The Tongue of Elrios

Ara Voice Webtoon | Shadow of the Silver Moon EP-03

May 11th, 2018 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Comics | Lore

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  • bypass says:

    Oh wow thanks

  • K.G.I says:

    All this backstory regarding demons and Henir…pretty sure gonna fight Henir Fanatics alongside some demons later lol

  • RandomPerson says:

    I like this story now.

  • XshifterX says:

    i wonder who is this demon dude is this the demon united all the demon faction that gone missing or its a different kind!? well it kinda surprise that eun was technically seal because she was guardian spirit but someone forcefully seal her its starting to be kinda interesting

  • Marcus says:


  • IdeaThy12 says:

    Welp…Tyr is probably the missing Demon King…I can’t imagine another demon that wouldn’t be malicious…

  • alane says:

    so eun can do a sort of 50% mode? guess that explains 1st and 2nd bead awakenings.

  • PastaChcha says:

    Tyr reminds me of Hennon…

  • Kiz says:

    i have a feeling this is the person that appears in the cutscene of drabaki if you kill it fast enough.

  • Endgame says:

    So in Ara’s comics, she’s spending an entire chapter out of commission and it’s being used to further the story of some brat instead of fleshing out Ara.


    Fuck you KOG.

  • YY says:

    Probably that demon boy is the long lost demon king?? so is he gonna be the new character?

    • Endgame says:

      Another male character at this point would be a death sentence.

      Especially a shota that isn’t a trap. Nobody likes little boys unless they’re indiscernible from little girls.

      • E says:

        Why not? Just let this be his base job, like half of of characters.

        • Endgame says:

          1. It’d basically be a retread of Lu. (Who I’m still raging over. Especially when no one wants to draw her sexy and awesome adult form in her new Iblis outfit.) Do we really need another demon that’s not really a child yet is a child because that’s how reverse aging works?

          2. The game needs the power of waifus to survive. Look at how many Japanese franchises weren’t previously fanservicey then embraced waifuism to rise to new heights. Fire Emblem did it. (Complete with Heroes having damaged artwork for all the characters just so they can lewd the female characters.) Medabots did it. Fuck, even Bomberman did it! Bombergirl. New arcade game. Look it up.

          Sure, there’s a lot of people on the NA forums that loses their shit and gets excited whenever a new male character comes out. But they are not the ones funding the game. The waifu crowd are. The people who dress up Aisha and Eve are the ones who are funding the game. (Hence why nerfing Aisha and Eve has dire consequences.) Japan Elsword is probably being kept afloat entirely on people dressing up Lu. (Japan loves their lolis for some reason.)

          3. We seriously need to get away from demons, darkness, and edgelords. It’s all KOG has been releasing as of late. Even when they finally released a yaoibait angel, he STILL has the third path where he turns into a dark elemental edgelord who wants to erase all existence.

      • Quackster says:

        Yeah, I do hope that the next character is a female. Or else I’m gonna rage at the forums until I’m banned.

  • Katja Eclair says:

    That shit-eating grin…

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