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[ElLive] Laby

May 10th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Elsword News

Hi, I’m Laby.

Did everyone come to watch my live?

Laby has been recently doing my best dancing (dance) and Singing! (La~)

Oh right! This is something Laby found out while singing.

Laby can open my mouth really widely!

Wanna see? Aaaaaaaa Isn’t it amazing? It’s this much!! Aaaaaa

But is it because I’ve been practicing hard everyday?

Laby gets really tired whenever it’s nighttime.

But Laby wants to practice more….

It would be nice if I can practice inside dreams….

But I can’t since you forget what you did in dreams… (zzz)


Laby is tired so I’m going to sleep now.

Hmm? Nisha wants to say hi too?

Ah, Nisha is Laby’s friend!

Can you see her there?

She cheers Laby on everyday

Laby will practice dancing even in dreams so make sure to come watch me dance

Then see you in the morning! Bye~

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