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1/02 Patch Notes

January 1st, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6:30AM ~ 10AM (3hrs 30 minutes)

★ Master Class (Elesis, LuCiel)

Open Condition

Complete the ‘[Rosso] Master Class’ quest to obtain Master Class

(Quest is auto obtained after reaching 3rd job and opening Rigomor area)


Obtain Master Class to use Master Skills and Master Artifact


  1. Master Skill & Master Artifact

Master Skill

Master Artifact

Skill divided into 4 stages.

Summoned as pet. Can grow over 4 stages. Has separate leveling and exp system.



★ Master Road: Elrianode Training field

* 1~4 people dungeon for training with Rosso.

Clear ‘[Dungeon] 마스터로드 진입’ story quest to open the new Master Road area.

Master Road: Elrianode Training Field









Entry level



CP Limit




Resurrection limit


1 time



Field Debuff is applied, can be cancelled with Adaptability sta



★ Master Class Force Skill

Skill Name



[Force] Ignition

Dropped from Elrianode Training Field [Hell Mode]

Summons fire attack when hitting. Fire flies towards an enemy and burns MP. Also causes debuff that disables MP recovery through attacking/attacked. (
Can use at Master Class)

★ Other Changes

  1. Menu UI Changed



  1. Secret Dungeon Matching changed.

Matching now separates 3rd job and non-3rd jobs.

If a non-3rd job player is partied with 3rd job character, the party is matched as 3rd-job.

  1. Can accept skill quests from any area.

Master class skill quests can be accepted from any area now.

  1. Option to hide Artifacts added.



1) Rosso’s Gift!

[Event Duration] 2020 1 2 ~ 2020 1 16

[Event Target] level 10+

[Event Detail] Log in 20 minutes to optin timed title and accessories


2) Sparr with Rosso!

[Event Duration] 2020 1 2 ~ 2020 1 16

[Event Target] level 99

[Event Detail] Clear Elrianode Training Field 1 time for event potions


★ Elesis, LuCiel Support

1) Log in Event

[Event Duration] 2020 1 2 ~ 2020 1 16

[Event Target] Level 99 Elesis, LuCiel (Per account/Per Server)

[Event Detail] Log in for 10 minutes obtain Event Key. Event key is used to open Event Cube.

2) Chain Quest

[Event Duration] 2020 1 2 ~ 2020 1 16

[Event Target] Level 99 Elesis, LuCiel (Per account/Per Server)

[Event Detail] Clear chain quest by clearing 7 dungeons within level range to obtain Event Cubes. Event Duratio


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