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7/2 Patch Notes – Synergy system, legs, feet model

July 1st, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

# Content

El Search Party Collection – Synergy

Place characters registered in collection to gain various synergy effect. .

You need to place multiple characters with same synergy to gain synergy effect

[How to use]

1) ‘Character window > Collection > Synergy’

2) Place Synergy:

– Right click on character portrait in character list to place them in Synergy slot

– 2 synergy slots are given by default. You can spend ED to expand the slots up to 4

[Synergy Effect]

1) You can purchase Synergy effect ticket from Ariel to use the effects

2) Synergy effect is applied in certain dungeons and PvP. It’s not  applied in Ereda Island

   (Modified values are used in PvP)

3) Amount of Synergy you can have increaces depending on your Collection status

Job Stage

Collection Stage

Amount of Synergy

1st, 2nd, Trans










1) Class changing will update Synergy effect accordingly

2) Synergy content can be used per character

★ Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve, Chung character leg(feet) modeling improvement

* Example image

*All costumes released from now will use this new model. Previous costumes will be updated gradually.

# Event/Cash Shop

★ El Search Party gathering!

[Event Duration] 2020 7 2 ~ 2020 7 16

[Event Target] Each character group over level 10 (per account)

[Event Detail]

1) Clear daily event quest [모여라 엘 수색대!] to obtain a character’s mssion ticket

2) Go to Elsword web event page to check on mission list – then choose a character to send. (You can send 3 per day)

3) Log in to your main character next day to receive reward

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39 Responses

  • Arcandanic says:

    mmmmm, and the game with the bugs and security issues, hacks, etc?

  • Trash says:

    Bruh why are feet their main concern,

  • Glint says:

    KoG giving everyone chicken legs

  • Boiling Water says:

    The wrist is still broken though. Body looks &^$%#% up now.

  • Fruit says:

    this is what is lack, you have to pay 30m/week per char for this syn

  • oof says:

    With that trash synergy system, Elsword Raven and Elesis can double jump now
    Not surprised with the balance logic

    • CBEngineer says:

      ??? other char can double jump so why elsword raven elesis cant?

      Admittedly it doesen’t make that much sense

      I guess its other char lending power to them

    • oof says:

      With your logic, Aisha should have offscreen fireball range like Rena, Chung, Devi and Rose and Chung-tier hitstun
      Why not? Others have them.

      • CBEngineer says:

        wat?? with your logic everyone should have a sword, a fireball, guns, mechanical arm, demonic claws, a mirror, a spear, a bow, robot drones, and projection weapon. You tryna play elsword or be Sekiro final boss??

        It make sense given that the later dungeon like 12-6 or 13-1 requires you to platform, that you have the same mobility like the other character.

        offscreen projectile? AeS got that. Besides whats the point if everyone have offscreen fireball. you need to account to that and play differently.

        larger hitstun? now that needs fixing. IDK becouse i don’t play pvp but you need to account to that. Or you can waste your time whinning instead of getting good.

      • Rolling Troll says:

        What are you even saying?

      • Flare Kyn says:

        You’re misinterpreting the logic. Did you forget that this game is also part platformer? Not being able to double jump is actually kind of a big disadvantage, so it’s good that we have the option now.

        That being said, how exactly does that group work? Does it have to be Knight Emperor, Furious Blade, and Empire Sword specifically like the wiki says, or will any one Elboy, any one Raven, and any one Elesis work? There’s still a lot about Synergy I don’t know about yet.

    • Zygal says:

      ehm all chrs have 2 high jumps tho, just >>^< with good jump speed

      • Soren says:

        Hard to do in 12-6 when you are hampered by lag and can’t get a chance to get the running start for the >>^< jump… You must not play Elboy/Raven/Elesis if you are saying this because there isn't a single Elboy/Raven/Elesis player that doesn't want this.

  • Xamy says:

    Delete Elsword Raven and Elesis double jump. This is a trash idea.

  • Raindevoost says:

    The leg iz gud, but when the head? Newer character have smaller head, why they wont update the older one?

  • JustFreezer says:

    Imagine having to pay 30M a week to have access to double jump, when 9/13 characters have it for free. I don’t count Ain because he gets a good jump speed boost while awakened, and Aisha’s teleport can sort of be a double jump though you have to move forward.

  • vaff says:

    “★ Eve modeling improvement”

     S T O P

  • AnEve says:

    Bring back old Eve model or I’ll kill you KoG.

  • Dede Dede Random says:

    can we use 3/6 polar with 3/6 path all skill damage ? on that synergy system

  • Dan Yami says:



  • Twi says:

    I feel like I’m the only one who likes the model updates. Ankles were lookin so thicc they could crush heads easier than a hydraulic press. Could use a slimming tbh.

  • SkyVR says:

    So, what coulda been a very thoughtful bonus for those who multitask various chars and gradually level them,
    turns into needing to shell out big bucks to buy them the pass and then a rent to even be able to use their effects,

    As if you were in a supermarket and were asked both an entry fee and an additional fee for every minute you spend inside.

    At 60m per character, its already a tall order for anyone that isn’t some aquatic behemoth who can most likely crush the game without even needing the effects, but then 30m, per 7 days, PER CHAR?

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