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8/04 Patch Notes

August 3rd, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6AM~ 11AM (5 hrs)

# Content

★ Abyss Raid Update

8-player raid where players team up in 4-player parties

  1. Dungeon Entry Condition


Dungeon Name

Entry Condition

Demon Realm Debuff


Resurrection Stone Limit

Dungeon 1

매몰된 성전

Lv. 99

CP: 5,000,000+


Per party



Dungeon 2&3

피어난 광물지대

악몽의 보금자리

Dungeon 4

근원의 산실

* Each dungeon has a progress meter. The next area can be played after the progress meter is filled to 100%

(Clear record resets every Thursday.)

* New party type called assault squad added. The assault squad is composed of 1 assault leader, 2 party leaders and 0~5 assault members,

Dungeon entry is done per party

* Assault leader can invite/ban/edit the party

* Party leader is a host and handles dungeon entry

* Player can be both Assault leader and party leader

* To move on to 피어난 광물 지대 / 악몽의 보금자리 dungeons, Two parties need to each clear 매몰된 성전 once or one party needs to clear 매몰된 성전 2 times

* For Dungeon 2 / Dungeon 3, both parties or one party needs to clear both 피어난 광물지대 & 악몽의 보금자리 dungeons in order to progress to 근원의 산실 dungeon

  1. Additional party system changes

* All party leaders will be hosts from now on

* Added invite to raid, invite to assault chat commands /수색대초대, /공격대초대

* Right-clicking on other characters shows an appropriate invite button for the current player’s party type.

  1. Weekly mission added

Abyss raid weekly mission added

★ Abyss Raid: Accessory/Weapon set effect

  1. When the Abyss energy purification gauge is 100%, you can consume the gauge to obtain Abyss energy purification reward cube,

From the cube, you can choose between a raid weapon or weapon accessory

  1. Effect


Item Name


Set Effect

Dungeon 1



(Support Unit)


* Awk Duration +10%

* Dmg to boss +5%

* All resist 50


* When attacking, continuous damage for 3 seconds (3% of damage dealt) (Dungeon) 

* Polarize +3% (Max 55%)

Dungeon 2

휘도는 마장



Dungeon 3

암귀의 문장



심연의 침전 –

암귀의 무기


★ Abyss Raid Weapon

  1. Abyss raid weapon can grow over 5 growth quests
  2. Fixed effects for Abyss raid weapon


Enhance Effect

Adapt +5% (Max 55%)

+10 – Physical attack+12%, Magic attack +12%

+11 – Polarize 10% (최대 55%)

MP cost -5% (Max 35%)

+12 – Physical, Magical Attack+12Lv

+13 – Critical damage +10%

★ Abyss Raid: Abyss mystic stones

  1. Red/Blue/Yellow/Giant
  2. Better stats than Varnimyr ones

Non-combat related stats like exp/drop rate are excluded from abyss mystic stones

  1. All equipment where mystic stones could be used can also use abyss mystic stones
  2. Physical/Magical Mystic Stone change ticket also works on new stones

★ Content Result screen changes

Made to show player contribution in content more accurately

Changed result screens for Dungeon/PvP/Ereda

– Dungeon: Rank, Information, Clear time

– PvP: Rank, Information, Kill, Assist, Death

– Ereda: Rank, Information, Kill, Assist, Death, Defeated monster count


  1. Detailed Play Result Screen (Tab)




Player’s contribution to the party based on player’s CP

Calculated using various data like Attack damage, attack support, skill cooldown reduction/acceleration… etc

The player with the highest overall score is given the ‘MVP’ award

Rank is determined based on each player’s CP so even if a player’s rank is lower, their actual score can grant them an MVP

Attack Damage

Damage done to enemies is categorized into total, boss and normal damages

You can scroll over to the graph to see the damage done by yourself and damage done through support

‘Destruction’ award is given to the party member with the greatest attack damage and attack support

Attack Support

Total of increased damage done by allies through the player’s skills or buffs

(Includes buffs through gear, excludes skill user)

‘Destruction’ award is given to the party member with the greatest attack damage and attack support

Hit damage

Total damage player took from enemies

Damage Reduction

Total of reduced damage taken by allies through the player’s skills or buffs. (Includes buffs from gears)

Players with the highest Damage Reduction are given the ‘Guardian’ Award

HP Recovery

Total of healed HP of allies through the player’s skills or buffs. (Includes buffs from gears). Scroll over the graph to see my healed HP and party members’ healed HP.

The player with the highest HP recovery and MP recovery is given the ‘Recovery’ Award.

MP Recovery

Total of recovered MP of allies through the player’s skills or buffs. (Includes buffs from gears). Scroll over the graph to see my recovered MP and party members’ recovered MP.

The player with the highest HP recovery and MP recovery is given the ‘Recovery’ Award.


Kill/Assist calculated through attack damage, attack support and various other data

The player with the highest score receives ‘The MVP’ award


Kill/Assist/Defeated monsters calculated through attack damage, attack support and various other data

The player with the highest score receives ‘The MVP’ award


  1. Awards

A total of 4 awards exist (MVP, Destruction, Guardian, Recovery)




The player with the highest contribution/overall score


The player with the highest Attack damage + Attack support


The player with the highest Damage reduction


The player with the highest HP + MP recovery

* One player can receive more than 2 awards at the same time

* 1st player in each award category obtains bonus EXP and ED. (However, when receiving more than 1 award, the bonus is applied only once)

* Solo play always gives MVP to the player

* Award isn’t given if there are no players with at least 1 point in each category


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39 Responses

  • M says:

    new elsword abyss raid = dnf raid

  • Mousk says:

    no thanks. thats next level of stupidness

  • Nut says:

    New weapon enhance effects is basically begging players to go for +12 lol

    • SaK says:

      the evolution have double the atk lvl and since stacking 1 stats give less this polarise actually give u more power than atk lvl, but u need evol 5 for it to be better so yeah

  • DanYami says:

    I wonder how long this one will take the koreans.

    Also 5 mill huh? so we need 20 million for this, aight fam

    • fal says:

      devs: we are making ranks relevant for low cp and non dps people!
      also devs: next dungeons needs a lot more cp and more dps!
      as some other people said, around the time most players get the weapon, we will get another weapon, lol. 5 mill its a little bit of high jump from 4m, oh well, we are slowly reaching 10m cap for next area… with numbers that high and variable they are becoming meaningless to see them in screen overwriting eachother.
      its interesting to see a party contribution stats, its nice to see how much you help the dps and the party; or be a deadweight then be banned from parties which is more likely to happen XD. even more when you decrease the amount of party members, increasing the importance of cherry picking your ideal 3-4 gang.
      but hey!, we finally got some replacements for rosso accs set and now it includes the weapon, so you can play a bit more!.
      thanks 2na again for it, i like to see how the changes are synthesised and if you care you research more.

  • Jsjsj says:

    How many player get CP 5.000.000 ? F2P 😭

  • Yomawari says:

    I barely reach 4kk CP. with a +11 VoS… and Sage Amethystine Prophecy +10 sup, +10 bot, +11 gloves and +9 boots,

    How tf im gonna reach 5kk?

    And with the P2W enhancement system it’s even worse, i have to enhance my VoS to +12 and what if it brokes trying it?
    Im ain’t gonna put cash on this game with this fucky ducky system tho… I guess i’ll try to enhance the rest of my equip… But even with that… i don’t think i can reach 5kk…

    Dude this is just ridiculous…

    • salty af says:

      Reforge your gear
      Meta accessories
      Stage 5 VoS
      Farm ERP
      Get BnW (overkill)
      Or just wait 2 years till they completely nerf it like they always do.

      • fal says:

        i mean i reach 4.23m having: +11
        +10/10/11/10 rigo r21 set
        demiperfect artifacts (5/4 crit damage artif rings) 5/5 yellow
        demiperfect master set (+2.5 max, 2.5 max and 2 crit)
        stage 5
        and reso 380
        they only thing left is to get is BnW.
        when i force the cp i can reach 4.48m with accs that only increase cp but reduce my damage, like +2/2 ring of fury and agathe.
        i “almost reach” the 95% of the cp required, i think i can invest other stats, losing damage and wait for new ib to get cp.
        reforging and investing for tenebrous its odd because i need a way too much to reach my current rigo set for cp.
        if i cant reach even with those overforced ways, i think powercreep is going to kill my playgame this time after so many years…
        i wonder if new mystic are that good, and if they are tradeable (they are going to be painfully costly), maybe i can invest in my current weapon, then transfer them once i get the weap… i think i feel hope again, to at least get inside of it and continue in the game without cp lock.

    • Cay says:

      isn t that hard i have 5,8kk cp as F2P player

    • Whatevs says:

      +11 VoS and only 4kk? Skill issue.

    • UnaPersonaa says:

      its more healthy to just move to another game tbh

  • Anon says:

    That new Laby on the ElWiki home page is looking smug. Something tells me she’s going to be a dark mage similar to Aisha’s 2nd path.

  • TheLuiz says:

    This is just stupid.

    Someone should get fired for this.

  • LisanaSama says:

    kog maybe its a time to repair your broken system of cp? that calculation with crytical chance its FU..CKING broken
    just a retoricial question who care abount critical chance when ar you dont need more? go to damage stats? good idea! but why people must lost FU.CKING many cp with that decizion? this is ridiculuz when your nothing doing with that when problem with that calculation be from premiera the cp system well choice one +50-100k cp or minus 50-100k cp(tiara mr 12×2% critical chance +efect with crit chance Vs to same with destruction)
    many another statistic have that same situation mhmm damage to monster boss? how many somepeople lost cp if have 21x socket with that? or why so many passive with character class not be caltulated in character card? AND MANY MANY MORE PROBLEMS!! BUT WHATEVER THIS IS BUGSWORD AND YOU IGNORE PROBLEMS AGAIN!!

  • Whatevs says:

    man all you guys do is whine, quit the game already.

    • LisanaSama says:

      Just what you are doing is ignoring problems in defending the kog and probably supporting him with your money maybe shut yourself up in a cave and stop said more huh? cause you’re not helping when ar you ignorant fanboy
      no ofence dude but am see many people in that game with your mentaly and this is f… creepy when this same people be hipocrytical in galactic level
      ,,elsword not have problem with cp” *you look at hes items* full tenbris with perfect roll 4x +11 and weapon +11(sometime 12) and more *after looking* OKEY DUDE
      *you asking* ,,how many ar you paid for this?” that same people ,,not many just i haved a lucky” *after you looking at matematic chance* OkKeY dDuDe!! ps and this is situation after two days maintaince with tenbris set and that same people say ,,elsword not have problem with cp”
      *after you looking random internet* ,,i Paid 100k $ in diablo immortal i have no one to play pvp with i want my money back” XD
      or pseudo-rebellious
      s(shitty) treamer who wanted to prove that certain items could only be obtained through the store spent tens of thousands, then removed the character and showed the middle finger to the camera(XXXDDD!!)
      i know somepeople just be a stupid but please shut up? when ar you not helping ane please unistall game and never back here okey? because you look like the orcs in the example above and yes elsword have big problem with calculations statistic and people lose many cp with better dmg builds what be ridiculus and kog nothing doing with that

      • Whatevs says:

        quit the game and stop whining lmao
        y’all whine about everything, even things that are ok, the game is better off without ppl like u

      • Flare Kyn says:

        I… honestly can’t understand what you’re trying to say here.

        • fal says:

          what i understand is: cp means how much damage you are able to do but when we focus on damage we lose cp, and we need cp to gain access for more damage. And devs keep pushing raw power needs (mainstats/secondary/trash cp increase) instead of changing cp system to make damage focusing builds make sense.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            I agree that the CP system needs to be changed. From what I can tell, some stats give more CP than they should while others don’t give as much as they should.

          • fal says:

            ahmm thanks for the translation, and he even got a grade, XD.
            yeah cp system need a semirework while some stats give more cp they give less damage, well thats it.

        • Tea. says:

          After reading all of that…I still couldn’t understand what they were saying other than something like;
          Ignorant Fanboys of Elsword are constantly ignoring the problems of the game and dish out a statement of “If you hate it why not quit?” that in this person’s eyes is a toxic mentality that many players in the game are adapting. Also CP is a problem

          That’s as much as I can get. That gave me a headache, especially with all the misspellings, but its ok person. Although your essay is a mess, it is somewhat translatable. So C+ ^-^

  • Flare Kyn says:

    Anyone got the details on the fixed effects of the accessories or the growth effects of the weapon?

    • Blazing says:

      Weap stage

      [Stage 1]
      Condition Abyss Dungeon Clear
      Count 50
      – All Skill Damage +10%
      – Upon hitting, 30% chance to activate “Abyssal Grasp” (Cooldown 50 seconds).

      [Stage 2]
      Condition Castle of Shadow Count (17-5) Clear
      Count 75
      – All Skill Damage +10%
      – Physical/Magical Attack Power +Lv 10
      – Upon hitting, 30% chance to activate “Abyssal Grasp” (Cooldown 50 seconds).

      [Stage 3]
      Condition Abyss Dungeon Clear
      Count 50
      – All Skill Damage 15%
      – Physical/Magical Attack Power +Lv 10
      – Upon hitting, 30% chance to activate “Abyssal Grasp” (Cooldown 50 seconds).

      [Stage 4]
      Condition Collect Core Fragments
      Count 40
      – All Skill Damage 15%
      – Physical/Magical Attack Power +Lv 15
      – Upon hitting, 30% chance to activate “Abyssal Grasp” (Cooldown 50 seconds).

      [Stage 5]
      Condition Collect Cores
      Count 35
      – All Skill Damage 20%
      – Physical/Magical Attack Power +Lv 20
      – Upon hitting, 30% chance to activate “Merciless Abyssal Grasp” (Cooldown 50 seconds).

      Some acc
      Weapon acc
      Upon reaching 1000 total elemental resistance, ASD 15% Increase
      Upon attack Elemental Resistance -100 (1 stack) (not stackable with rosso acc) 10s
      Upon attack Elemental Resistance -35 (1 stack) (not stackable with rosso acc) 10s

      Bottom acc
      Action, jump, movespeed 7% increase
      10% taken damage decrease

      Support unit
      adapt 3%
      phys/mag/action speed 15% decrease for 30s (CD 30s) (not stackable with rosso acc)
      Decreases 13% action speed for 15s (CD 30s) (not stackable with rosso acc)

  • Ddd says:

    CP broken, new player dead , delete reforge durability lol

  • Mmey Lover says:

    CP broken, how many player get cp5. 000.000 lel,

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