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5/13 Content Changes

May 6th, 2021 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Elsword News | Patch Notes

[5/13 Content Changes Notice]

-Master Road and Pruinaum dungeons were deemed too long and inconvenient and will be fixed.

-As many players suggested, El Resonance Level requirements will be changed so new players can reach certain resonance levels easier.

  1. Master Road Difficulty Adjustments 마스터 로드 지역 일부 던전 난이도 조정

-Master Road [Hell Mode] were designed with groggy chance patterns so they can be cleared after multiple groggy patterns regardless of time. 

-But this results in long playtime for players still gearing up.

-Enemy’s damage reduction will be adjusted. Some under-cleared dungeons will be adjusted as well.

All – Hell Mode

– Damage reduction of bosses after Hell mode 2nd phase is reduced

Ventus – Normal/Hell

– Ventus/Lincy’s HP reduced during separation pattern

– Ventus/Lincy’s attack pattern intervals increased during the separation pattern

– Ventus/Lincy’s attack pattern intervals increased during the combination pattern

Denif – Normal/Hell

– Denif Shield’s damage reduction is decreased

– Reduced amount of shield recovered after being broken

– Sheer cold debuff now has maximum 10 stacks. Amount of speed/jump decrease is the same after 5 stacks

– 10 stacks required to become frozen

– Ice pillar summon time is increased

– Ice pillar damage reduce

  1. Pruinaum Dungeon difficulty adjustment

Dungeon 1

– 1st stage’s ice platform duration increased

– When falling during the 1st, 2nd stage, changed so the player respawn point is closer to the end of the stage.

Dungeon 2

– Quark throws stones slower

– Drugger plant detects players from further away

– Drugger plant can be damaged by special active

– Explosive plants do not knockdown, only hitstuns.

– 3rd stage’s max mob kill count changed 100 -> 60

– 3rd stage’s mob kill requirements for boss debuff adjusted 스 25/50/100 -> 20/40/60

– 3rd stage’s maximum playtime reduced

– Meson is no longer invincible during the rolling attack

– Meson’s pattern after -50%HP where he becomes invincible then uses rolling attack is removed.

  1. El Resonance 1~300 EXP adjustments

– Lvl 1~100 EXP  reduced 50%

– Lvl 101~200 EXP  reduced 30%

– – Lvl 201~300 EXP  reduced 20%

  1. El Resonance level Stat Support Quests

Quest Name

Quest Accept Condition

Quest Clear Condition

Quest Reward


다양한 엘 공명의 힘 1

lvl 99, Resonance lvl 10+

Clear Dungeons after Elrianode 5 times

[Luriel] Elria’s blessing (30 days) x1


다양한 엘 공명의 힘 2

lvl 99, Resonance lvl 50+

Clear Dungeons after Elrianode 10 times

[Luriel] El Resonance Reset Coin x50


다양한 엘 공명의 힘 3

lvl 99, Resonance lvl 100+

Clear Dungeons after Elrianode 100 times

[Luriel] Resonance Page Expansion Ticket x1


다양한 엘 공명의 힘 4

lvl 99, Resonance lvl 150+

Clear Dungeons after Elrianode 10 times

[Luriel] El Resonance Reset Coin x50


Quests are only available once per account

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43 Responses

  • Coki91 says:

    Hopefully Resonance Quests are per Character…

  • Earlygame says:

    Glad you’re back 2na :D with all the good news

  • xXSlayerXx69 says:

    I’m stoked, a free page expansion. Hell Yea. If it’s per character I might stop shitting on this game lol. Changes so far are great

    • RandomUser says:

      the erp quests are per account, sadly, it might not be shown here, but it sure is said in the korean website

  • Gabezin says:

    Until they change that garbage enhancement system, I will never return to that game.

    I got tired of being one of the only ones without a measly +11 after playing for years.

    I despise that company.

    • Fal says:

      i have several +11 and yet it doesnt mean anything because of the character i main… it hurts to see people with + 10 and medium level armor being more useful in damage and helping party while being able to survive berthe patterns than a overgeared minor character with semi perfect +11 weap/armor and perfect accs which i got in my f2p journey buying them from other people in ED.
      anyway i continue to play because i enjoy my character, but this new system ruins the will to play grinding to level up characters/resonance/job on multiple characters. the inclusion of more dungeons make the party queue long. i will let people use party list and also queue in auto party.
      im already 300+ in resonance its fun to see that people will reach me in less time, and yet im stuck at those levels grinding to level up a single level. but even with that thing being said im happy to see that people will need to waste less time in the endless grind to become relevant..
      the only thing i will ask is maybe boost 300+ resonance accounts with the reduced exp, at least this way they will increase like 2-5 levels, because the exp curve increases a lot after that and 100m exp its like 1%.making fishing unviable and too costly in Ed/kching and electricity bill eventually becomes cheaper to buy ingame boosts for your exp like seasonal Elhouse and Synergy.

      Good to see you back 2na and thanks for keeping the news coming, i wonder what kind of spam affected the page

      • dongshinlee says:

        actually if u above 3m CP adapt 30% and all +11 r15 whatever your class is everyone still ok with you in berthe raid ,, also resonance is just excuse so player can play longer,, i mean endgame is just raid do dailys or farming stuff other than that its nothing

      • ether says:

        Are u playing PO or Minera? i cant think of any other class being that bad while being overgearee, just curious.

    • WeirdThing says:

      I got a +11 after joining US server for only 8 months
      If you’ve been playing “for years” and still don’t have a +11 you’re just one of these player who have no idea what they are doing and trashtalk KoG for the bad reasons

      • K says:

        Just dropped 3 bils the last enhancement event couldn’t even get a +10 so yeah obviously it ain’t the RNG but people without +11s are being dumb and can’t play the game properly oh and btw it was on BS lvl 10 too.

      • Gabezin says:

        Don’t know what I’m doing? Do you really think I don’t know? You who are lucky are not able to understand who is not.

        If there is any “secret method”, then say it now.
        What I did was try the normal method: fluorites + scrolls + events. There was a friend of mine who managed to use only 21 attempts at the event, while I spent billions on ED to end up with NOTHING.

        Trashtalk for bad reasons?
        You should say that about those protests that the korean player base has recently made about the profession system.
        It became bad? Yes, it was. But the enhancement system, which has been around for years, and is VERY WORST, no one has ever protested or boycotted.
        Players who turn a blind eye to this deserve the company they have.

        And I used to defend KOG when people spoke badly about it. Only after that immense loss I had, if I defend them I would deserve a complete idiot diploma.

        I hope from the bottom of my soul that this company will go bankrupt.
        Wanting to profit is normal, but doing so using unethical methods is the worst thing.

        • dogfood says:

          while i do share ur hate to kog’s greediness

          i do think u made the wrong decisions to get a +11, i too got alot of unluckiness on enhancement and other rng in the game. And i actually spend in the game whenever ders enhancement like at least minimum $150.

          eventually i just thought of buying the foking +11 amu(in ed), and just buying the foking +11 rigo stuff. So now im not complaining abt it. Also to add to that, im playing on INT so everything is more expensive on ED.

          don’t get me wrong tho, i really hate how everything in the game is just torture from the rng, the grind, and the expenses. Only thing enjoyable are the costumes and non-game aspects of the game.

        • WeirdThing says:

          Just to clarify, I never ever got lucky in Elsword, believe it or not I got my +11 without ever getting any good drop from dungeons, I only got it through crafting and selling stuff like rigomor service, and I even bought it when it was still 6b. Why exactly are you trying to enhance it, just buy it, prices even dropped hard nowadays.
          I do maintain my claim that you have no idea what you are doing, KR protests are justified, your complains about the enhancement system are ALSO justified, but the fact you’re crying about not having a +11 is fucking ridiculous because having it can be achieved by absolutely anyone.

          Also, “how much time do you have?”: not a lot actually, I do have a job and I don’t even play every day, I just make sure to do my rigomor weekly and henir and that is enough to make large amounts of money

          “That is the most ignorant comment I have ever seen”: Elaborate, as far as I see, I am talking out of personal experience taking the worst possible input (no drop)

          • Tofu says:

            Wait… 8 months?! Why did it take you so long?

            I got a full +11 Rigomor set, plus 2 amulets to spare, in 4 months at that! While also having no luck with drops as well. I mean, if even after two thirds of a year you didn’t manage to get multiple +11s, then you really must’ve been playing Elsword wrong this whole time. I would even say that you have no idea what you’re doing at all, being so inefficient like this.

            If I did it, then “it can be achieved by absolutely anyone”, right?…

          • K says:

            You did say the person was trashtalking KoG for the bad reason when they were complaining about the enhancement system on their opening statement and how it correlates to their experience in regard to the game. Then down here, you admit that you agree with said sentiment that the enhancement system is bad and the outrages were justified, then you go on a tangent to attack on people who felt betrayed by the enhancement system which you agreed was bad (Just don’t take chances lol, just buy the amulet. Like if everyone had the same mindset, who would have enhanced to put the amulet on the board for you to buy in the 1st place?) Like okay, the bad reason you mentioned was literally the reason you agreed upon. So what is it, my guy? My wildest guess is that you are just here to feel superior to other people. The general public has spoken, the final verdict was and still is that KoG was trying to pull a fast one with the professional changes and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, the outrages were justified, and the top dude has the right reason to be angry.

      • Only8MonthsIGuess says:

        Wait hold up… “only 8 months”? Bruh, how much time do you have?

      • dongshin lee says:

        cringe s up

      • Bubie says:

        That has to be the most ignorant comment I have ever seen. smh

    • kyogi says:

      why are you still keeping up with it if you quit?

  • Anon says:

    Still not satisfied with this. They should increase the Chlorite droprate on rigo DG’s or remove the reforge durability mechanic at all. Hell if you play on INT, those things are so pricey on the board I’m still stuck at R10-R12.

    • dongshin lee says:

      60m chlorite lol dead server

      • Shooting says:

        60m a chlorite? wtf, the price in NA is 20m

        • dongshin lee says:

          int not na. the guy are talking about int.. na lower than 20m i believe

        • Anon says:

          Yeah, a 10% chlorite can range from 60-75m each on the board. The economy’s basically hell there.

          • dongshin lee says:

            the problen is int is foor of poor country and the price isnt fixed to their country so its like buying glass of water for 10$ whila na ppl buy with 50 cents

    • E says:

      +1. Every time I see someone from NA server complaining about theirs voices not been heard I feel like screaming, KOG doesn’t even remember we exist.

  • Altior says:

    Not great, but not too bad of an update

  • Zoomy says:

    If they just fix the system to give an opportunity for f2p players to get stronger then they don’t have to nerf and nerf dungeons every update. This is not that good, since I haven’t reached the CP requirement for pruianium for playing in years.

  • Twi says:

    Still didn’t fix the enhancement system, still didn’t fix raid.

    Everything about this patch is worthless to me, the current dungeons were hardly difficult and didn’t warrant a nerf. Thanks KoG.

    Oh and ty 2na as always <3

  • Samii says:

    I’m only interested in the erp rewards.
    Rest is useless.

  • Katja Eclair says:

    Making the first two dungeons slightly easier but still having the same CP requirements / no lower difficulty, lower CP modes

    Free El Res page is pretty dope, though, even if the 100 runs requirement kills my motivation to get it

  • Xamy says:

    ok but still not enough.
    make more QoL, come on.

  • Casher says:

    I dont care what people say, but the hell mode title should be lower to like 10 instead of 50 for the title. Who got the time to farm it? we’re grown-ass adults here. We got plenty of things to do in life. the last thing we want is grinding… even in mobile games right now the grind is very short. Yes. mmo is no longer about grinding anymore. if KOG dont fix this long ass grind, you will continue to lose more and more pay adults.

  • dongshin lee says:

    erp page is good. but have u ever heard abput bankshare being giftable? or tradeable? or even free like in kr. bring back the quest stop the ed sink meme

    note :i have bankshare unlocked

    • pikachu says:

      The most irrelevant stuff for us. Just don’t understand why they refuse to give us bank share with Ed purchase like KR server or at least not bound to account so we can buy from board from players.

      • dongshinlee says:

        yeah that what i asked but they didnt listen so better make KR do quest since all server will get it

  • MIDGAME says:

    i hope they did adjust the xp gain on reso points coz kinda slow ngl

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