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Patch Notes (July 26th)

July 25th, 2012 | Posted by Conspire in Patch Notes

New Content

  1. Aisha’s New Second Job Path: Dimension Witch has been released!
    From July 26th to August 2nd Maintenance, you will obtain a Oblivion Drink Box (7 Days) when obtaining Dimension Witch (regardless of whether you do quest or use the cash item).
    Unused boxes will be deleted on October 4th.

New Events

Further information will be released on Thursday, July 27th.

  1. Upon logging onto the game for the first time, you will receive a key in the mail that can be used to open the “Appointment Cube”, which will grant you one “Mysterious Moonstone” that can be used to exchange the 15-day timed Dimension Witch Quest Reward Wings for a permanent version.
    (For your interest, the wing items are called “A Witch that Runs Through Space Time”, but I’m avoiding that use because it would generate confusion. We have no idea why they gave it that name either!)
    (July 26th to August 2nd Maintenance)
  2. Dimension Witch has been added to the list of characters eligible to receive feathers from dungeon completion.
    (July 26th to August 2nd Maintenance)
  3. Summon the Guardian Angel to the Battlefield! Dimension Witch’s Guardian Angel Cards have been released and are now available from first log in, and from a daily quest.
    (July 26th to August 9th Maintenance)
  4. Upon first logging onto the game, you will receive a “Ha Young Angel” accessory for the first character you log onto.
    (Ha Young is a member of the Girl Band “A Pink” – All of the angel accessories are named after members.)
    (July 26th to August 2nd Maintenance)
  5. Night Watcher pre-event: Let the Guardian Angel assist you in obtaining Trapping Ranger! (Buffs will be granted to you on steps of the Trapping Ranger quest).
    (July 26th to August 2nd Maintenance)
  6.  Weekend Time Event – July 28th and 29th from 11 AM to 12 PM
    (Stay posted for more details)

Cash Items

  1. Added Dimension Witch 2nd job change, locked passive skill and job switch items. 
    (On Sale for July 26th to August 9th Maintenance, will go back to normal price after August 9th)
  2. Added Dimension Witch Promotional Wings to cash shop for purchase (3000 nx for permanent). 
    (Available July 26th to October 4th Maintenance)
  3. The cash shop set “Cheer Up! World Cup” Avatar will be on sale in celebration of the World Cup as a discounted package for all characters (Chung is excluded – he does not have the set.)
    (Available July 26th to August 9th)


  1. Feathers now may only be obtained at level-appropriate dungeons.
  2. Upon emptying a quick slot for potions, the game will now attempt to automatically search your inventory for the same item to replenish your supply.
  3. In-game automatic mail deletion error was corrected. Player-sent mail would occasionally be deleted when you retrieved attached items – this has been corrected.


I am so pretty!

We are deciding whether to continue to translate the comic in the future, as it is fairly generic. Please let us know your opinion in the comments section, however!

(Don’t forget to check up on the banner/logo contest that we’re running if you haven’t yet done so. 50m is up for grabs!)

Finally, please check back tomorrow for Dimension Witch information – we will be providing translations of in-game content, videos of and interviews with Korean players!

– Conspire

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  • Initiate says:

    You guy have nothing to do haha!!
    Keep it up!

  • Shironsaki says:

    the night watcher pre event is wrong. it suppose to be pre of pre event for night watcher, NW comes out on 9 of august . other then that good job and yes u should do the comic

    • Conspire says:

      Honey. Don’t be retarded. There is no such thing as a pre-pre-event, okay? A “pre-event” is anything that comes before the main attraction.


  • Bunny says:

    Keep up with this :) You actually provide better translations than the people at ElHQ.
    I’ve already bookmarked this site/link, so I’ll be coming back here alot more often :)

    I’m alittle disappointed though that they didn’t add anything more for the Dark Shadows Ice Burners. I still have a DS Aisha hair that I’m trying to sell lol

    • Conspire says:

      They should be adding the accessories a month before the IB is scheduled to leave, so expect accessories at the end of August or so. Otherwise, Dark Shadows is one of the less popular IBs in Korea because of how “cheap” it looks to Koreans, so don’t expect to fetch a high price for it. KR is also planning on using it as a sacrificial set for events like they did Dragon Knight, so try to sell it ASAP – you can expect the price to crash even further with subsequent weekends.

  • Ariel says:

    Tomorrow Conspire will be a mid-twenties lady who pretends to be at her 16

    In short, a young MILF who can be fapped to :p

  • NaviWolf says:

    Really interested in the 1 hour weekend event. Hope you guys can figure out soon what it’s about. xD

  • Knyght says:

    Good job~ If all the comics are all like that, then I think it’s pretty pointless translating them (unless one ever comes along that actually says something important), even though it’s nice to have so that the pages aren’t all just huge walls of text. Your call though :U

    -checks out banner contest-

  • CheeseLuvas says:

    Great job on the translation, I really like it, not to mention it doesn’t sound awkward as ElHQ’s.

    I look forward to more entries in the future!

  • Kajin says:

    Detailed. Nice translation from your team, Alex.

  • CakeSamurai says:

    Good Job little bleh and well done to your team for a very clean translation, keep up the good work hmph!

  • Rinehart says:

    What’s with the “I am so pretty!” remarks? They are… totally out of context and just awkward :I

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