The Tongue of Elrios

1/20 Patch Notes

January 19th, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6AM ~ 10:30AM (4hr 30min)

# Contents

★ New Dungeon Update

– New dungeons in Tignor region ‘Puppet Theatre’ and ‘Madness Concert’ is updated


Entry CP

DR Debuff


Puppet Theater

Lv. 99




Madness Concert

★ Professor Phoru’s 2nd Growth Guide

Covers progression through lvl 99 ~ Varnimyr Raid gameplay

※ Note

– 2nd tab opens after reaching Lv. 99

– Rewards from growth guide aren’t bank shareable

– Growth guide disappears after all rewards are obtained

– +9 Ancient Elrianode Armor full set will be given through guide now. Old epic quest that gives the same full set is removed.


★ Raven 4th Path Balance Changes


Skill Name



Raven 4th Path



Dash Jump ZX Command Speed 10% faster

Venom Taker



Seed effect visual becomes clearer

Mutant Reaper

Hell Bringer

Effect activates upon awakening

Effect is active during awakening


When allies absorb deceased soul, 1 skill on cooldown will have its cooldown reset and will gain all speed increase buff (Hyper active excluded)

lvl 4

Soul Traces generated will slowly decend and home towards allies after some time

Soul Traces will generate closer to the caster

Soul Trace duration after generation is reduced
(20s -> 10s)

When allies absorb deceased soul, 1 skill on cooldown will have its cooldown reduced and will gain all speed increase buff (Hyper active excluded)

[Dungeon changes]
Cooldown reduction : 5s

[PvP changes]
Cooldown reduction : 5s


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25 Responses

  • Rajesh says:

    Wait, it’s 3,5m? I thought they were all going to be the same requirement, since they would drop the whole set…

  • Silvester says:

    is the new proffesor phoru update giving only elrianode armor ?
    that’s kinda disappointing

    • Heliolus says:

      It only said that elrianode armor is now obtained from 2nd Growth Guide and quests for elrianode armor will be removed. Didn’t say that’s all there is to it.

    • Flare Kyn says:

      Pretty sure it has other words. I highly doubt they’d update Prof. Phoru just to change how you obtain Elri armor.

    • leedongshin says:

      no its not i hear they give +10 void amulet 30days rosso acc and some stuff

    • Ritsu says:

      ## Section 1
      1) Hall of El Clear – 1x Each Mode
      Reward: Cube Containing +9 Elrianode Equipment
      2) Clear Forgotten Elrian Sanctum and Elrianode City once
      Reward: Elrianode Defense Request 10x
      3) Clear Debrian Laboratory (any mode) and Debrian Laboratory once.
      Reward: Potion Bag (the usual contents)
      4) Clear El Tower Defense twice.
      Reward: Selective Elrianode Accessory Cube

      ## Section 2
      1) Clear Heroic Dungeon once.
      Reward: Ancient Weapon Wedge 1x
      2) Use the obtained wedge on equipment.
      Reward: Ancient Armor Wedge 2x
      3) Clear Heroic Dungeon twice.
      Reward: Noble Stone 20x
      4) Socket Magic Stone on your equipment.
      Reward: Fighter Potion 20x

      ## Section 3
      1) Clear Labyrinth of Ruin once.
      Reward: Potion Bag
      2) Clear Guardian’s Forest once.
      Reward: Selective Cube – Upgraded Giant Elixir 10x or Upgraded Ventus Elixir 10x
      3) Clear Dark Elf Outpost once.
      Reward: Varnimyr Accessory Full Cube (30-day) (contains all accessories)
      4) Clear Forsaken Spirit Asylum once.
      Reward: Sage’s Magic Stone 20x

      ## Section 4
      1) Clear Gate of Darkness once.
      Reward: Upgraded Dimension of Sinister Intent Accessory Cube (30-day)
      2) Clear Crimson Tower of Howling Flames (Story Mode) once.
      Reward: Undying Flame Cube (30-day)
      3) Clear Never-Ending Darkness (Story Mode) once.
      Reward: Demonic Eye Cube (30-day)
      4) Clear Crimson Cradle of Flames once.
      Reward: Mark of Inferno Cube (30-day)

      ## Milestones
      2 – Organic Apple 100x
      4 – Event Potion 75% HP/MP 100x
      6 – Support Potion 100x
      8 – Bingsu Dessert 100x
      10 – Fossil Potion
      12 – Varnimyr Support Cube
      Contents: Upgraded Giant Elixir 20x, Upgraded Denif Elixir 20x, Water Orb 200x, Wind Orb 200x
      14 – Fighter Potion 30x
      16 – Apocalypse Type-Void Upgrade Scroll Lv. 10

  • Trace says:

    3m to 3.5m
    Goddammit not again

    • Samii says:

      Should you be surprised at this point? CP requirements have been getting higher since like Rigomor. It’s the new norm

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Actually, pretty much every region has had higher CP requirements than the last. Tirnog broke that trend with the first couple of dungeons by needing the same CP as the first two Pruinaum Outskirts dungeons. Elrianode is the only region with the same CP requirements across the region if you do Story Mode, but even that wasn’t true at first because the region came out first then the story modes came out later.

        • Flare Kyn says:

          Well, okay, I guess Master Road kinda broke it first, but it also had higher CP requirements than the first Rigo dungeon, so that’s debatable.

  • Mmey Lover says:

    Cp3.5, debuf 90% your crazy 😤

  • awsed says:

    surprised they did not nerf 4th raven harder. CD reset getting axed was expected but that’s it lol

    • leedongshin says:

      lol gotta spam those skill for support good thing the orb goes to player/allies so u didnt have to run to pick those orbs

  • Pornflakes says:

    Next demon region will be Ran’s (The dude from hamel, just hard guessing) with 100% DRB and 5.5m CP. You’ll just drop dead by that point.

  • Flare Kyn says:

    Okay, MeteorFalcon keeps making really good points about the Tenebrous Armor that’s actually making me like it more and more.

    • leedongshin says:

      well its a good armor from the start

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Yeah, it is, I can see that now. But when I saw the details about it for the first time, I thought there were a ton of problems with it, and MeteorFalcon’s points are making me realize that most of the things I thought were problems were actually pretty good choices on KoG’s part.

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