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Patch Notes – August 23rd

August 22nd, 2012 | Posted by kangaROO in Patch Notes

New Contents

1. Raven’s new 2nd job, Veteran Commander

– 8/23~8/30, You will get Oblivion Drink Box (7 Days)when obtaining Veteran Commander (regardless of whether you do quest or use the cash item).

-Unused box will be removed on 10/4

New Events

-More details will be updated on event page, 8/23

1. Angel’s Feather – Just For You!

Veteran Commander, Code Electra are now eligible to receive feathers upon dungeon clear. (8/23~8/30)

2. Guardian Angel “Arch Angel Mini-me”

Upon first logging into the game, the first character you log onto will receive a Arch Angel Mini-me. (8/23~8/30)

3. With the Guardian Angel

 Upon first logging into the game, all characters will receive a card that permits them to summon a Veteran Commander Guardian Angel to support them in dungeons! This card can also obtained from a daily quest. (8/23~8/30)

4. Eve’s New 2nd Job Advancement Pre-Event (8/23~8/30)

New Cash Items

1. Veteran Commander 2nd job advancement, job change and locked skill cash items have been added. These are on special promotion for limited time. (8/23~8/30)

2. Veteran Commander’s Promotional Accessory¬† “Crow Rise” can now be purchased from the item mall for 3000 NX. (8/23~9/13)

Bug Fixes

[System Fixes]

1. Blaze, Frozen, Poison overlapping effects are changed.

2. Quest List UI’s size is changed.

[Character Fixes]

1. Weapon Taker : Improvements on Overheat

-Overheat effect is changed.

– While XXXX~X, you can cancel the combo using skills.

-Knockdown Ratio is added to XXXX~X combo and final attack’s Knockdown Ratio is removed.

-Damage Penalty for Overheat Combos is reduced to that of Special Active Skills.

-‘Harpoon Spear’ now can be used by Overheat.

2. Battle Magician

-Bug fixes ‘Energy Drain’ : ‘Energy Drain’ now cannot be countered.

3. Trapping Ranger

-A bug that ‘Evoke’ can be evoked without limitation when Awakened is fixed.

4. Night Watcher

-‘Gliding Strike”s damage is now seperated to Awakened and Non-Awakened.

-Stat for Passive Skill ‘Guardian of Eldrasil’ is increased.

[Dungeon Fixes]

1. A bug that Ruto Mode is unavailable in Secret Dungeon Hell Mode is now fixed.

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