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8/05 Patch Notes

August 4th, 2021 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6AM~ 10AM (4 hrs)

# Content

★ Pruinaum Raid Difficulty Adjustment and Changes

-Story mode added to make it easier for players to enter

-Raid monsters’ HP/Dmg/Stats adjusted

-Pattern adjustments to make the raid easier


  1. Pruinaum Raid Story mode added

– Raid weapon can be obtained from story mode. (Drop rate is different than normal mode)

– Story mode fills up raid weapon drop rate gauge

(Gauge increase rate is different than normal mode )

– Story mode uses same auto resurrection system as the normal mode. There are no resurrection limits.

Story mode entry conditions: Pruinaum Raid dungeons

– Players Entry Limit: Min 3 ~ Max 6

– Entry level/Class: Lv.99 / 3rd job or higher

– Entry CP: 750,000


  1. Pruinaum Raid’s difficulty has been adjusted

* Blue: Adjusted for both normal and story modes

* Orange: Only applied to story mode

Both Dungeons

– All monster HP/Damage reduced

Savage White-Ghost’s Castle

[Hadron Clone]

– Hadron Clone’s ultimate attack is affected by the number of current alive players.

(ex. If there’s only 1 surviving player only 1 magic circle is generated.)

– Following guide text appears before Hadron becomes enraged.

“Hadron’s clone becomes enraged and stronger if there are no players on both sides of the castle.”



– Changed so Hadron doesn’t use space slash and feather attack in succession



– Adjusted so Haivan can be damaged while moving up/down/left/right

– Increased interval for Haivan to target and fire

– Haivan’s carpet bombing doesn’t fire at specific location

– In story mode, if a region becomes cut off, characters are force teleported to where they should move.

– Following guide text appears if a region is cut off.

“Line is blocked off within 15 seconds. In normal mode, this will result in death.”

Altar of Invocation


– Howling cooldown time increased, duration decreased

– Berthe can be attacked while using breath attack

– Damage taken by Berthe during breath attack is greatly reduced

– Chance of Berthe using Bravery seal Howl slightly reduced

– When Berthe’s HP is lower than 150, there is no additional howling until initial howl ends.

– Story mode will tell the players which skills are being sealed.


[Berserk Berthe]

– HP reduction required to stop special active seal pattern (Strength/Bravery, Tenacity/Strength/Bravery) is reduced.

– No warping to alternate dimension if only 1 player remains. Fragment is generated on the current location.

– Black/White zone debuff duration reduced

– White/Black zeon removed when zone pattern and seal pattern appears at the same time.


– Annihilator becomes exhausted after using ultimate move.

– Annihilator’s all pattern cooldown increased

– Annihilator has less chance of using same type of laser patterns in succession

– Annihilator will shoot soul orbs while facing forwards.
– Orb movements adjusted when orbs shoot out.

  1. Annhilator scene adjusted

# Event

★ Prepare for Pruinaum Raid!

[Event Duration] 2021 8 5 ~ 2021 8 19

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per account/Both Servers)


1! Daily Raid Support!

[Event Detail] Complete daily event quests for items useful for raids!

2! Weekly Raid Support!!

[Event Detail] Complete weekly event quests for event title and raid reset tickets

3! 2x Varnimyr Drop Rate


★ Challenge! Pruinaum Weekend Event

1! Challenge! Pruinaum – Unique Mystic Stone / Rosso Raid weapon

[Event Duration] 2021 8 7 5PM ~ 2021 8 7 7PM

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Stay logged in for special gifts

[Event Information]

Event Name

Event Condition

Event Reward

도전! 프뤼나움 1

찬란한 마력석

Stay Logged in 20 minutes

[Cobo] Unique Mystic Stone Support cube

도전! 프뤼나움 2

단죄의 불꽃 – 마인의 무기

Stay Logged in 30 minutes

[Cobo] +9 Rosso Raid Weapon Cube


2! Challenge! Pruinaum – Sage Magic Stone or Spectral Amethyst

[Event Duration] 2021 8 8 5PM ~ 2021 8 8 7PM

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Stay Logged in for 30 minutes to obtain special gift

[Event Information]

Event Name

Event Condition

Event Reward

도전! 프뤼나움 3

현자의 마법석 or 홍예주

Stay logged in for 30 minutes

[Cobo] Sage Magic Stone or Spectral Amethyst Choice Cube



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33 Responses

  • lolme says:

    yep as expected to get more player or keep player

  • dogfood says:

    dem easier vos, and vos is just 1 yr old. Rigo is 2 yrs old now.

    kog is prolly now very itchy to release a new armor set then a new weapon set next year.
    i wonder how much more expensive it is compared to rigo reforge lmao.

  • Hero says:

    Curious about when the 2nd 4th path is being released

    • fal says:

      it seems it will be 1 per month, if its more than 1 month we will get some characters in 2 years XD.

      • Someday says:

        Anyone else feel like story mode is something that should’ve been released when the raid first came out? Gotta love a system that keeps whales happy and punishes casual and f2p players by power locking them out of the late game content.

        • Xamy says:

          They released Rosso story mode 1 month after it came out…
          1 year for Berthe LOL

          • Alexa says:

            Ok bro but Rosso didn’t drop the weap in story after 1 month. This choice is the best, lot of palyer can’t join party raid in Berthe.

          • NiggerEnder says:

            Doesn’t Matter Most of the new players often quit after they Reach 3rd job and 99 and go back playing MOBA or something similar

        • ShootyBoye says:

          That’s exactly my thoughts. If they had released Berthe story mode along with normal mode then I would say they learnt from their mistake with Rosso raid. But no, they did the exact same thing, which I’m just saying is a little sus.

  • fal says:

    oh well thanks now we can learn to do raid while playing the game and not repeating videos, killing our teammates and wasting many learning remakes.
    750k… its the half, this makes vos easier, and a free +9 cobo foj will help to get the actual foj to new players.(unless the contents are permanent). i think 750k can be a struggle for some classes but you can get it with crimson rigo/foj +8, resonance ~200 and at least a decent costume even less if you have a class who increases cp a lot.or have a good elcollection.
    i guess the gauge barely increases with story mode but at least you will increase it.hey ! something its better than nothing.

    thanks agsin 2na

  • Meclee says:

    They really want people to get sub 2min or even sub 1min in 15-6

  • Samii says:

    Now this is something I can get happy about. My main can easily go into story mode but not normal.
    If I can have a small chance for weapon then that’s fine. I can progress in some way now…

  • Xamy says:

    Nice patch !
    Now I just hope for QoL about more bankshareable stuff !!

  • ­Michele says:

    750k CP is a bit lower than I expected. I thought it would be maybe 1m CP requirement… watch peoples blitzing through story mode for these newcomers that need help.

    But +9 FoJ is still the biggest surprise as well.

  • Twi says:

    Day 43 after conference…

    Still waiting for the enhancement system to be fixed.

  • He Lan says:

    I guess these are good changes, but will it change anything? Probably not, as long as the game stays p2w plus grinding people won’t come back to this game

  • TheLuiz says:

    it’s 2021 and we still can’t solo raid in story mode

    • DanYami says:

      well that was kinda expected for this one since half of the moveset of each boss revolves around multiple players, not sure how they’d handle that if only one player was alive

  • MagicSpice says:

    As per usual KoG tactics… nerf the previous region when a new one comes out…

  • Yugioh says:

    Are those items permanent? Imagine the weapon is fully socket with sage and mystic stone perfect. Wow, even a +9 rosso weapon would be good for doggy raid story mode.

  • xD says:

    Finally I can get into these raids with my friends and not getting involved in any stupid crap of blacklists or gatekeeping, because many dudes really take so serious the raids like a job.

  • Vilvana says:

    anyone remember the time when people complained void dungeon was hard and heroic gear was the way to go

  • Lulu says:

    F2P yeah raid story berthe 🥰

  • Rags says:

    Is the rosso weapon perm?

  • Alexa says:

    KoG please, what about banksharable rigomor? You have destroyed my main with balance and i don’t want to grind all from zero…

    • Aria says:

      yes please oof … what was the point of even getting bank share if none of the high value items will ever be useable

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