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9/16 Patch Notes

September 15th, 2021 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6AM~ 10AM (4 hrs)

# Content

★ El House Revamp

1. Music Player

Place Music Player furniture first then use music streaming ticket to play music.

Maximum 6 music can be registered to the playlist

Music Player: Obtain from El House DIY or Purchase from NPC Ariel

Music Streaming Ticket: Obtain from El House DIY

2. Guest Book

You can set welcome messages for your El House.

You can leave messages and likes in friend’s El House.

– ‘Daily/Total’ like count is displayed.

– Can click like 100 times daily

* Guest book is available without any furniture

3. Other Changes

– Can now move from Guild Base to El House

– Can now enter El House from field

– Changed so players entering El House don’t remain in town

– Can enter other player’s El House without going to Ariel. To enter a player’s El House, Right click on character and ‘examine character’.

– Changed so player enters El House automatically when invited. Entering through Ariel is still available.
– Changed so free camera can be used in El House Studio
– Furniture category added to Ariel’s craft list. Can see season and normal furniture separately.
– New normal furniture added to Ariel’s craft list.
– El House Epic Quest added. Each account can obtain 1 Luriel House Contract
– Airle now sells average music player and normal guest book items.
– Some items in New El House DIY changed
– Can automatically take repeatable quest when inside the house

– Profession system can be used inside the house

– Increased furniture list during edit mode to have 3 line

# Event/Cash Shop Update

Find a Hedgehog!

[Event Duration] 2021 9 16 ~ 2021 10 14

[Event Target] All Characters (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Enter a farm through the icon at top of the screen. Collect trowels and find the hedgehog

The farm contains 9 radishes and 1 hedgehog. Use trowels to select locations and find hedgehogs.

Exchange rewards include amethyst x10 exchange cube and Aurora/Eligos IB costumes.

* Trowels can be obtained through the event daily quest or the cash shop.

Daily Potion Event Quest

[Event Duration] 2021 9 16 ~ 2021 9 23  9:59AM

[Event Target] Character level 10+ (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Clear event daily to obtain potion bags

Chain event quest

[Event Duration] 2021 9 16 ~ 2021 9 23 9:59AM

[Event Target] Character level 10+ (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Clear event weekly quests to obtain rewards like 3rd job advancement ticket, amethyst, gold stamp, sage magic stone, Synergy ticket(7 days)

Burning Time

[Event Duration] 2021 9 18 0AM ~ 2021 9 22 11:59PM

[Event Target] All Characters

[Event Target]

Event Date

Event Detail

9 18

0AM ~ 11:59PM

2x EXP

9 19

0AM ~ 11:59PM

2x Drop Rate

9 20

0AM ~ 11:59PM

2x EXP

9 21

0AM ~ 11:59PM

2x Drop Rate

9 22

0AM ~ 11:59PM

2x EXP

2x Drop Rate


Enhancement Event

[Event Duration] 2021 9 16 ~ 2021 10 14

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per Account)

[Event Target


Enhancement Gear Event


Log in 10 minutes for lucky enhancement gear cube x2

(1 time every week, total of 4 times during)

– Contains +7 enhancement gears x2

Extract condition

Can extract magic amulets when enhancement is +8 or higher

Materials to extract

Use [Cobo] Fluorite Stone and [Cobo] Blessed Restoration Scrolls to extract magic amulet

Moving items

Enhancement Gear Cube cam be bank shared. Cube’s contents cannot be bank shared


 [Enhancement cube dates]

Event Duration

Event Condition


9 16 ~

9 23 9:59AM

Log in 10 minutes

[Cobo] Enhancement Gear Cube x2

9 23 10AM ~

9 30 9:59AM

Log in 10 minutes

[Cobo] Enhancement Gear Cube x2

9 30 ~

10 7 9:59AM

Log in 10 minutes

[Cobo] Enhancement Gear Cube x2

10 7 10AM ~

10 14 9:59AM

Log in 10 minutes

[Cobo] Enhancement Gear Cube x2


Weekly Enhancement Materials

[Event Duration] 2021 9 16 ~ 2021 10 14

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per Account)

[Event Target]

Quest Name

Quest Condition

Quest Rewards

[EVENT] 축복의 기운

Clear 30 dungeons within level range


Win 10 PvP Arena matches

[Luriel] El Hammer x1(30 days)

[Cobo] Blessed Fluorite x5

[Cobo] Blessed Restoration Scroll x3

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23 Responses

  • Greysloan says:

    Oh enhancement event will last 1 month nice

  • Arcandanic says:


  • Coki91 says:

    Look at them, they get 3 Weeks enhancement events when they know they can’t spend, NA spends the K-Ching, but they are mere Costumers, Peasents, Only them, Koreans, get the full benefit of Enhancement events!

    That’s a Vor’s speech reference btw

  • Earlygame says:

    Cute House revamp, sad thing is 1 per acc but it’s something at least. Ty 2na for info

  • Num says:

    Rigomor region has been out for two years already. When are we ever going to get Rigomor armor change ticket event? Plz, KOG… a majority of us have been waiting for too long.

    • Flare Kyn says:

      What do you mean by Rigomor Armor Change Ticket?

      • Num says:

        It’s kinda like how elrianode armor color change ticket changes red el tear armor effect to blue el tear armor effect, or vice versa. It’ll be like changing from crimson Rigo armor to sage armor.

        • Flare Kyn says:

          The problem with that is that Elrianode tickets only change the embedded effects from El Tears. What you’re asking for is a way to change one piece of equipment into a similar, yet different piece of equipment.

          • Num says:

            ?? Yes, that’s what I’m asking for. This function is already possible, since Rigomor/Amethystine Armor change tickets for each armor piece already exist in the item mall.

            My overall point is that those Amethystine armor change tickets have only been available through the item mall and the servers are starting to be overdue for an Amethystine Armor Change ticket event where they hand out free change tickets for Amethystine armor pieces (one for each piece like the ones from the item mall), much like how it has been given out for elrianode armor from time to time in events.

    • Greysloan says:

      I remember they made rigo change ticket event last year but just one time

      • Num says:

        NA didn’t get an event like that, and it is likely other servers didn’t have one also. Are you certain that event happened last year? I have had this habit of keeping myself updated on KR updates here on Babel for a very long time, and I didn’t read anything about a Rigo change ticket event.

  • lolme says:

    >house revamp idk what revamp mean in korean dictionary other than quest,and free camera and can be entered from guild its just useless

  • TheLuiz says:

    Perhaps no one asked for the El Hosue in the first place, but surely no one wanted a revamp of that thing over any meaning content update.

  • Furerum says:

    Man is it something personal agains’t Na? We get an express Enhancement event (one week) while they do get a month one… it’s not only this event, but with a lot more, like man why?

  • Samii says:

    They get a longer enhancement event than NA. How lame.

  • A person says:

    Wait, are the restoration scrolls + fluorite stones permanent in that weekly quest ?
    If the answer is yes, then that’s a very big POG

  • Adre says:

    Wait, can we still not invite guild members to a group from the elhouse?

  • Xyche says:

    Huh? Why we only got one week of enhancement event in NA while KR got a whole month of enhancements? I strongly feel that NA/INT wants us to spend a ridiculous amount of money just to have our cp numbers raised. Hell, I’m a f2p dia play with 1.8m cp grinding my ass off almost 24/7 for months already while the whales can just speed this through using cash. I swear, this game is just unfair for f2pers and only rewards lucky players/whales. But of course, people were right when they said that KR gets the most benefits, since the game was originated there…

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