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Elsword December 27 Patch notes

December 26th, 2012 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Translation: 2nafish

“-_-; what happened to the guy that did maintenance translations?”

Contents below might change depending on maintenance status

* New Events

More exact details will be posted after the maintenance at Dec. 27th

1. Elsword 5th Year Event (Dec.27th ~ Jan. 3rd)
2. Sander pre-event (Dec.27th ~ Jan.3rd)

* New Cash items

1. 5th year package on sale (Dec. 27th ~ Jan.3rd)
2. Inventory expansion ticket batch sale.
: Buy 3 or 4 for sale price
: Only works once when you buy 3 or 4.
3. Pet Skill, “ED/Item pickup” item release
4. “Everyday is different” sale event (Dec. 27 ~ Jan. 3rd)
: More exact details will be posted after the maintenance at Dec. 27th

* Change Notice

1. Increased total inventory space that you can get with inventory expansion ticket
: check picture below
2. Compensation for people that had their gnosis’s blessing(10sp) 30days from ‘Secret of thousand year fox’ event that was reset immediately upon using it.

1. Increased size of Ara’s Archangel wing when awakened.
2. Fixed error where stats of Ara’s archangel set was different from the other character’s Archangel sets.
3. Fixed error with Ara’s face accessories that made them look strange.

1. Fixed error where 1st job equipments would be distributed instead when you advanced to 2nd jobs.

Ara Haan character change notice.

1. Appearance/Sound
– After 3-bead-awakening; changed so that your weapon/top/bottom/gloves/shoes won’t change appearance.
– One of the victory pose laughs changed to yell.

2. Stat Change
Changed error where base stats weren’t properly applied
-Physical damage/HP: stat distribution decreased
-Physical defense/ Magic defense: stat distribution increased

3. Skill Damage Change
– Falling Dragon’s damage per 1 spirit orb increased.
– Damage ratio of 1st:2nd action for every ‘Spirit conversion’ allowed skills will be changed from 2:1 to 4:1

4. Command/Skill buff and changes
– Awakening :Delay speed increased

– ZZZX : Similar to dash zx, goes into super armor when using maximum charged attack.

– XXXX~X : When using spinning attack, 1st hit damage ratio is larger than 2nd hit damage ratio now.

– ZZZX/DashZX : Base damage increased.( Charged damage proportionately increased)

– Fierce 2 Strikes: Tiger Claw
: Base hit box increased. Reaches to lower targets also now.
: Effect changed
: MP consumption decreased by 5
: Changed so super armor persists until the first strike is made.

– Longan 2 Strikes: Laundry Hanger
: Hit lower. Changed so it can also hit enemies that are close-up.

– Exorcism 3 Strikes: Shadow Knot
: Final attack’s hit area increased largely.
: Area of flying spear increased slightly.
: Hit stuns enemies nearby when spear is returned to the hand. (There is no damage)

– Force Spear
: Hits lower. Spear’s starting point moved slightly to the front.

– Nang-a 2 Strikes : Wind Wedge
: Front now hits better. Changed so you can hit enemies that are close up.
: Cooldown time changed from 7 to 5 seconds.

– Shadow Blossom
: Cooldown time changed from 7 to 5 seconds.

– Tempest Dance
: Hit area at the front increases and total hit count changed.
: Final attack’s hit area increases and 1 more strike added before the final attack.

– Absorb Sphere
: MP consumption decreased by 5.

– Power/Magic/Shield Accelerators
: Time Stop duration increased.

5. Error Fix
– Changed error where attribute activation chance decrease wasn’t applied to following attack commands.
: DashZX

– Following Errors fixed
: Wedge’s first attack failing
: Spirit Orb not being consumed when failing to use Falling Dragon
: Catching the spear even when spear hasn’t returned yet during Shadow Knot.
: Location of spear and the hitbox not being aligned during Shadow Knot.
: Spirit orbs not being replenished when using ‘Spirit Conversion’
: Error where orbs weren’t recharging in Fox-god mode(3rd awakening).

<Inventory Expansion>

Maximum inventory possible using expansion ticket increased
Target: Equip/accessory/consume/material/quest/special
extra: avatar tab also shows 3 more lanes in one page.


Rough draft for now… I’ll fix errors as I read through.

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