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Patch notes 27th Sept

September 26th, 2012 | Posted by Cissnei in Patch Notes

New Content

    1. Additional Pvp Season 2 Update.
      – PvP Equpments : Characters will be able to equip pvp equiptments.
      – The price of the pvp equipments : Increase in price of the pvp equipments.
      – The price of the PvP only dual magic stones : The AP price of dual magic stones will be doubled from current price.
      – A bug which in  pvp revised damage was not applied to some skills correctly will be fixed:
      Earth Break ground shock, Energy Spurt, Dimension Link, Dimension Link Guardian, Surface Cutting, Sonic Wave, Detonation melee attack, Cannon Strike, Tactical Field.
      – Increase in damages of  Special Active skills in pvp of which mp costs are in between 80~120 MP.

New Events

More details will be updated on event page.

  1. Chuseok Event (9/27~ 10/04).

New Cash items

  1. Chuseok pets (Silver constant sale, Fire, Dark limited time only) (9/27~10/25).
  2. Gumiho ears accessory (9/27~10/25).
  3. Pet toy (9/27~10/25).
  4. 3 Pet Packages (9/27~10/25).
    Firefox Shiho Package : Crystal of Life (Firefox Shiho), 15 Eltree Fruits, A pet toy, Firefox Shiho headband accessory.
    Darkfox Shiho Package : Crystal of Life (Darkfox Naho), 15 Eltree Fruits, A pet toy, Darkfox Naho headband accessory.
    Silverfox Miho Package : Crystal of Life (Silverfox Miho), 15 Eltree Fruits.
  5. Chuseok Bingo Event (9/27~10/25).
  6. Salvatore Evelen Ice Burner avatar (9/27~12/20).

New Pets

New Rare Avatar

Translator note : What is Chuseok?
                                   What is Gumiho?
Pets are probably based on Ahri from LoL.
…I like it

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