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4/14 Patch Notes

April 13th, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

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# Content

★ Epic Quest Reward Revamp

– ED gain through Epic Quest clears reduced

– EP(Epic Point) added. EP can be obtained through clearing Epic Quests or through Epic Point shop using ED

– ED Shop revamped into EP Shop

– Some items sold through NPC Ariel has been moved to EP shop

Ex. Collection Book, Collection Synergy

– El Search Party Collection unlock Epic Quest clear conditions changed approriately to use the item from the EP shop

* Collection book item from before can be resold to NPCs (60,000,000ED)

* Old collection book item will become untradable on 2022 4 28 update


  1. How to obtain EP

– Clear Epic Quests or through EP shop with ED

– Max EP is 10,000

– EP cannot be obtained if Epic Quest is skipped


  1. How to use EP shop

– Can use through NPC Ariel

– ED shop has been removed. Items sold in ED shop are now sold in EP shop


★ Weekly Mission

– Weekly mission to obtain ED has been added

– Located in  UI > 주간 미션(Weekly Mission)

– Weekly mission is per account. Can accept 4 missions weekly.

– Mission progress is reset if mission is cancelled. Mission can still be re-taken

* Completed missions cannot be cancelled

– Weekly mission resets every Thursday 10AM

– Keyboard shortcut can be set for mission window

* Weekly Mission can be taken by level 99+ characters


★ In-Game UI Revamp/Changes인게임 UI 개편/수정

  1. Achievement UI

– Gauge added to see progress




  1. Skill UI Revamp

– Can see skill information directly

– Class introduction text simplified. Main skills display removed

– Skill tab’s ‘Lock’ column deleted. Skill tree has been reorganized into Actives/Passives

– Skill/Force/Command tab re-ordered. (Before: Force, Skill, Command / After: Skill, Force, Command)

– Extra Change Skill slot added. (7 > 8)

– Extra Force Skill inventory slots added (32 > 36)

– Class choice window that appears went class advancement is availalbe has been simplified


  1. Quest UI additional changes

– Cancel feature added to Quest completion window

– Fixed problem where enter key cannot be used to complete quests

– Epic/Story quest’s Episode Group titles displays quest progress

– Quest complete window’s title design changed

– Fixed so quest tab from other characters won’t open upon opten the Quest UI


  1. Other UI changes

– Changed so latest obtained reward shows when opening the Season Pass Rewards UI

– Modelling size in master artifact, pet, mount window will adjust to the window size

– Daily reward information, quest information, quest movie title design adjusted

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33 Responses

  • jjisGAY says:

    we’re fucked if the EP shop is just the same shit as Ariel’s but on EP tbh

  • Earlygame says:

    > Cancel feature added to Quest completion window

    Singlehandedly the best update ever since the game came out

    • fal says:

      i know, sometimes i accidentally accept a non bank-shareable thing in a character i didnt want or something with a expiration which i didnt want to use in that moment. The only way to cancel it used to be with task manager.
      it only took more than 10 years, but here is it! yay!!

  • Katja Eclair says:

    “Weekly mission to obtain ED has been added”

    Anyone have the numbers on how much ED they give?

    • Earlygame says:

      We’ll probably know after the patch

    • fal says:

      according to those number we are about to see the economy finally break or become somewhat “stable” in other servers than kr.
      farmbots are going to hurt if the number is high.

    • Blazing says:

      if you are wonder it seems you can only pick 4 of them and all are trash with how much ED it can give

      here is a list of quest and ED given
      Clear Varnimy normal dungeons 25 times (raid excluded): 10m
      Clear crimson cradle of flame 1 time (storymode excluded): 10m
      Clear rigo dungeon 25 times: 10m
      Clear pruin normal dungeons 25 times (raid excluded): 15m
      Clear alter of Invocation 1 time (storymofe excluded): 15m
      Clear pruinaum outskirts 25 times: 20m
      Cleat tir nog dungeon 25 times: 20m

      • fal says:

        thanks! it helps a lot….

      • Nisha says:

        in fact ppl will do rosso, rigo, berthe and tirog quests only. do they realy belive somebody will do 25 varni dungeons for 10m ED? i mean, they’re not even a good way to get mystic stone, rosso is faster way. same for pruinaum, after you got the titles, stage 1-2 VoS and may be ECS you neever return in those dungeons. 25 16-x is just a joke…
        also you can take only 4 of them, so maximum what you can get is 70m per week. compare this to ~200m you can get rn by lvling the char, and you can lvlup the char in ONE DAY, its annoying ofc, but its possible.

        i think this new thing made only to make ppl to put more money in the game…

      • Mmey Lover says:

        Not work INT ( inflasi)

      • Samii says:

        What trash Ed rewards…25 varnimyr runs for only 10mill, glad I stopped playing.
        Nerfing story quests, trash Ed weekly quest.

    • server down says:

      this will create more inflation

  • leedongshin says:

    force skill slot increased mean they make new mod skill finally

  • MuscleGirlsEnjoyer says:

    As jjisGAY said: ”we’re fucked if the EP shop is just the same shit as Ariel’s but on EP tbh” Man i will laugh so hard if this change makes non-whale elsword players quit if there are no useful items but only garbage items like in the old ED store. LOL

  • Pornflakes says:

    Just make the goddamn Synergy collection to be a permanent purchase already, not some monthly subscription from Netflix. We use our ED to other important stuff after all.

  • leedongshin says:

    lmao ed story farm is dead just farm glacia or sd 24/7

  • xD says:

    There is a lot of dudes saying “daddy KOG nerfed the ED because the bots” but… what is the reason to annoy all the players for what they do? Instead of nerfind the ed gain, why not working so bad in your anti cheat system?
    I know that KR works much more on banning players who use hacks or improperly use the megaphones (pls ban in NA too). But I dont see the reason to nerf ed gain… I mean, as a player there is still stuff to do, time to play, characters to create, level 5~99 in dungeons that you mainly play alone because there are barely players in early game.
    Maybe im wrong and someone tells me that I can get a lot of ed if I play 24/7 story-sd or “farming raids” (??????), but for casual players or starters (even worse) this is really screwed.

    • TTs says:

      I agree and don’t. Farming ED throu story quests of 0-99 gets you around 100m ED. Typically u can do around 3-4 character per day which will give you around 300m-400m ED. In just 2-3 days you can easily get 1b ED. Which basically means that “whales” we have tougher time on using their wallets ‘cuz any free player can farm this easily… However, on the other hand f2p and especially players who just joined the game or are returning players who can not do higher dungeons this becomes the only way of gaining that ED so they can progress further in the game. So, it all comes down to w.e games wants more money or more players. And from my experience of playing this game since 2013 it’s money.
      As far as it goes for cheats, yesh KR haves a better handle on this but it’s also true that there are more (way more) players using a cheat program to advance in KR servers than there is in other servers. Not only because there are more players in KR but also most cheat programs are designed in KR as well. (Thats actually well known fact among gaming communities KR = Best gamers and best cheaters). Lol.
      All in all, personally I would like to see easier ways of gaining ED for new/returning/f2p players, but yeah devs need to live off of something too I guess ^^’

    • Aria says:

      whats worse is that kog keeps removing ways to make ed before trosh/icerite through either nerfing stuff or making qol updates that make things no longer worth selling. All thats left is SD barrier frags and if everyone below that point is doing that they will also sell for nothing

  • Dang Chungs Bruh says:

    The new store points is almost the same shit as the old ED store, except now u can buy ring of fury . I can’t wait to see most f2p leaving the game. When f2p realizes that they will be screwed because KOG will take ED out of the story to put useless items that make no difference in Varnimyr onward they will stop playing. LMAOOOOOOOOO

  • leedongshin says:

    kog : lmao just get better equip for glacia farming

  • Bruce9324 says:

    “– ED gain through Epic Quest clears reduced” BULLSHIT…. we need MORE ED no less…. KoG everyday and every month are ruining more and more his game…. I start to think if KoG want to close the game and only are waiting the users let the game to close it without more explications….

    • Dang Chungs Bruh says:

      Ironically only whale players are approving this change. Especially whale players who sell ED for money outside the game. I can’t wait to see this change kill the game for good. :D

        • Dang Chungs Bruh says:

          They make these changes based on KR server and not NA and other servers. If they cared about NA and other servers they would have put inventory expansion by ED only like this had on KR server. NA players and people in babel annoy you? In my case people who defend the stupid ideas/changes of KOG that annoy me.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            That doesn’t make this change bad. Its intent is to counter the inflation of prices of player-sold items so that people aren’t asking for billions of ED for something that could help newer players, and that inflation was mostly caused by bots autofarming story to make ED, but actual players making new characters just to farm ED are also at fault. Yes, it’s going to hurt us, BUT WE’LL ADAPT, AND IT’LL BE BETTER FOR US IN THE LONG RUN!

            I agree that they should allow us to expand our inventory using ED, but that’s a fault of the American team, not the Korean developers, and is irrelevant to the topic at hand. And what specifically annoys me about the NA community is how toxic it is and how it acts like nothing good ever comes from KoG.

          • leedongshin says:

            they could make something good to ep shop like chlorite or even bankshare ticket opener or inventory slot(all version and not limited) instead doing it in the system if they wanted to help player. btw this patch alone make many newbie quit the game< kr ppl claims on kr website

            they could do something with newbie farm or at least make 100m/week(chara) in that funny update called weekly ed quest,,, but yeah there many way to make ed for newbie but for ppl who just got started its make ppl kinda go away just from calculate how many time they need to spends to this game , yeah game is dying as korean player said , hope there new character this year

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Uh… we’re getting new paths… and there’s even a roadmap for updates up until March of next year… new char probably won’t happen until late next year.

  • Pocket Plus says:

    Nintendo just announced they’re changing Pokemon Sword & Shield to Pokemon Circle & Oval…After Game Freak decided to cut every corner.

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