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3/31 Patch Notes

March 30th, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Babel: 7AM~ 10:30AM (3hrs 30min)


★ Season Pass

Complete missions daily to obtain various rewards from season pass. Each season pass lasts for 12 weeks. Rewards from the current season pass cannot be obtained after the current season ends.

Name of the season passes is subject to change each season

* Elrios Pass Season 1 will last from 3/31 ~ 6/23

  1. How to use season pass

– Click the Season Pass UI at top of the screen

– Clear Daily/Weekly/Season missions to obtain season pass EXP. You can obtain rewards upon reaching each levels. There are Normal(Free) and Premium(Paid) rewards

– Elrios Pass Season 1 Normal(Free) includes rewards like Magic Amulet +9, etc…

Premium season pass rewards include Magic Amulet +10, etc…


  1. Season Pass Cash Item

Item Name

Item Effect

Elrios Pass Season 1 (Premium)

– Can clear additional pass season missions

– Can obtain magic amulet +10, special artifact stone shard choice cube, etc..

– Obtain 1 additional dungeon daily special rewards

Dungeon applicable : Gate of Darkness, Heroic Dungeon, Secret Dungeon, Varnimyr(Except Raid), Pruinaum(Except Raid), Pruinaum outskirts, Tirnog, Guild Dungeon

Pass 2000XP Ticket

– Gain 2000 pass exp

★ In-Game UI Changes/Additions


  1. Daily rewards UI added

– Can easily see daily reward information in a separate UI

– Enter through quest button on bottom left. Can set hotkey to enter quicker

– Clicking on dungeon name, PvP will bring out the dungeon/pvp UI

– Can set favorites in the daily reward window

(Maximum 5 favorites, PvP rewards cannot be set as favorites)


  1. Quest UI changes

– Daily/Weekly quests get separate tab

– Tab displays exclamation mark when there’s a completed quest

– Daily/Weekly quests are auto accepted even when hidden hidden through right clicking

But, quest tab won’t display the quests

– Maximum quest limit only applies to normal/repatable quests. (Max 20)

– Secret/Heroic/Gate of Darkness Normal/Weekly quest rewards are given upon dungeon clear

Dungeon Name




2x El Reward through Daily Quests,

3x El Reward through Weekly Quest

* max 17 per week

2x through daily clear special reward

(Obtain max 4 per day through 2 secret dungeons )

* max 28 per week


2x Proof of Hero through Daily Quests,

3x Proof of Hero through Weekly Quest

* max 17 per week

1x through daily clear special reward

(Can obtain 3 times per day)

* max 21 per week

Gate of Darkness

30x Demonic Energy through Daily Quests,

* max 60 per day

Additional 10 Demonic Energy added to daily clear special reward

(Can obtain maximum 3 times per day)

* max 60 per day

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41 Responses

  • Asuha says:

    Since when Elsword is a mobile game? Easier alt building for whales, just zzz

  • Milksword says:

    Pathetic. Replace 10 with 11 and I’m in. Nothing special.

  • Rajesh says:

    Elrios Pass Season 69!
    Paid rewards: +15 Amulet
    Free rewards: +0 Amulet
    Only available in Korean online Games Games game, Whalesword!

  • Wonder-boy says:

    I was waiting for this, finally !!

  • Randomcitizen says:

    Paywall progress even more noticeable now, they are not even trying to hide it

    • beegsucc says:

      i’d say elsword isn’t even pay to win at this point. it’s just the gru meme with the gun except he also has the shitty edited open hand and it just says “pay”

  • xD says:

    In my opinion is an ass update, but there are people in NA who would buy season pass to their main and alt accounts… Im sure KOG will get many bucks with this

    Although… if that +10 was +11 I would give a try, but not really sure

    • Samii says:

      If it was +11 I would certainly drop money to get it cause it would be worth it. +10 not so much since end game content requires +11-+12 gear anyways. Games not worth it anymore imo.

  • Dahlah says:

    literally they want us pay for +10…. instead ppl can got +10 free from supersuccess
    for Pay to Progress game it’s a nice move

  • beegsucc says:

    dies of cringe

  • Anima says:

    And the Premium Pass cost 50-100$?

  • ThisIsAName says:

    People literally complaining about more free content just because there is paid content added too, lol

  • Haru says:

    I’m pretty much sure the pass would cost 5,000 kc just for a +10 amu. A nice move, but not really worth it, to consider +10 is the minimum and u need a +11 to clear rigo+ content. Add to that, if it’s just 1 amulet it’s not going to be worth, considering you have gear to upgrade. A nice move but not something I’m looking forward to, considering what the price of the premium pass could be and for what rewards we are talking about.

  • TheLuiz says:


    What this game has become…

  • Samii says:

    Nah no thanks. My money goes towards Genshin Impact, which is actually worth it compared to Elsword.
    Yes there’s a season/battle pass in that game but it’s 10 bucks and not like 35 dollars.(I don’t use it anyways).
    Kog has made this game pay to progress more and more and I’m done with it. I’ll play for fun when I feel up to it but other than that, I basically no longer play to progress anymore, it’s not worth the time or effort. There’s better games out there anyways and ones I am looking forward to.

    • Gameboy224 says:

      To be air, the Season Pass is also over 3 months instead of just 1. So price:time is still pretty similar.

    • Labyrinth says:

      Companies need to make money to survive. Yes. But I don’t think kog pumps out enough content to justify their price. (At least for me)

      Starting from last July actual content: (around when they announced 4th path)
      Els: Pruin Outskirt + Tirnog (8 dungeons), 6 chars counting Luciel
      Genshin: Inazuma (6 islands), Ekonomiya, Chasm, around 13 new char.

      One of the two has way more one time content. The other just use endless gating and grinding to hide the fact that they produce hardly any content.
      Reason why I stopped spending money in els :/

  • Noir says:

    Soon enough new characters, areas and classes will be pay to play too. I know whales will defend this no matter how afwul this game becomes, good for them i guess

  • Bruce9324 says:

    I know KoG want and need money desperately, money and players but this is so hilarious, in place of a buff to all characters and a definitive stop to the nerf in the pve (What the game need with urgency) we have… a battle pass or in this case a “Season pass” with a +10…. after the lasts events everybody have a +10 in void weapon or at least in rosso’s weapon… This is simply a kick in the ass to the players again… and every user are waiting for the 4th path of the rest of the characters (The wait is eternal…..) I don’t know what are the users waiting for to do a stop ot the charge of money again and in place of let KoG do a anunce, the players need do demands and exigences to KoG….

    • leedongshin says:

      as long they can show off their raid score they will still giving money to kog even if it not worth it

  • Mmey Lover says:

    BP, in elsword PC 😆 no tq,

  • Flamez says:

    Lol i’m glad that i quit this game for better games. Its kind of sad that i check this site expecting it to get better but it doesnt.

  • Marsha says:

    Wait (BP is mobile game) , PC game 🤔KOG need money 😆 , delete game change ELSWORD MOBILE 👍

    • Bruce9324 says:

      I think KoG was seeing/playing Genshin Impact, it’s a game of pc/mobile and have a BP and when KoG saw this surely said “Why not?” XDDD

      • SuperLuigi1025 says:

        Genshin Impact is also on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and also has a battle pass there too.

    • YEY says:

      Don’t know what are you talking about, since it’s not the only pc games where there is a BP. For example Apex Legends has it too lol

  • Pornflakes says:

    Why is this game trying to hard to kill itself but whales refuses, or should I say it’s their “life support”. Just farmed 10b on 2 chars hoping for this game to be better on every update, I guess that’s not happening. Oh well I guess those ED will go to fashion accessories and costumes instead.

  • YEY says:

    I like how people commenting are just dumb, Kog is just testing this and probably will be better next season. That’s just fun to read

  • Furerum says:

    You know a game is succeeding when it’s full of toxic commenters lol

  • Nalia says:

    it aint even toxic they are absolutely right. the game is terrible, pay to progress and win. as much as I love elsword I have to agree. They are literally committing suicide in 50 different languages. Changes need to happen.

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