The Tongue of Elrios

4/28 (NA 27)

Log in 10 minutes for random pet cube. Per server.

[ELlive] Rena

April 15th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (6 Comments)


Laby 3rd path pre-event


-Clear event dungeon to collect materials and exchange them at Ariel


2019 Lucky Enhancement Event

1/24 ~ 2/14

-Reduced Enhancing Materials

-Daily Free Fluorites

-Enhance event gears to extract them for amulets (log in for 10 minutes)

-Log in for 40/60 minutes on 1/24, 2/1, 2/6, 2/9 to get 5 El Hammer and 10 Restoration Scrolls.


12/15~12/16 Enhancement Event

December 12th, 2018 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (16 Comments)

12/15 0AM ~ 12/16 11:59PM

Event Details:

-Enhancing/Restoring resource count is 1.

-Clear Dungeons within level range 2 times to get fluorite (can get 7 times)

-Log in 10/20/30 minutes to get Fluorites x3, El Hammer x3, Restoration Scroll x3

-Event enhancement bundles on sale

Event Duration: 12/01 ~ 12/05, daily

Log in for at least 1 minute during 9:00 PM ~ 9:04:59 PM to get Nexon cash cube.

Can obtain up to 100 ~ 3000 NX cash tickets from cubes

NX cash tickets will be converted to NX cash on 12/07 maintenance

Run Dark Forest Outskirts Dungeon located in Feita

Defeat ‘Uki’ monsters in this dungeon to get complete recovery potions (timed)


“Hi, I’m Laby!”

“Will you be friends with Laby?”


Date: 8/15/2018 00:00~23:59 KST

(8/14/2018 in NA)

2x EXP

2x Drop Rate

2x Heroic Drop Rate

2x Add Dungeon Drop Rate


[Wardrobe Event ]

8/04 (00:00 ~ 23:59) KST 

*8/03/2018 in NA*

Stay logged in for certain time period to get Magic Wardrobe tickets that allow you to register Ice Burner set looks to your Magic Wardrobe.

*Registerable looks include all Ice Burners set looks including and in between Archangel~Archpriest sets*


Weekend Jumping Event: 7/28 2PM ~ 3:30PM