The Tongue of Elrios

Ara Voice Webtoon | Shadow of the Silver Moon EP-04 [End]

May 20th, 2018 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Comics | Lore

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  • K.G.I says:

    Well, maybe the reason why Ran didn’t return is that he got tricked into something by Stir lol.

    Also, this mean Eun want to have revenge against the one who sealed her, huh? Still vague af though.

  • Araswaifu says:

    so he is one of the demon lords. Was he involved in lu’s banishment? demon realm is going to be interesting

    • Legendary Shouta says:

      lowkey this dude is new charcter

    • Bryana says:

      i wouldnt be surprised if he was a new NPC, or even a boss in the Demon Realm arc. as for whether or not hes involved in Lu’s banishment, i dont think thats the case because then he’d be featured in a Lu/Ciel comic, not an Ara one. he was probably involved w/ Eun somehow. note that he said in the last chapter: “When I was still in the demon realm, there was someone going around all over the place bragging about sealing a sacred beast inside a hairpin”. the key words being “when i was still in the demon realm”. so the person who sealed Eun may (emphasis on MAY) have been a demon. i believe somewhere in Ara’s backstory it was stated someone in the Haan family used the Exorcism Arts to seal Eun away, but what if that was a lie? this just makes Eun and her sealing all the more mysterious, and kinda confusing, but it makes it more interesting as well…cant wait to learn more!

      • Bryana says:

        ah, Stigbargen also said in this chapter during the flashback something about a demon being the one who sealed Eun, a quick re-read reminded me lol. makes me wonder if he simply knows who sealed Eun or he himself did so and he merely claims he heard another demon brag about it. he seems like he likes to toy w/ others by placing bets and maybe playing “games”, and he already lied once in this comic, so it wouldnt surprise me if hes just lying to Eun to get her riled up

  • Endgame says:

    Did KOG screw over Ara in her own comics just to set up some new asshole instead? Why yes, yes they did.

    And I’m sure people who watched the anime where Ran DID try to kill Ara for real are probably confused. But we know the truth. We know KOG just pulled this plot point out of their asses and only came up with Tyr recently.

    Wouldn’t be the first time. After all, Ran went from a demon who met Sasha when she was a loli and was lusting over her, to Ara’s brother who was corrupted when the demons corrupted the “Moon El” as he was linked to it who just wanted to learn where the El Lady is from Sasha, to Ara’s brother being possessed by some demon named Ran who still doesn’t long for Sasha anymore…..

    Only thing that remained consistent was that Karis and Ran hate each other. Speaking of Karis and retcons, remember when Karis was the one who backstabbed Lu and sealed her away? You should. That’s what Lu & Ciel’s intro still shows~.

    • Gameboy224 says:

      Let’s be honestly here. The canonicity of the anime is honestly questionable at best. As it stands for the actual ingame story, Ran has never actually attacked Ara.

      Ran and Aren being separate entities was a thing since they decided to go with the whole him being Ara’s brother thing. Can’t argue the whole debacle of his original story, that was definitely changed. (but apparently El Priestesses age faster? That’s a thing.)

      Karis backstabbing Lu was never a thing. She was the one that hunted them down after Lu escaped, that has remained consistent. But as far as who backstabbed her, the tutorial never stated anybody in particular.

      • Wispy Winds says:

        To be honest, it seems like a whole group of “lesser demons” backstabbed Lu. I think it was in one of the Nightmare parts that explicitly states that a demon named Barkat was the only who directly impaled and imprisoned Lu, but I don’t think he worked alone. Plus, whether or not Karis had a direct hand in Luciela’s imprisonment, she still had something to gain once she was gone: she was closer to the throne of the Demon King with the legendary Steel Queen locked up. Even better for her was that when Lu escaped, she was now a child with little to no power (until being taken care of by Ciel) so all Karis had to do was kill her before she could regain her powers. Karis showing up in Lanox is just her doing that: ensuring that Lu can’t and won’t ever return to seek the throne.

        As for the webcomic “screwing over Ara and ruining Ran more,” that’s just an over-exaggeration. Yeah, I’m a bit disappointed that Ara flops into a coma just to have Eun eat up her leftover screentime (much like how the light novels basically used Ara as Eun’s husk for most of it), but this still helps to flesh out her backstory. She’s now wrapped in Tyr’s red web that’d more than likely lead to killing Ran. Though, I doubt it’d be as dark as it would’ve appeared beforehand since Ran is a separate entity and not just “Aren but demonic.” I also don’t think this ruins Ran either; it’s setting up for his inevitable demise. Gameboy even pointed out how Ran and Aren being two separate beings has pretty much been set up the moment they made Ara Aren’s little (half-)sister. We still don’t know if defeating Ran would mean Aren’s death but I doubt it will… despite how long Aren’s been under Ran’s influence–

      • Bryana says:

        ok, first of all, Ran never lusted for Sasha…pretty sure that was just a gag in an older comic in one of the ElTypes I believe to make Ran creepy (kinda like the gag ppl do of Ara of her fantasizing over Aren), and i dont believe it was ever stated Aren was trying to track down the El Lady. RAN, yes, but Aren pre-corruption i dont think so. the only thing u got right was that Aren was corrupted via the Moon Stone because he was its protector and thus was linked to it, so when the demons corrupted the Moon Stone and turned it into a Dark El, Aren too was corrupted. the only thing that changed, or was revealed i should say, was that Aren and Ran r two separate entities…that was never made clear until this comic, everyone just assumed “Ran” was just the demonic persona for Aren, that they were one in the same person.

        second, the tutorial shows Karis attempting to kill Lu AFTER her usurping and her escape from her binds and into Elrios. whether or not Karis was one of the demons that plotted to overthrow Lu from the very beginning was never stated, we just know that someone close to Lu (in a court/trust standpoint, not a friend…or at least i assume so) was the one who betrayed her and she was sealed away some time after the Demon King’s death. so Gameboy224 is right: Karis herself was never outright stated as one of the demons who usurped Lu, we still dont know WHO did…however, we DO know Karis was either hired to or hunted Lu down herself to kill her.

        as a side note, i dont believe it was ever stated Ran and Karis hated each other. i’m not saying they were friends, or perhaps even willing allies, by any means, but they r demons after all. aside from Lu, i cant see demons being buddy-buddy w/ anyone of their kind or otherwise.

        third and lastly, as for the anime, that story plot is completely different and only SOMEWHAT canon. the overall story was the same to a degree, but the Lanox story arc was completely different. in the game, Ignia was brainwashed by the demons (similar to how Aren and Sir Helputt was though presumably to a lesser extent since shes a priestess), but in the anime Ignia (somewhat) WILLINGLY worked for General Scar in order to keep Gloria and Darkmoon safe from him and the demons. as for the final showdown w/ Scar himself, he never used Artea’s power to strengthen himself (in-game u save her pre-Scar battle so that wouldnt have happened nor was it a mechanic during his boss fight even if it were true), In and Jin were still present (whereas in-game they had already fled upon u defeating them earlier in the cavern and dont show up again until Lanox’s SD before fleeing again), and Ran was there as well as the one who completed the Demon God ritual (in-game he was never even present in Lanox, or at all in the story for that matter since his defeat in Hamel and him telling Karis to begin her plot in Sander before vanishing to who knows where). u cant compare the game to the anime and nitpick about the comic “conflicting w/ the game and anime” when the anime isnt meant to be completely canon whereas these comics r actually MEANT to be canon to the game’s lore, filling in on the characters’ pasts (w/ the exception of “Double Crow” and possibly “Incident Log of the Strongest High Magician in the World”, i need to re-read the latter but the former doesnt reveal too much that we dont already know nor is the comic’s plot ever mentioned in-game at any point). Season 1 revealed more into Ciel’s past, Season 2 revealed how EXACTLY Add ended up in the future and where his name “Add” originated from, Season 5 revealed how Rena and Lincy met as well as how Ventus awakened before the other El Masters, and it seems like Season 6 may tie to something that may be revealed later on in the game (theres mentions of going into the Demon Realm, so perhaps we’ll see Stigbargen then and how this “bet” unfolds).

        for someone who likes shitting on Elsword, u dont seem to know the story lore very well… w/ that being said, perhaps u should keep your childish complaints about a game u probably dont even play anymore (since u seem to hate it so much) to yourself, hm?

        • Wispy Winds says:

          Adding onto the conflict between Karis and Ran, I think they were more like reluctant allies. Hell, Karis’ whole point for almost wiping Sander off the map was to prove that her methods were superior to Ran’s, only for it all to blow up in her face, leaving Ran as the one who got to walk away toward another day.

        • ffs says:

          It was a gag. Think it was Waero? Haven’t seen any other reference that implied they were close to each other.

      • Gerald A Barton says:

        3 other demon Lords were actually mentioned in one of the quests as a Luciel. Although they didn’t give them names. So they hinted at the existence of demons like tyr for a while.

  • RandomPerson says:

    Tbh I somewhat like this webtoon. I expected a dumb story with ara looking for her brother but we got something completely different. Its still not better than compared to add or ciel story telling but its ok.

  • Endgame says:

    KR Elsword Ranking Watch:

    Down 3 ranks to #38.

    Gee, I don’t think they like the new force skills.

    • Anon says:

      You act like these rankings actually matter. If how popular and often played these MMO’s were had anything to do with them staying online or getting canceled, Maplestory would have been canceled years ago. Game is dead as hell.

      • Endgame says:

        NA Maple Story maybe.

        KR Maple Story is still one of Nexon KR’s top games. It’s even #3 and ranked higher than DFO and Sudden Attack this week.

      • Sandi says:

        it’s affect the game, developer make game not for nothing but for profit, if the game is not popular and no more profit they will close it. just because other developer not too greedy and not close it because the game not so popular doesn’t mean other developer is same.
        if they don’t care if game popular or not they will not make feedback and answer rage peoples when they do nerfquake and let them quit instead.

  • XshifterX says:

    so he is the evil lord from before huh the current missing one is the one who united the demon realm along with the 4 demon lords including lu so this might be the who kicked out to his throne then seal him well this quite confirm something ran still has personality inside aren and eun made a bet offscreen with a demon king and for those people who want to know most of the characters back story quest the the memory in game

  • XshifterX says:

    and probably the demon who seal eun in the clip was ran since stirbargen is having fun saying he will tell everything if they track down him

  • Endgame says:

    New KurtzPel video:

    Shit looks awful. They’re really investing into this instead of doing everything they can to secure Elsword’s future.

  • Mooninites says:

    Good to know that Ara is still a boring character that they have to add some other demon kid to spice it up a bit. If he’s a new character, I’ll be down with that. We never need more female characters, a lot of them aren’t that like-able. A girl that can turn into a furry with a brother fetish sounds like a Hentai character to me. She’d be more worth there than this game.

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