The Tongue of Elrios

7/21 Jumping Event FAQ

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<Stuff before main FAQ!>

1. Connection might be unstable due to overcrowding during the event. We recommend logging in earlier before the timed event.

2. The event uses the server time standard. The time might be different from your cell phone,that clock in your room or your PC clock.

 <Jumping Event FAQ>
1. What is a jumping Event?

It’s a event where you can instantly create level 40 2nd job character only during the event time.

– After jumping, SP is distributed accordingly to your level and the locked skills are unlocked too.

– After jumping, you will get ‘Elios explorer cube’ equipments sent to you by mail.

It includes equipment appropriate for your level, 2nd job promotion cube, and El-revitalization drink.

 2. How to participate?

-Only 1 character per server can participate.

– Newly created characters or base job character below level 20 can participate.

– You can jump only once per server so don’t delete the character you already jumped.

 3. How do you select the 2nd job for your jumping character?

-For characters available for the jump, a 2nd job selection screen pops up after the tutorial stage.

4. Can all characters jump?

All characters except Elesis that are below level 20 and base job can jump.


 5. Does it automatically clear all quests up to level 40?

– It doesn’t, the character jumps without completing the quests.

 6. Can jumping character receive Sage’s gift too?

– Yes, jumping characters can receive rewards from the ‘Sage’s gift’ event as well. (Sage Stone or Level up scroll)


<Time Event FAQ>

1. Can you get Sage’s gift from any dungeons?

You only get the gifts during the clear screen for dungeons in your level range.

(Except Ruben,Henir and Gate of Darkness)

– You can get the gift from secret dungeons.

2. Can you use the Sage’s gift later?

– You can only keep 1 Sage’s scroll in your inventory.

So use it before you enter the next dungeon!

 3. Gifts that you get after logging in for 20 minutes.

Log in for 20 minutes during the event period specified in the event notice page.

After 20 minutes gifts arrive to you by mail.


5. Can you only get Nexon Cash coupon from Nexon Cash cubes?

– You could get other random items.

(All in one IB, or IB)

Hero’s Tournament Season 11

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Return of the Heroes!

Who will become the new Hero?

Thursday, November 22nd!

Starting with 7 days of preliminaries

Curtains open for 2012 Winter Hero’s Tournament.

Chance that you can’t miss!

Elios continent is ready to accept you as its new Hero.

I know most of us won’t be able to make it. But for those of you that are visiting South Korea during this event might want to check it out. Otherwise we can dream and speculate on what new video and contents they will be showing.

Main Event page link(post the registration comments comments here) :

I did a sloppy translation job on the images thanks to my time constraints. I’ll summarize some of the registration details below

-You can only register if you have a legit Nexon account with KSSN.

-You can register during this period: Nov.15th~Nov.25th

-Winners of the party invitations will be announced at: Nov.28th

-Birthday invitation will be sent to you by Email that you entered in your account’s personal information.

-Birthday party will be held at Song Eun Art Space(송은 아트스페이스) at Seoul, Chungdamdong (서울, 청담동). Date/Time: Dec.8th at 14:00.

-To register, go to the official party announcement post link I provided above and leave a comment with a header. [파티 신청] (you have to be logged in to comment in the post)

-In the body of the comment please leave a congratulations message for Elsword’s 5th year anniversary and the reason why you want to attend the birthday party.

Weekend Events September 1st – 2nd

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September 1st (Sat) / September 2nd (Sun)

11:00 A.M. – 12:00A.M.


Event 1 : Buff

  • 2x EXP
  • 2x Item drop rate
  • One Stamina Potion


 Event 2 : Avatars

Once per day for an account

  • 1 day Salvatore Solace All set avatar cube (Sat)
  • 1 day 2011 Halloween avatar cube (Sun)


Event 3 : Summer Vacation Cube (Saturday Only)

 The cube will be sent to the post after 10 minutes of login and will be given to characters who managed to login by 11:50 AM.

 The cube will be given once per account.

The cube will randomly give an item from following list :

  • A Resurrection Stone
  • El tree berry
  • An Ice burner
  • 1+1 Ice burner cube
  • 5+1 Ice burner cube
  • 10+1 Ice burner cube
  • Exchange Ticket for a Full Set of Limited Avatar ( 15 days)
  • Exchange Ticket for a Full Set of Limited Avatar ( 30 days)
  • Upgrade Scroll Lv.8
  • Upgrade Scroll Lv.9
  • Upgrade Scroll Lv.10



Translated from here:

01 – THE CAPTURED ARCHANGEL: Dark Angel Appears!

Demonic forces have captured and corrupted the arch-angels… If you happen upon these trapped angels in your dungeoning, please free her! If you set her free by destroying the magic circle that binds her, she will grant you her blessing…


If you collect the coins that are delivered to you daily, you can purify the demonic energy that was corrupting the arch angels. Collect the coins and bring them to the Angel NPC in any village – the more coins you have, the more blessings you will be granted.

  • 1 Arch-Angel Coin will be distributed on a daily basis after 10 minutes of log-in.
  • Items obtained cannot be traded; Archangel’s coins, unused cubes and offline shop tickets will be deleted on 9/6th maintenance


As the arch-angels were corrupted by demons, Elrios begun to become shrouded by shadows. Our heroes were slowly being outmatched by demons. However, the Guardian Angels, seeing this, came up with a new plan.

“At this rate, Elrios’ balance will collapse… We must save the arch-angel before she is fully corrupted by demonic forces…”

To save her, our six heroes need to get stronger faster!


When? 6/28 to 9/13
Who? First Job Classes

First job classes will be granted 2x experience through the Guardian Angel’s cheer! (Only applicable up to level 35)
Furthermore, when you start job advance steps for 2nd job advancements, you will obtain a buff.
This buff will deactivate if you cancel the quest step, however.


When? For Raven, Eve and Chung new 2nd jobs “Veteran Commander”, “Code Battle Seraph” and “Tactical Trooper” pre-events.

You will receive the class’ limited edition accessory, as well as a job shadow!


To save Elrios, us Guardian Angels will help our heroes with all our might. Please let peace return to Elrios!


Along with the “Please Save My Equipment” event,  they are having a sale on fluorite ores.

Basically for level 5 fluorite ores they are giving you 1,500nx cash off. So…

Original Price: 30, 000 for 20 fluorite

Sale Price: 28,500 for 20 fluorite

-_-; not by much but hey it’s a sale. The sale ends at the same time as the enhancement event.




Announcing the “Spectacle, Variety, Super awesome, Hyper-Ultra Special Time Event “!
(Their words, not ours, LOL)
When? July 28th (Saturday) from 11 AM to 12 PM
What? For only one hour, you have unlimited stamina, 2x EXP and 2X Drop Rate.

When? July 29th (Sunday) from 11 AM to 12 PM
What? For only one hour, you have unlimited stamina, 2x EXP and 2X Drop Rate.
Furthermore, you will receive a “Summer Vacation Cube” and “Country Lover Armband”

The Summer Vacation Cube can contain one of the follow items, chosen from random:

  •  Rebirth Stone
  • Eltree Berry (Pet Food)
  • Nasod Megaphone
  • Advanced Nasod Megaphone
  • Ice Burner
  • Exchange Ticket for a Full Set of Limited Avatar
  • +8 Upgrade Scroll
  • +9 Upgrade Scroll
  • +10 Upgrade Scroll



Finally, for all day Sunday (0 hr to 24 hr), there is also a special reinforcement event:

July 29th, Reinforcement Event “Please Save My Equipment” (ONE DAY ONLY) from 00 HR to 24 HR

For the entire day on Sunday, the probability of your weapon breaking when reinforcing is 0% (note that it can still reset and drop in level!)
Furthermore, you are permitted to use fluorides when upgrading from +10 and above.


Unfortunately (or fortunately), they did not bring back the 200% Gem Event. Which is probably a good thing, considering the massive backlash from the community when they had it out!

I am so pretty!



EDIT: Perhaps I should be more clear because some people are complete fucking retards. Yes, you can use Fluorides on +10. No, you cannot get +20, +13, or even +12. Please stop being so god-damned retarded.