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9/02 Patch Notes

September 1st, 2021 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6AM~ 10AM (4hrs)

★ Eve 4th Path Update

* Code : Unknown – Code : Failess – Code : Antithese

Gains unprecedented mobility through restructuring of the missing aerial movement codes.

Attack Type: Physical

Attack Range: Long range


★ Eve 4th Path Collection

Eve 4th Path Collection

Collection Stage

Collection Effect


Polarize +0.4% (Max 45%) (Dungeon)


Polarize +0.8% (Max 45%) (Dungeon)


Polarize +1.2% (Max 45%) (Dungeon)

★ Plegas’ Labyrinth Changes

Regenerating Plegas

– Firing interval for overload stability orb fired from the stone statue become longer with time

– Changed so boss HP UI doesn’t overlap with other UI

Colossus Plegas

– Regeneration time for hand and head becomes longer

– Can check hand and head HP through the mini-map UI

– Central heart platform line improve

– Jump mechanism becomes stronger once the middle hand is destroyed

– Jump speed buff orbs added to bottom right and left edges of the map

★ Other Changes

1. Default character slot +1 (Max 56 Max 57)

2. Can switch between Lu and Ciel and check all their equipment when examining LuCiel characters

3. Ruben~Elysion Main Story Quest voices added.

4. Changed so players can maintain party after giant boss dungeons

5. Dungeon random mission details changed. Attack enemies n-times quickly(50 > 40)

6. Time until next Grotto dungeon opening is displayed whenever it’s not available

7. Matching waiting time for giant bosses adjusted


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14 Responses

  • Rajesh says:

    Oh! The story has voices now! (Inb4 NA gets only KR ones)

  • Kuusouka says:


  • lolme says:

    random mission lol still no deletion under 200%

  • fal says:

    unprecedented mobility through restructuring of the missing aerial movement codes? that sounds like seraph… oh its a physical seraph with dictator mind who will do anything for her goal and always think she is right… okay that sounds interesting…

    and polarize eve? ooof this gives us an idea together with we already know that her game play is madness, finally a true destruction (“dps”) path and not the scam of code ultimate, i imagine this could be a true proto eve if the paths were fitting. lets see if devs delivery a great path for our/their beloved roboto that saved the game.

    on a side note it seems that new paths are going in a different way of edgyness, instead of going “i am the darnkess” and being chaotic evil/neutral they are becoming chaotic/lawful good with the mindset of “only i am right/worthy”.

    again thanks 2na, that was fast hehe.

    • Flare Kyn says:

      “with the mindset of “only i am right/worthy”” More like their wills are being corrupted/absorbed to the point where they’re practically not the same person anymore. Elboy doesn’t have that kind of mindset you were talking about, it’s just that he lost his sense of self and practically became a part of the El. That being said, we only have two of them so far, there’s still a chance that other characters won’t be like that.

  • Anon says:

    So Elsword gains an Angel path and Eve is looking kinda Demonic. Could it be the theme of the 4th paths is something along the lines of “Heaven or Hell”?

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