The Tongue of Elrios

6/27 Maintenance

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#Main Update
[The Evolution2-Skill Tree Revamp]

-New skills are added and some existing skills are rebalanced.
-Skill Tree selection changed to choose 1 out of 2 style.

▷ Details in separate announcement


1.  Skill Tree revamp event (6/27~7/11)

#Cash Shop

1. 2012 Japan contest avatar (6/27 ~ 7/25)
– Ara avatar doesn’t exist~!
2. Skill return medal released
– Reset selected skill and get the SP back.
3. Skill complete reset medal released
– Reset all skills and get the SP back
4. Gnosis Blessing 15SP / 30SP released
– Before they expire you can use 15SP and 30SP together with the old Gnosis.
5. 4 types of new skill rings released(one for all characters version)
– increases select special active’s effectiveness.
6. Camila’s secret book 4 types added
– Can learn locked skills appropriate to the book level.

1. ELS casual avatar package
– You can still buy parts

2. Following cash items.
– Skill unlock items(everyone)
– Old Skill rings 4 types.
– Old SP return medal
– Gnosis Blessing (5SP/10SP)



So you can try out all the skills you want, ways to obtain ‘El-Revitalization drinks(3days)’ increase.
– When you purchase job change item (sent by mail)
– 1st/2nd job completion(quest reward)
– Max level obtained (65 currently) (sent by mail)


1. Additional info added when looking at other people’s titles.

6/20 Maintenance

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1. Skill Tree revamp pre-event (6/20~6/27)

※ More details revealed in event boards after 6/20 maintenance

#Cash Shop

1. Nasod Battle Suit MK-2 Ice Burner avatar reform ticket limited sale (6/20~8/1)
– Nasod Battle Suit MK-2’s reform design upgrade.
– Bring Nasod Battle Suit MK-2 and reform ticket to Ariel to craft the reformed avatar.

Following items are removed from cash shop after the 6/27 update
-All skill unlock items. Armor break, wind mill, double slash… etc
-Skill ring accessories(all 4 types)
-Skill return medal
-Gnosis Blessing (5&10 SP)
These items can still be used if you own them.

Price decrease for complete skill reset medal

<New Avatar Preview>

– Nasod Battle Suit MK-B (Nasod Battle Suit MK2 avatar’s reform version) –

#Main update

[Item Revamp The Evolution]

– Items are revamped so you can enjoy easier and funner Elsword.
– After the maintenance, you will acquire revamped items.

※ Exact details will be released on separate announcement.


1. Item Revamp event The Evolution (6/5 ~ 6/20)
– Exact details are released in 6/5 at event boards

#Cash Shop

1. Mount Summoning Stone : Ponngo Scorpion TYPE-R released
– On discount during 6/5 ~6/13
– Returned to original price 6/13~7/4


1. Camera Zoom during dungeon

1. Fixed error where acceptable Event quest showed up in normal quest tab.


Exact details are planned to be released on 6/5 maintenance. ,


<Are all items revamped?>

– Player will acquire revamped items after the 6/5 patch.

– Items acquired before the maintenance are preserved in their unrevamped state

– Following items are not revamped. (Stays the same)

1) Items crafted through Henir’s T&S. ‘Henir Equipment’

2) Items crafted through secret dungeons, ‘Secret Dungeon Equipment’

3) Cash items and Avatar

<What do we do with the old items from before the revamp?>

For a certain period, you will be able to trade them in for the new items from ‘NPC Ariel’

Exchange Period is planned to be released 6/5 on a separate notice.


Item Revamp Pre-Event:

Lasts 2013/5/30 ~ 2013/6/5

-Complete ‘D-The Evolution’ daily quest to obtain ‘D-The Evolution cube’ and ‘[Cobo] Blessed time-space scroll cube.’

1>Accept the ‘D-The Evolution’ event Quest (Auto accept)

2>Clear 2 dungeons within your level range

3>Rewards obtained after quest completion.

D-The Evolution cube: Has various items including +10 Scrolls and El-shards. (See main event page and click the brown button)

[Cobo] Blessed time-space scroll cube: Is a cube where you can obtain ;'[Cobo]Blessed Time-Space scrolls lvl.1~6′. You can open them right away but acquired items cannot be used until 6/5 patch.

Tip. [Cobo]Blessed Time-Space scroll is a new item being added that can be used to change equipment&accessory’s additional effects.


>Unused cubes are deleted during 6/5 maintenance.

>Blessed time-space scroll items are deleted during 6/20 maintenance.

>[Cobo] Blessed time-space scroll’s level decides which items that it can be used on. (Equipment level standard)

>[Cobo] Blessed time-space scrolls can only be used on revamped items after 6/5 maintenance.



5/30 Maintenance

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1. Item Revamp Pre-Event(5/30 ~ 6/5)
– More details in 5/30 Events Board


1. Casual Avatar Sale
– Limited package Sale. (5/30 ~ 6/27)
– Separate parts can be bought without limited sale

[Sale End]
1. Love Request item
2. 3rd Avatar contest costumes (Except Rena’s)
3. Wedding Package (Ver. Ruben/Ver. Sander) Sale end
– They return to their original prices


1. Fixed problem where when you scroll over party member in a same town, your own name was being displayed.
2. Changes so you can delete Nicked named tools as well.
3. Changed so Couple messages sent when one of the couples is logged out are added to the chatting tab.

1. Battle Magician –  Fixed problem where Magical Makeup lvl.1 lasted shorter than 13 seconds like it says in tool tip.
2. Reckless Fist – X-Crash’s explosion damage in awakening being higher than what’s shown on tool-tip.
3. Automatic Mortar – Fixed Problem with Automatic Mortar’s damage didn’t increase(1.2x) when the character awakened.
4. Fixed error where Skill notes that increase burning for 10 seconds (Phoenix Strike, Chain Fire Ball) didn’t apply properly.

[Dungeon, Field]
1. Fixed problem where victory speech didn’t appear in Henir when cleared.
2. Fixed problem where Gate of Darkness emblem and Harmony Festival emblems overlapped.
3. Fixed problem where quick slots didn’t open back up when you started Henir challenge mode from the field and then returned to the field.

1. Fixed problem where when Iron Paladin character with “Elemental Training-Fire,Water,Nature”, “Elemental Training-Wind,Sun,Moon” skills, got into an designated aliment the effect damages looked different to the player and the target.

<New Avatar Preview>

1. ELS Casual Avatar

캐쥬얼 아바타를 착용한 엘소드, 아이샤, 레나, 레이븐, 이브, 청, 아라 캐릭터 모습


5/23 Maintenance

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4. Decreased rate of getting QPL jellies in Ancient Fossil separators. (Additional info)
5. Added guest camera feature in Ruben&Sander wedding.(Additional into)
6. Z Attack of mounts decreased slightly and C attack increased. (Additional info)


1. Fixed problem where characters won’t die at 0 HP if healed in the air by Illipia, Airelinna, Heavenly Love skill and pet buff.

5/16 Maintenance

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#Main update
[Couple, Marriage System Open!]

– You can become couples or marry if your characters are different genders.

※ Details will be added in ‘Elios survival guide’ and separate post.


1. Harmony Festival (5월 16일 ~ 6월 13일 정기점검 전까지)
2. Wedding update events (5월 16일 ~ 5월 30일 정기점검 전까지)



1. Harmony Festival Wings Ver. 2 Flower, Grass wings (5월 16일 ~ 6월 13일 정기점검 전까지)
2. Special Surprise Sale (5월 16일 ~ 5월 23일 정기점검 전까지)
3. Rena’s 3rd Avatar contest released (5월 16일 ~ 6월 13일 정기점검 전까지)


1. When applying Sakra Devanam’s shadow knot skill note,
fixed error where the skill doesn’t consume spirit if the skill is used during awakening.

2. Fixed error where wrong person would be revived while resurrecting party members.

<New Avatar Preview>

1. 3rd Avatar Contest Rena. 2nd place one, first one was plagiarism

제3회 컨테스트 아바타를 입은 레나 캐릭터 이미지

2. Ara Harmony festival

공존의 축제 아바타를 입은 아라 캐릭터 이미지

5/9(Thurs) Maintenance

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[Sale End]

1. All in one IceBurners, 50ea Cube, 24ea cube sale end.


[Summoned Beast (mount)]

1. If attacked by knocking down attack while on mount, you turn to super armor in certain %.
2. Every attack type of mounts is changed into average of (Physical + Magic) damage.
3. Stamina information added in Mount’s information section.
4. Fixed dynamic camera not working properly with Mount’s C attack
5. Fixed error where Skills don’t work on mounts if you press the skill change button.
6. Warning added in stamina bar when it drops below 10%
7. Fixed bug where mounts got stuck in line maps.
8. Fixed bug where character disappears for a moment when pressing skill key then riding mount rapidly after.


1. Deadly Chaser
When using ‘Artillery Strike’ in Henir’s time and space
Fixed problem where camera focuses on party member when character advances to next stage while camera is on hold.

Patch notes Jan.24

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Could change depending on maintenance process

* Main update

1. Ara character job open (1st job. Sosun(LH), 2nd job. JeChun)
– Aras are able to class change after the maintenance
(Via Quest or Class advance item)

* New Event
Exact details on separate post on Jan 24

1. Ara job celebration event(Jan 24th ~ Jan 31st)

* New Cash item

1. Ara first/2nd job advance item
2. Iceburner “Ara Salvatore Ibelen”  (Jan 24th ~ Feb 21st)

* Changes

1. Fixed error where you couldn’t attribute level 65 gears.

<New Avatar preview>

– Iceburner “Ara Salvatore Ibelen”

Patch notes Jan 17

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* Main Update

1. Elemental Master, Blade Master balance revamp
– Exact details released on separate post

* New Event
Event guide page opens on Jan 17th

1. Elemental Master, Blade Master balancing (Jan 17 ~ Jan 24)
2. Ara 1st, 2nd job pre-event (Jan 17 ~ Jan 24)
3. Winter Break event 2 (Jan 17 ~ Feb 28)

* New Cash item

1. New Lofty Ideals(?) Avatar release (Packages limited sale Jan 17 ~ Feb 14)
2. All job change on sale (Jan 17 ~ Jan 24)

* Changes

1. Dungeon result screen skip added
-Press esc during the result screen and you can choose to skip.

-You can press Z or Enter during popup screen to skip increasing exp number animation.
-In this case, you will exit if all party members finish their result screen animation.

1. Fixed error that didn’t show character’s avatar properly during Ara’s 3rd  awakening.

1.Fixed error where game could crash if you were standing on portal when waiting for dungeon party matching.
2.Fixed error where you cant use certain parts of the UI if you open skill window during dungeon select screen.

1. Fixed error where you can complete Arena repeat quest in sparring room.
2.Fixed bug where you can apply buff to dead allies in Hope Bridge map.