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1/6 Patch Notes

January 5th, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

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# Content

★ Raven 4th Path Update

Phantom Knight of Vengeance, Raven 4th Path is released

* Venom Taker – Mutant Reaper – Revenant

– Info: This class plants mutant plants inside enemies to corrupt them in order to deal leathal damage.

– Attack Type: Physical

– Damage Range: Middle

★ Raven 4th Path Collection

Raven 4th Path Collection




Additional Damage +2%


Additional Damage +3%


Additional Damage +5%


★ Changes to Tenebrous armor

  1. Can extract effects from different characters’ armors
  2. 2nd line(◆◆Mark) some party buff icon’s color changed to match the equipment’s unique color.

[Effect List]

Buff – Nearby Party member Physical Damage Increase per every 500,000 CP

Buff – Nearby Party member Magical Damage Increase per every 500,000 CP

Buff – Nearby Party member HP Increase per every 500,000 CP

Buff – Nearby Party member Physical/Magical Defense Increase per every 500,000 CP

Buff – Nearby Party member Movement Speed Increase


  1. Tenebrous effects icon color shows non-transparent when it’s not shadow identified

★ El House Pet System

Pet System added to El house for increasing affinity with pets.


★ El House DIY Cash Shop Preview feature

Can now preview Cash Shop El House DIY items in El House


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24 Responses

  • Cursed Qink says:

    He might look gud 2gether with Nisha… Hope his plants have some of carnivorous ones anddd thick vines hehe uwu

  • Rajesh says:

    Lol the armor got buffed so fast because they knew it’s gonna be bad

    • fal says:

      i dont see buffs here, just cosmetic changes, and “1.” though it was this way lol, it was even harder to get effects.

      thanks 2na… so the alterasia raven was a good guess, but i expected him to be green like type h from altera.

      pet house? hehe unless it gives some kind of buff or utility like grow them* my pets now are going to be starving homeless hobos who pick things for me.

      *i dont care about affinity you increase it fast when doing dungeons, food, and even elhouse.

  • SadPepe says:

    Local Phantom gives enemys Ebola,Covid and Cancer to kill em

  • TheLuiz says:

    You get a summoner class, she gets a summoner class, I get a summoner class, EVERYONE WILL BE SUMMONER NOW!

    • Anima says:

      Els x floating el gems. Aisha x homun. Réna bard x musical fairies and sirens. Raven x ghostish parasites. Eve x adam & the whole buggy wonderland. Chung x surprised pikachu droids. Ara x the entire eun clan to hunt red demon king. Ele lady x goddess sparkling bdsm chains. Add x lovecraft alien cyborgs and his mom hologram. Lu Ciel x the sinful succubus incubi army. Forgotten and lonely Ain, never met el team x fallen angel clones going riot against mama. Laby went cute druid & can transform to feral beasts even the ded bunny. Noah werewolf alpha x the whole wolf pack, Clamor is his omega, sing to blood moon

      • fal says:

        i just imagine add fighting:
        i summon.. my MOM!, you are now defeated!
        enemy dies of op damage debuffs and feelings.
        that idea of luciel looks interesting.

        • Anima says:

          Thank u lul, imagine his hyper = Mom’s love buff for a full 60s & master skills r 4 levels of Mom’s scolding + insults. Also LuCiel only make sense to me that way with some sins presentation: fear x dread Cata \ Pride IN \ Wrath(slaughter joy tbh) Dia and now 4th Lust x Envy mayb, since greed sloth and glut is a bit off but if the pull them the right way, might work unexpectly nice too

          • Anima says:

            I wish i could edit cmt my grammars make me wanna dye, sorry in asian TT

          • fal says:

            haha dont worry i also have problems with grammar what is important is to write sentences correctly.
            actually a class of add who realises its impossible to go back/travel to her its interesting, and fits this class of paths.
            instead he can try to revive/rebuild her in a hologram/robot way and maybe become a similar class/contrary to code essencia.

          • Tea. says:

            Just a little thing, but we already have Lust at least going by that Lu/ciel thing. Dia would be lust since lust means desire( its not called the sin of uncontrollable desire for nothing). Lust is the idea of a person desiring something so obsessively. Sex is just one of the sins of lust. So technically Diangelion would be committing the sin of lust because Iblis desires power to an obsessive degree.

      • Nisha says:

        having somethin to summon =/= being a summoner. summoners have their whole gameplay based around summons.

    • Flare Kyn says:

      This doesn’t really scream summoner to me, tbh.

  • Anon says:

    This is easily the edgiest Raven design. He looks like something you would find in a Linkin Park AMV on youtube back in 2008.

  • Pornflakes says:


  • Flare Kyn says:

    Guys, I’ve recently learned something big about this new armor.


  • Flare Kyn says:

    There’s… actually quite a few good points about the Tenebrous armor in this video. Stuff I didn’t even consider.

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