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Patch Notes – August 8th

August 7th, 2012 | Posted by Conspire in Patch Notes

New Content

  1. Rena’s Second Job Advancement “Night Watcher” has been added!

New Events

Further information will be released on Thursday, August 2nd.

  1. Angel’s Feather: Just for You!
    Night Watcher is now eligible to receive feathers upon clearing level-appropriate dungeons.
    (August 8th to August 16th Maintenance)
  2. Veteran Commander Pre-Event
    Aspiring Weapon Takers will receive the blessing of the Angel! Weapon Takers will receive a 2x XP Bonus (up to level 35) and special buffs during the Weapon Taker 1st job advancement.
    (August 8th to August 23rd Maintenance)
  3. Guardian Angels: Yu Kyung Angel Mini-me
    Upon logging onto the game with the first character per server, you will receive a “Yu Kyung Angel Mini-Me” accessory.
    (August 9th to August 16th Maintenance)
  4. With the Guardian Angel
    Upon first logging into the game, all characters will receive a card that permits them to summon a Night Watcher Guardian Angel to support them in dungeons! This card can also obtained from a daily quest.
    (August 9th to August 23rd Maintenance)

New Cash Items

  1. Night Watcher 2nd job advancement, job change and locked skill cash items have been added. These are on special promotion for limited time.
    (August 8th to August 16th Maintenance)
  2. Night Watcher’s Promotional Accessory “Erendil Soul” can now be purchased from the item mall for 3000 NX.
    (August 8th to September 13th Maintenance)

Bug Fixes
[System Fixes]

  1. Added a feature where when searching for stores on market, you may now select level and grade without selecting type.

[Character Fixes]

  1. Trapping Ranger’s skill Evoke was not receiving additional levels from items that would provide skill levels (e.g. skill rings) properly – this has now been fixed.

[Dungeon Fixes]

  1. Fixed a bug where Gates of Darkness’ UI would be displayed inside of the Cash Shop.

[Pet Fixes]

  1. Fixed a bug where pet affinity would increase by 1% rather 2% for the first feed of the day.
  2. Pet Hunger will no longer drop during dungeons that do not give experience points.

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