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Patch notes 6th Sept

September 7th, 2012 | Posted by Cissnei in Patch Notes

New Content

  1. Chung’s new 2nd job, Tactical Trooper 9/6~9/13
    – You will get Oblivion Drink Box (7 Days) when obtaining Tactical Trooper (regardless of whether you do quest or use the cash item).
    Unused boxes will be removed on 9/13.

New Events

More details will be updated on event page.

  1. Angel’s Feather – Just For You!
    – Shelling Guardian and Tactical Trooper are now eligible to receive feathers upon dungeon clear. (9/6~9/13)
  2. With the Guardian Angel
    – Upon first logging into the game, all characters will receive a card that permits them to summon a Tactical Trooper Guardian Angel to support them in dungeons! This card can also be obtained from a daily quest. (9/6~9/13)
  3. The Cube of Promise
    – Tactical Trooper Key for the event cube will be given. (9/6~9/13)

New Cash items

  1. Tactical Trooper 2nd class advancement, job change and locked skill cash items have been added. These are on special promotion for a limited time. (9/6~9/13)
  2. Tactical Trooper’s Promotional Accessory  “Disfrontier” can now be purchased from the item mall for 3000 NX. (9/6~9/13)
  3. Dark Shadow avatar reform ticket. (9/6~10/4)
  4. Chung’s Arch Devil avatar Ice Burner. (9/6~10/11)

Bug Fixes

  1. System
    Skill descriptions will be added in locked skills’ tooltips.
  2. Characters
    The bug when Shelling Guardian uses ‘Carpet Bombing’, Eve’s Thousand stars, Raven’s Arch Enemy and Nasod Core disappearing in the next stage will be fixed.
  3. Dungeons
    The bug that the party name is reset during the typing of the new name will be fixed.
  4. Items
    – Big Bang, 2NE1, Wonder Girls and Apink Autograph CD coupons will be deleted.


Dark Shadow Reformed Avatar

Chung’s Arch Devil Avatar

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