The Tongue of Elrios

Chung Voice Webtoon – Azure Dawn Episode 4 [End]

January 26th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Comics | Lore


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  • salt machine says:

    Why is Rena a wind sneaker lol. Should’ve been a GA.

  • Anon says:

    Well I guess this solves the name thing. No retcons here, his name is Prince, his nickname is Chung, and apparently his name means “Blue”.

    Hype though, we saw adult Helputt’s face. He looks really cool.

    • Gameboy224 says:

      Chung doesn’t just apparently mean blue, it literally means blue in Korean.

      Also very nice touch that they actually reference Chung being a word of eastern origin by saying it came from the North which is the Elrios equivalent of out asian countries.

  • TheLuiz says:

    Wind Sneaker is canon now?
    Is that a retcon or a continuity error

    • Anon says:

      It’s probably an error, GA is still canon.

    • Abeyll says:

      Every class is canon, since there’s multiple parallel universes in Elsword story. Just enjoy the artworks.

      • Anon says:

        He means the main story canon. While it’s true there are parallel timelines and universes such as in the Time Trouble light novel series, there is a set of classes considered canon to the main story of the game.

        These are Knight Emperor, Aether Sage, Daybreaker, Rage Hearts, Code: Esencia, Comet Crusader, Apsara, Empire Sword, Doom Bringer, Innocent, Minerva, Bluhen, and Radiant Soul.

        • TankCommissar says:

          This story takes place in a parallel timeline which having WS, simple as that. Similar to the timeline in Dohble Crow when Raven was BM.

  • Leaf Dragon says:

    Why is Chung still base class in this comic shouldn’t he already be 2nd job or at least 1st job on the verge of becoming 2nd by the time the Demons Hamel?

  • Brancliff says:

    Why does Chung’s mom look so much like Ara?
    … Oh no…

  • soren says:


    Now we can have a story about characters that actually matter! Gimme a story from the demon’s side, how about Chloe!? She doesn’t get as much credit as she should, I mean she nearly killed Elsword in Velder afterall, you’d think someone as important as that would be of greater relevance…

    Not Chung though… ugh… This story was really nothing useful, it didn’t add anything, in fact even raven’s story was more relevant, cuz we now know for sure that the FB path should be cannon!

    That concludes my rant. adieu~

    • But err…not many people even knew about that much of Chung, and I feel this gave a general idea on his willpower and strength to fight to protect those he found precious to him. Chung isn’t really “respected” is what I mean. No I don’t mean he deserve it, but the fact is that Chung doesn’t really get much attention towards him. You can say that most of the time it’s Centurion or half the time FP who yes, do get a ton of attention if you ever mention Chung, but the one least respected imo is CC in general. Going back and watching/researching the anime/story, I notice that Chung really is abandoned half of the time in the story or even shafted in some cases.

      This story didn’t really give much, but it does show his determination further: not that anyone even doubted it. It’s really sad honestly, he has the potential to be a good character, but it’s just sad that he isn’t getting enough shares like other characters.

      That’s the end of my rant, take it as you will.

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