On pets&accessories sale ended.
4. Ice Hameling sale in item mall ended
– You can still obtain Ice Hameling from ‘Mysterious Ancient fossils’
6. Job change discount ended.


1. Ara character changes
– ki bullet commands firing speed increased, range changed.
– Adjusted Rakshasa secret art’s MP and ki orb consumption.
– Changed High Speed’s cooldown to 2 seconds. Changed to (Magical -> Physical) Damage reduced.
2. Fixed problem where character wasn’t affected by gravity when attacked while using Aero Strafe.
3. Fixed Problem with Battle Magician’s ‘Seal of Acceleration’
– This is a problem from Skill Tree revamp that wasn’t applied.
4. Changed Void Princess dungeon clear cut-in image.
5. Fixed problem with Rune Slayer’s Hyper active where if you dashed or attacked during the skill, last hit wouldn’t register.
6. Night Watcher ‘Delayed Fire’ problems fixed
– Fixed problem where Trapping Arrow-Fungus and Trapping Arrow-Buster damage was still the same when in Delayed Fire mode.
– Fixed problem whee Delayed Fire mode didn’t increase Eldrasil’s Rage’s explosion damage.

1. Fixed problem where party members that weren’t in the party were displayed in the world map.

1. Fixed problem where sometimes skill cooldowns didn’t reset when entering Sparring and Arena.
2. Fixed problem where when Epic NPC Noah and Speka uses teleport they become invisible and invincible.
3. Fixed problem where Hyper Active skill’s cooldown was applied to normal skills after an Arena match.

1. Fixed text errors in level 70 boss items.
2. Fixed re-selling item prices for 7 items in Sander.
– Items: (Old) Waldo Stone Armor / (Old) Trockta bottom / (Old) Great Chief’s armguard.
Waldo Stone Armor / Trockta bottom / Great Chief’s armguard. / Karis’s magic gloves.

1. Ice Hameling changes
– Zattack: Moves forwards slightly when attacking and becomes easier to hit enemies while grouping with Z attacks.
– Xattack: Frost Breath attack is faster and recoil distance becomes shorter.
Activates faster and recoil distance becomes shorter so it becomes easier to chain attacks after X attack.

1. Unnecessary talk to ‘X’ quests requirements changed.



Deleted requirements.

[던전] 리자드맨 장로

베스마 마을의 연금술사 차차부크와 대화

[던전] 최면에 빠진 리자드맨들

베스마 마을의 연금술사 차차부크와 대화

[던전] 오래된 둥지

베스마 마을의 연금술사 차차부크와 대화

[던전] 해방

베스마 마을의 연금술사 차차부크와 대화

[던전] 어두운 힘의 근원

알레그로와 대화

[던전] 변이된 식물들

페이타의 서기관 알레그로와 대화하기

[던전] 실종된 기사단

덴카와 대화

[던전] 인장의 행방을 찾아서

페넨시오와 대화

[던전] 검은 갑옷

페넨시오와 대화

차별화된 여행자 서포트 서비스

COBO의 모험 서포터 아리엘과 대화

좋은 무기를 본 장인의 마음

엘더의 액세서리점 주인 루이첼과 대화

신비한 힘의 보석, 마법석

엘더의 연금술사 에코와 대화

[던전] 투사의 조건! 성장!

보안대장 ‘스텔라’와 대화

[던전] 투사의 조건! 소켓!

연금술사 ‘차차부크’와 대화

[던전] 투사의 자격! 속성!

연금술사 ‘아모스’와 대화

[던전] 투사의 자격! 진화!

촌장 ‘아델’과 대화

[던전] 투사의 자격! 동료!

코보직원 ‘아리엘’과 대화

궁극의 기술

시공 관리인 글레이브와 대화


– Crayon Pop Avatar Return –

: After equipping the set type ‘빠빠빠’ for special animation.

돌아온 크레용팝 아바타 착용 이미지



Ki bullets


– Base size increased

Energy Reinforce


– knockdown reduction applies to all commands



– Adjusted back step distance and firing speed increased.

Super Vacuum Field


– MP consumption changed from MP100 + 150 -> MP 150 -> ki consumption.

Suppression : Energy


– Changed so you cannot mana break out of the black hole attack.

– MP 250 changed to -> MP 150+ 5 ki orbs.




– Shared: Skill Damage Increased

– Health: HP consume fixed at 8%. Gains 1 more ki orb. After successful hit, regains portion of the HP used.

– Mana: MP consumption changed to 35. After successful hit gains 1 more ki orb.

Rakshasa Secret Art (52)

– ki consumption decreased

Rakshasa 1: Soul Absorb


– Added stun effect on first hit.

– Fixed problem where ki absorb effect didn’t work properly.

Wolf Fang 3: Wolf Claw


– Added super armor description on tool tip.

– MP consumption decreased.

High Speed


– Added aerial use description in tool tip.

Rakshasa 2 : Chain Energy


Secret Rakshasa Art ‘Purgatory’


– Fixed so it isn’t affected by projectile reflection/absorption.

Dash ZZ


– Removed delay after firing ki bullets.



– cant be mana breaked

Wolf Fang secret Art ‘Spirit Wolf Strike’


– hitbox adjusted

– 피격 effect added.

Hell’s Tornado


– After first attack, spinning orbs radius increased.

– MP 250 changed to -> MP170+ 4 ki orbs

Opening Hell’s Gate


– Skill damage increased

Rakshasa 4: Soul Release


– Fixed problem where ki absorb didn’t work properly.

Fox God

(3 bead awakening)

– Fixed problem where it showed base job hair and face.



– Fixed problem where the debuff and activation only could be seen by the player

– Fixed so debuff cool down applies even when using resurrection stone.

– Fixed so it knocks down when activated.

8/22 Patch Notes

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#Cash Shop

1. New mount “Ice Hamelling” release
– For limited time, Summon Crystal: Ice Hamelling is sold. (8/22일 ~ 8/29)
– After 8/22 maintenance you can acquire ‘Summon Crystal: Ice Hamelling’ randomly from Fossils.
2. Avatar Reform Ticket release. 아바타 리폼 티켓 출시 (8/22 ~ 10/3)
– you can reform Ara Royal Maid into ‘Black Swan set’ with the ticket
– You can use the reform ticket with npc Ariel.

1. Star Idol sale end.


1. Sakra Devanam/Yama Raja’s Suppression.
– -defense reduction and time adjusted according to skill level.
2. Code: Nemesis ‘Assault Spear-Judgement’
– Fixed error where tool tip displayed lower damage starting from level 1.
– Fixed error where hitbox was lower than the actual spear.
3. Battle Magician’s ‘Seal of acceleration’
– Fixed error where stat was lower than what tool tip said.
– Increased stat increments.(fixed problem that existed since Skill Tree revamp.)
4. Weapon Taker ‘Mercenary Behavior’
– also works with ‘Fear’ and ‘powerless’ debuffs
5. Rune Slayer’s “Heat Rune/Ice Rune’
– Fixed error where it said 10 seconds. (7 seconds)
6. Tactical Trooper’s Wonder Wall
– Fixed problem where skill was cancelled in certain situations.
7. Little Devil/Yama Raja
– Fixed problem where ki absorb didn’t work properly with ‘Rakshasa 1: Soul Absorb’ and ‘Rakshasa 4:Soul Release’
– Conversion:Mana & Conversion:Health function adjusted.
Health: added gain HP effect on hit. Mana: added gain 1 ki on hit
– Fixed error where resurrection debuff only showed on player’s screen.
– Fixed so resurrection debuff is applied even after dying and using resurrection stone.
– Energy Reinforce’s knockdown reduction effect now applied to all commands.
– Fixed error where she transformed into base job hair and face when in 3 bead awakening.

[Dungeon, Field]
1. Sander dungeons mob count adjusted.
– Barren Sander. Garpai Valley. Trock lair. Kaluso Village’s monster count decrease.
2. Super Armor effect deleted from Buggy Trock’s buff.
3. Fixed problem where Awakened Karis summoned two pillars in a same location.
4. Fixed problem where if Behemoth’s organ was damaged during summoning or was alimented, it didn’t summon monsters.
5. Fixed problem where luto didn’t appear if you ran secret dungeons with characters over level 65.
6. Fixed problem where Golden Cube was dropped in Barren Sander.
– changed so Jewel Cubes are dropped.

7. Some GOD changes no1 would cares about
8. Sander village’s Board location changed. (Moved to center of the village)

1. Hyper Active skill damage nerfed in PvP.
2. Changed so revenge mode doesn’t activate when finishing Sparring.

– Ara’s reform Maid Avatar & New Mount Ice Hamelling –

8/13 Patch Notes

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#Main Update

1. Ara’s New job open!
– You can now job change Ara into new 1st job, ‘Little Devil’ and 2nd job ‘Yama Raja’.

2. Sander Area new dungeons open!
– New dungeons ‘Sandtilus’ and ‘Heart of Behemoth’ added.
– 7 New title from the new dungeons added.


1. Ara’s new job celebration event (8/13 ~ 8/29)
2. Sander new dungeon celebration event (8/13 ~ 8/29)

#Cash Shop

1. Ara’s new job related items
– Class change tickets
– Camila’s secret notes and ultimate notes available to new jobs
2. Ice Burner (Ara Royal Maid) sale (8/13~ 9/26)

1. Elesis lime/orange aid/casual 2 kinds of packages
2. Ultimate notes sale end.


1. With addition of Little Devil and Yama Raja, you can exchange Ara’s old skill rings for the newer ones.
– Can exchange at Ariel using [Exchange Item]
– Exchanging keeps the seal count.

※ Exchange item is only available during 2 weeks.
(Exchange time: 8/13~ 8/29)

1. Fixed Problem where Trapping Arrow’s Fungus trap damage was applied twice.
– Changed so it only does damage once.
2. Fixed bug where compact counter would knock down when used while using phantom sword.

1. God of Death title unlock condition changed.
– Obtain requirements stay the same. Unlock requirements changed.

<New Avatar Preview>

– Ara Royal Maid –
로열 메이드 아바타를 착용한 아라 모습

8/8 Patch Notes

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#Cash Shop

1. 2013 Swim Suit Avatar (8/8 ~ 9/5)

1. Kogwarts avatar
2. Bear Accessory 6 types


[Hyper Actives changes]
1. All hyper actives damage adjusted higher.
2. Grand Archer
– ‘Shooter Destiny’s  mana arrows move faster and size of magic arrows increase.
3. Veteran Commander
– ‘Burning Buster’ Goes through enemies to do safer explosion damage.
4. Iron Paladin
– Stops time once more before the last ground attack in ‘Doom Strike’

1. -some marriage system bug fixed-
2. -some 3D sound bug fixed-
3. Fixed problem where knockdown counter didn’t reset even after being struck by knock down moves in pvp.
4. -some mount sit bug fixed-

1. Blade Master
– Fixed problem where some accessory graphic disappeared after using Extreme Blade.
2. Wind Sneater
– Fixed problem where character became invisible when moving on to next stage while using Spiral Strike.

3. Elemental Master
-Fixed problem where character became immobile when affected by Shock attribute while using ‘Meteor Shower’ or ‘Lightning Shower’.
4. Night Watcher
– Fixed problem where ‘Delayed Fire mode’  didn’t effect traps in “Trapping Arrow- Buster” if the skill was used while in awakening.
5. Ara
– Fixed problem where Guardian Fox mode didn’t fill up beads after defeating the enemy in PvP.
6. Fixed error where Berthe used howl when following skills were used.
– Lord Knight: Spiral Blast, Sand Storm
– Veteran Commander: Bursting Blade, Ignition Crow – Incineration
– Void Princess: Phantom Breathing – Dark Hole/Dark Fall
– Wind Sneaker: Crescent Kick, Airelinna – Nymph
– Blade Master: Shock Wave – Cutter/Divider, Giga Drive – Limiter
– Elemental Master: Meteor Shower, Magic Missile

1. -MVP graphic issue fixed-


-2013 Swim Suits-

2013년 수영복 아바타를 입은 캐릭터 모습

version2.0 changed version

2013 수영복 아바타를 착용한 캐릭터 모습


8/1 Patch Notes

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 1. How to obtain Hyper Actives?
 – Only 2nd job characters that are over level 65 can obtain Hyper Actives.
– You can obtain one by using [Ultimate Secret Notes/궁극의 비전서] item in your inventory.
– [Ultimate Secret Notes] Item can be obtained through quest or through cash shop.
 Tip. Look for [Path of the Strongest/최강의 길] quest in the boards or Glave!

 2. Things you need to use Hyper Actives?!
– Hyper Actives consumes 1 ‘Pure El stone’ item per use. (You can’t use it if you don’t have it in your inventory!)

 Tip. ‘Pure El stone’ can be obtained by right clicking on El-shards(Light/Dark/Green/Wind/Blue/Red).

Hyper Active Types –

More info here:

Lord Knight – Gigantic Slash

Rune Slayer -Shining Rune Buster

Infinity Sword – Blade Rain

Elemental Master – Elemental Storm

Void Princess – Ankor Abyss

Dimension Witch – Fate Space

Wind Sneaker – Spiral Strike

Grand Archer – Shooter Destiny

Night Watcher – Innocent

Blade Master – Extreme Blade

Reckless Fist – Infernal Arms

Veteran Commander – Burning Buster

Code Nemesis – Lunatic Scud

Code Empress – Code: Thunderbolt

Code Battle Seraph – Psychic Artillery – Eraser Cannon

Iron Paladin – Strike Doom

Deadly Chaser – Outrage Strike

Tactical Trooper – Satellite Rain

Sakra Devanam – 분기등천(憤氣騰天) – Immortal Flower


#Main Update  
1. Hyper Active Skills 
- Hyper Active skills added to every 2nd job characters. 
2. All characters max level increase (65 ->70)  

1.Hyper Active skills event (8/1 ~8/13)  

#Cash Shop  
1. Ancient Fossil Excavator bundle sale(8/1~8/4) 
2. Ultimate Secret Note   
- Used to obtain Hyper Active Skills   
- Lower price until 8/1 ~ 8/13 3. 3.Job Change Scrolls lower price (8/1~ 8/13) 

1. Avatar Reform Ticket sale end   
- After 8/1 maintenance Nasod Battle Suit MK-2 Reform tickets will no longer be available.   
- Please use reform tickets before maintenance. 
You can't use it after.  

1. Fixed Visual Error for skill preview in dungeons 
2. Fixed Error with Gnosis blessing when its duration expires. 
3. El-Shard(Mystery) can now be acquired by chance dismantling Rare equipments over level 60. Higher chance for higher grade items. 


7/25 Patch Notes

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#Cash Shop
1. Salvatore Ventus Ice Burner Avatar (7/25 ~10/17)
2. Star Idol (7/25 ~8/22)
– Gaia Server: All characters
– Solace Server: Only Chung, Ara, Elesis

3. Bear face accessory 3 kinds, Arm accessory 3 kinds(7/25 ~ 8/8)

1. Nasod Battle Suit MK-2 ended
2. JP contest avatar end
3. Elesis special package 4 kinds end

# Changes

[Elesis changes]

Since skills are affected, skill resets will be happening.

1. Knight of Gale
– MP gain from 5 hits changed from 10 stack to 5 stack.
– Gale command’s base MP gain increase 50% (25% in PvP)

2. Dodge&Slash
– Base dodge amount deceases by 1 and now gains 1 more dodge per every 10 skill level.

3. Leap
– SP for acquiring is changed to 10, SP for leveling changed to 1.

4. Mega Slash
– Damage increased 20%

5. Wild Shock
– Changed from skill that does multiple similar damage hits into skill that does main damage then does extra hits.

6. Fire Fist
-Motion becomes faster

7. Burst Rising
– Changed into Gale skill
– Fixed so it doesn’t hit places where the sword doesn’t reach.

8. Burst Wave
– Changed to Annihilation skill

9. Z/X Combo
– ZZ, ZZZ Motion speed becomes bit faster
– ZZZZ, ZZZX walk/dash cancel becomes bit faster
– XXX Motion speed becomes bit faster
– XX After, cancel point becomes bit faster

10. Dash Jump Combo
– Changed so Dash jump z combo hits higher targets better.
– Changed so Dash jump x combo doesn’t go over the target.

11. Power Buster / Mega Buster
– Changed so knocked down targets are easier to hit and hits larger area.

12. Sword Eruption
– Fixed so it doesn’t hit places where the sword doesn’t reach.

13. Sword Fire
– Ground explosion damage and projectile damage are adjusted.

[Elesis Fixes]

1. Fixed error where jump z attack is cancelled when you are above certain attack speed.
2. Fixed error where Gale’s MP consumption in skills slots were treated as dungeon MP consumption standards.
3. Fixed error where Knight of Gale increased evasion instead of attack speed.
4. Fixed error where SP required for the base skills were written as 3 instead of 2.
– Affected Skill: Dodge&Slash / Sonic Assault – Step / Sonic Assault – Sting
– > Elesis skill tree is reset after the patch.


1. Fixed error where Elemental Master’s Lightning Shower’s graphics didn’t show properly.
2. Emblem removed from screenshot mode.

<New Avatar Preview>

– Salvatore Ventus –

– Star Idol –

7/18 Patch Notes

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-Skill Reset Pills and Drinks are perm to buy for ED now.

-idc everything else in that patch note page is just some skill fixes or item effect fixes

that’s it for patch notes



-But there is that weekend super op event:

*Figure out the following KR date and time in your timezone.

Double EXP: 11AM~12PM(2oth), 11AM~12PM(21st)

Free LvL up Scrolls + Sage’s Magic Stone:   2:00PM~3:00PM(20th), 2:00PM~3:00PM(21st)

-Event lvl up scrolls for 21st are instant lvl up to 40 + 2nd job advancement scrolls. (Only applies to base characters under level 20, except Elesis)

7/4 Patch Notes

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#주요 업데이트

[The Evolution2 – Skill Tree revamp take 2]


1. Summer Break Event (7/4 ~ 8/29)
2. Red Knight Captain pre-event(7/4 ~ 7/18)
3. Kakaotalk plus friend event (7/4 ~ 8/4)
4. El revital drink sale extension + sp pills are free too (~7/11)
– They are sold by Ariel for 0ED

#Cash Shop

1. Mini IB
2. Robot scorpion mount thing


1. Skill tree line open conditions changed to count character level only.
– You can open skill trees if you achieve required levels.

2. All event resets changed to 6 o’clock.

3. Character EXP revamp
– 20~65 levels required exp decrease (You can level up faster)
– Current character exp and levels stay the same.
– Story quest reward exps nerfed in accordance with changed exp.

4. Character slot increase by 1
– You can create up to 8 characters

1. Barren Sander monster pattern tweaked.

1. Skill rings or other items that gives extra levels to skills have their options changed slightly.