The Tongue of Elrios


Maintenance: 5:30AM ~ 1:00PM (7hrs 30min)


7/11 Event Notice


6/27~7/04 Event Notice

June 28th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (7 Comments)

6/27~7/04 Event Notice


I didn’t want to translate anything regarding this issue. But since this particular one has item giveaway involved which people still interested in the game could be interested in, here it is.


4/28 (NA 27)

Log in 10 minutes for random pet cube. Per server.

[ELlive] Rena

April 15th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (6 Comments)


Laby 3rd path pre-event


-Clear event dungeon to collect materials and exchange them at Ariel


2019 Lucky Enhancement Event

1/24 ~ 2/14

-Reduced Enhancing Materials

-Daily Free Fluorites

-Enhance event gears to extract them for amulets (log in for 10 minutes)

-Log in for 40/60 minutes on 1/24, 2/1, 2/6, 2/9 to get 5 El Hammer and 10 Restoration Scrolls.


12/15~12/16 Enhancement Event

December 12th, 2018 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (16 Comments)

12/15 0AM ~ 12/16 11:59PM

Event Details:

-Enhancing/Restoring resource count is 1.

-Clear Dungeons within level range 2 times to get fluorite (can get 7 times)

-Log in 10/20/30 minutes to get Fluorites x3, El Hammer x3, Restoration Scroll x3

-Event enhancement bundles on sale

Event Duration: 12/01 ~ 12/05, daily

Log in for at least 1 minute during 9:00 PM ~ 9:04:59 PM to get Nexon cash cube.

Can obtain up to 100 ~ 3000 NX cash tickets from cubes

NX cash tickets will be converted to NX cash on 12/07 maintenance