The Tongue of Elrios

4/25 Pet System Revamp pre-notice


3/07 Patch Notes

Maintenance Time: 7:30AM ~ 11:00 (3hrs 30min)


3/07 Balance Patch Notes

3/04 Edit


-Kill Ingredient monsters to get points
-Kill special monsters, they will do a special attack when they die. Killing monsters with this attack will give you extra points.



2/21 Balance Patch Notes


Laby 3rd path pre-event


-Clear event dungeon to collect materials and exchange them at Ariel


2019 Lucky Enhancement Event

1/24 ~ 2/14

-Reduced Enhancing Materials

-Daily Free Fluorites

-Enhance event gears to extract them for amulets (log in for 10 minutes)

-Log in for 40/60 minutes on 1/24, 2/1, 2/6, 2/9 to get 5 El Hammer and 10 Restoration Scrolls.


1/17 Henir Revamp Details


Maintenance: 5:50 AM ~ 10:30AM (4hrs 40minutes)


11/17 Balance Patch Notes


Maintenance Time: 6AM ~ 10AM(4 hrs)