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7/16 Patch note details

July 8th, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes

① Elrianode armor can be bank shared

② Initial Elrianode Story quest conditions improved. Rewards changed.

③ Dimension of Sinister Intent entry count changed (3->5)

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  • Sleepy says:

    wonder what the summer update’s gonna be

  • Scrooul says:

    What are the changed rewards? I hope they didn’t decrease ED gain…

  • Brancliff says:

    They always improve the flow of these sorts of things once they’re things that no longer matter

    Is Elsword more of a “better late than never”, or a “too little too late”?

  • Arcandanic says:

    wow, this KOG smoke theater still has me with the question of when are they going to get serious about the real issues of the game?
    Better yet, if they want to, it is to kill els to be able to focus on kurstpel, why don’t they make allahu akbar to els and now?
    Note to the elstubers who review these patches: I still hope they fix and optimize the game, I’m tired of playing barbie with my elsword

    • EternalDream says:

      Focus on KP? You mean that dead pvp arena sim that has no actual content at all and is one massive flop?
      They’ll pull the plug on it faster than they would Elsword lmao.

      • MarieWolf_94 says:

        not to mention KP has super bad lag in party, unless thats since been fixed. i last played it way back during pre-release beta, but it was literally unplayable for me so i dropped it almost immediately

  • Dan Yami says:

    no Aurora news?

  • He Lan says:

    That is really good actually. I was about to give up on getting all the new characters for the synergy strong enough to get them Master Class, I’d have to spend too much money on every character, but now that’s completely solved

  • kyohx says:

    all i want is optimize the game like the requirements on the downloading site lol

  • MagicSpice says:

    Gotta give some credit to KoG on this one.

    -The bank share on Eliranode sets is LATE AS FUCK, but it would help the Search Party collection and synergy thing a lot since you can just make a Purple set or a Red and Blue set (ignoring the specific skill damage increases) and just share that as you get up to all 40 jobs to Master Class

    -They also mentioned the rewards getting changed. Sounds like it may be a little easier to get the set you want.

    -Also, Sinister intent does help with CP and they gave more daily runs to that. It’ll let you build those pieces faster.

    So yeah, they did good for once. Maybe if they do that more, I might actually come back.

  • Noware says:

    Elrianode set is bankshareable now that pretty much everyone already farmed one set for each of their characters… go fuck yourself KoG…

    • pew pew says:

      thats actually the reason why i got 1 set for a couple of my magic and physical characters and stopped playing the game until then

      Now i am waiting for the apocalypse weapons

    • Rolling Troll says:

      Jumping event hasn’t even happened…

    • Earlygame says:

      don’t talk for everyone lol I for sure don’t have time to farm and only have 1 set

      • MagicSpice says:

        I never bothered making more than one. I only used my Metamorphy when I was playing….

        Between the Collection/Synergy thing and the fact that my set was purple, this is perfect for people that barely did these sets.

        Plus, it was a pain in the ass trying to perfect them, and then the Rigomor sets came out. Now people have a bigger reason to try and min-max an Elrianode set

  • Limbo says:

    Good so far. Now we just need to make Void weapon bank sharable. c:

  • PinkAnemos says:

    optimization and bug fixes where

  • azurlane says:

    new player to hard 600k++ what the fuck this game P2W

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