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8/11 Patch Notes

August 10th, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

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# Content

★ Abyss raid changes

Sanctuary Ruins

[Phase 1: Abyss Worshipper]

1. Shrine connection pattern’s 광신의 빛 debuff time reduced


[Phase 2: Abyss Follower]

1. Defense of summoned incenses decreased during the darkness pattern

2. Spiderweb explosion pattern frequency reduced based on explosion frequency

3. Changed so Abyss gate summon and darkness pattern doesn’t come immediately after spiderweb explosion


Nightmare Nest

[Phase 2: Nightmare keeper]

1. Invincibility removed on standby state

2. Summoned dream eaters are not counted as bosses

3. Nightmare prison and dream eater pattern do not overlap

4. Cannot be damaged by dream eater’s attacks during nightmare prison pattern

5. Immune to debuffs while prison can be damaged

6. Confusion debuff removed when nightmare prison pattern starts

7. Tentacles during the nightmare prison pattern cannot be passed through

8. Summoned dream eater takes longer to revive

9. Fog is removed if the other party clears the Blooming Mineral Field, Nightmare keeper doesn’t recover HP when while dream eater is summoned, dream eater doesn’t revive.


Origin Cradle

[Phase 2: Shadow of Greed]

1. Base camera view is wider.

2. Portals appearing from Space Connection pattern adjusted

3. Space Connection and Unstable Abyss Aura do not appear at the same time

4. Unstable Abyss Aura and Collection patterns do not appear in succession

5. Unstable Abyss Aura cannot be obtained by summons


[Phase 3: Lord of the Abyss]

1. Shadow / Abyss orb damage reduced

2. Changed so darkness patterns do not occur after Unstable Power is released

3. Some delay time added before moving from Rampage pattern to Absorb pattern

4. Changed so the special pattern does not activate if the giant crystal remains after the Rampage pattern

5. Changed so the black hole does not generate if Rampage state is reached after Abyss Orb is generated

6. Darkesss pattern notice will take priority

★ Character Balance Changes


Skill Name




Enhanced Grenade


– Defense Decrease: 100%
Duration : 6s


– Defense Decrease : 45%
Duration: 5s

★ Dungeon Fixes


  1. Fixed Abyss Raid boss doing unnatural jumps due to jump speed debuffs
  2. Fixed Auto revive in Abyss Raid not working properly after clearing a stage


[Sactuary Ruin]

  1. Fixed spider web pattern being avoidable in specific locations by certain characters


[Nightmare Nest]

  1. Fixed revived characters not being able to damage prisons in Nightmare Keeper’s nightmare prison pattern
  2. Fixed camera not returning to normal when dying during Dream Eater’s spatial slash pattern
  3. Summoned Dream Eater’s HP fixed to show its actual HP


[Origin Crade]

  1. Fixed Ran’s armor not showing during cinematic
  2. Fixed Ciel’s MP not decreasing during Abyss Count’s ultimate pattern
  3. Fixed Shadow of Greed’s giant gravity debuff being transferrable through Comet Crusader’s Burst Wolf skill
  4. Fixed camera not returning to normal when dying during Shadow of Greed’s focus pattern
  5. Fixed Lord of the Abyss’ unstable power activating later in certain situations
  6. Fixed Lord of the Abyss attacking while using special patterns
  7. Fixed Lord of the Abyss’s Rampage effect remaining after the pattern is done in certain situations
  8. If reviving behind the map in certain situations, characters will move back to the map
  9. Fixed Lord of the Abyss stopping in certain situations after being frozen or petrified

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17 Responses

  • ppp2 says:

    Playerbase: “Hee, guys, Minerva is useful in this raid!”

  • Naillic says:

    They nerf minerva, that’s totally fair and deserved

    I just see problems with other characters that have average buff/debuff and can’t dps (RaS/prophetess for example, there are many others), they’ll never get taken in these raids when you got characters that are just better in buff/dps
    they should buff their buff or let them have some dps

    And still CL, I think it is still not balanced, a character that gives 30% magical,buffs/debuffs/mp heal, basically everything you need and he can even carry like pure dps character
    I’m still waiting for them to choose to make him wether a buffer or a dps, there shouldn’t be something that can be perfect at both, it outshines everything else

    CL reminds me Mtm before they rebalanced her ( be honest almost all aisha were mtm because she was broken), she was both strongest physical buff and one of the strongest dps, after rebalance, she’s a strong buffer/debuffer but has less damage making her more legit i think than she was before

    Waiting for a real balance patch ….

  • James Norrington says:

    Bruh I wonder if there are more incompetent devs than KOG working in NA/INT. They screwed up the +10 FoJ event that many players were waiting for. They changed the weapon schedule at the last minute so that most of the players who have a life/work could not get the weapon. What was supposed to be for several hours ended up being for a few hours.

    And once again I was stupid to download this garbage game all over again believing that I would finally be able to have a decent alt to enjoy the game. I better delete this garbage game and get back to Monster Hunter.

    • Katja Eclair says:

      If it’s just about a decent alt, the FoJ isn’t going to do much for it, and a +10 definitely won’t get it into the endgame

      You’re just deluding yourself

      • Flare Kyn says:

        I ended up missing the event just due to not being able to stay up, but tbh, I feel like my amuleted Apo-Void would’ve been stronger than it anyway, even with Mystic Stones applied (then again, that may be because I avoid Polarize like the plague). In any case, I’ve managed to reach the CP requirement for Berthe Raid Story Mode using my Apo-Void, so I’m technically able to get the stronger VoS weapon without needing FoJ, even if it is gonna take me a while.

      • James Norrington says:

        I don’t give a shit about trash poorly planned endgame content since this is more for hardcore farmers or whales. I just wanted to make sure I had a weapon that is better than Void. When I changed my void +10 to FoJ +10 my CP increased absurdly and I planned to use this on my alt chara to at least make Rig dung farming more comfortable. I love how Elsword fanboys try to put the blame on the players even when KOG does shit. Here take this oil and use it to lubricate KOG () () every time they mess up the game and someone complains about it.

        • Flare Kyn says:

          “I love how Elsword fanboys try to put the blame on the players even when KOG does shit.” Um… what? I’m pretty sure neither of us did that. Dafuq are you talking about?

          • James Norrington says:

            ”You’re just deluding yourself” << Looking at that comment it makes look like it was my fault for supposedly thinking the free weapon was good for endgame (as if I give a shit about whale-endgame-content). He makes it look like it's my fault for supposedly thinking the weapon was good and not KOG's for doing poorly planned event. Now about you: I didn't mention you. I already know that you are one of those who love KOG regardless of whether it does shit or not. lol I always see your comments trying to soften the shit that KOG does when someone makes a criticism.

          • leedongshin says:

            kog is shit player that defend kog when kog making something is shit too..

            also flare isnt you alrd llaying this game for so long? why you still at berthe story lol

          • Flare Kyn says:

            @leedongshin Because I’m not a whale and I’m not on Elsword 24/7. And as I said earlier, I don’t like Polarize. I know it gives more CP and increases damage, but I DON’T like that it makes you take more damage as well.

            @James Norrington “I already know that you are one of those who love KOG regardless of whether it does shit or not. lol I always see your comments trying to soften the shit that KOG does when someone makes a criticism.” STUPID criticism. I’m not at all saying KoG’s blameless, in fact I actually agree that the schedule change was a dick move, but some people say stupid stuff that make things sound worse than they actually are!

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Wait, there’s another FoJ event this week?!

  • Whiite says:

    Minerva: *Do something*
    KoG: i’m gonna end this woman whole career

    • NoPainNoGain says:

      So tiring when they do these blanket nerfs for raid content and just ignore howit affects the character for every other content. I still feel bad for Aishas’ nerf’.

  • shanks dungs says:

    @Flare Kyn another foj event but this is +9 instead of +10 and you need to do some tasks instead of standing there waiting to receive. lmfao thanks els kusoge KOG

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