Advanced Roaring Berserker Set

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Set List

Set Effects

Type Effects
2 Piece Effect
  • Attack Speed +5% (Dungeon)
3 Piece Effect
  • Fire Resistance + 250
  • Chance of activating Fire Element +5% (Only applies when using Fire Element)
  • When being attacked, 10% chance of restoring 20 MP (Dungeon)
4 Piece Effect
  • HP +36750 (Dungeon)
  • All Elements Resistance +250 (Dungeon)
  • A 7% chance of auto-casting an elemental effect (Applicable only when using the same elemental effect) (Dungeon)
5 Piece Effect
  • When hit, 10% chance of activating Aura of Anger (Deals damage to surrounding enemies and increases critical hit rate to 100% for 5 seconds) (Dungeon)
  • When attacking, 20% chance of activating Aura of the Berserker (Stacks up to 3 times, +10% chance of double hit, Critical/Attack/Movement Speed +10%, Defense -33%, lasts for 7 seconds) (Dungeon)


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