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Equipment Sets
Ruben Red Giant SetAdvanced Red Giant Set
Elder Bandit SetAdvanced Bandit SetElder's Mercenary SetAdvanced Elder's Mercenary Set
Bethma Red Rock Chief SetAdvanced Red Rock Chief SetNasod Miner SetAdvanced Nasod Miner Set
Altera Black Crow SetAdvanced Black Crow SetAltera SetAdvanced Altera Set
Feita Feita's Royal Knight SetAdvanced Feita's Royal Knight Set
Velder Velder Militia SetAdvanced Velder Militia SetGlitter Hunter SetAdvanced Glitter Hunter Set
Hamel Tempest SetAdvanced Tempest SetFire Flower SetAdvanced Fire Flower SetBizarre Chaos SetAdvanced Bizarre Chaos SetTwisted Wind SetAdvanced Twisted Wind Set
Sander Black Rock SetAdvanced Black Rock SetDesert Storm SetAdvanced Desert Storm SetFallen Behemoth SetAdvanced Fallen Behemoth SetDemon Guard SetAdvanced Demon Guard SetRaging Fury SetKelaino's Pride SetTrockta's Spirit SetGreat Chieftain's Stand SetKaris's Obsession SetFinal Karis's Wicked Desire Set
Lanox Hidden Flare SetAdvanced Hidden Flare SetRoaring Berserker SetAdvanced Roaring Berserker SetRuler of Dryad SetArtisan's Touch SetSirena's Jewel SetIgnia's AccessoriesIfritan's Binding Stone SetScar's Necessity Set
Elysion Enchanted Diceon SetAdvanced Enchanted Diceon SetHernacyd Guard SetAdvanced Hernacyd Guard SetDekal's Research Equipment SetSurveillan Components SetMaya's Armor SetHerna's Dark SetHerbaon's Gold SetSolace's Dark Red Sun SetSun Master Set
Elrianode Elrianode SetCorrupted Elrianode Set
Secret Dungeon (S1) Mechanized SetGrendized Mechanized SetDragonic SetGrendized Dragonic SetAlterasia SetGrendized Alterasia Set
Secret Dungeon (S2) Mechanized MK-2 SetGrendized Mechanized MK-2 SetDragonic-Caligo SetGrendized Dragonic-Caligo SetAlterasia Type-B SetGrendized Alterasia Type-B SetGlitter Alchemist SetGrendized Glitter Alchemist Set
Secret Dungeon (S3) Mechanized MK-3 SetGrendized Mechanized MK-3 SetDragonic-Origin SetGrendized Dragonic-Origin SetAlterasia Type-E SetGrendized Alterasia Type-E SetGlitter Amethyst SetGrendized Glitter Amethyst SetAncient Guardian SetGrendized Ancient Guardian Set
Secret Dungeon (S4) Mechanized MK-4 SetGrendized Mechanized MK-4 SetDragonic-Force SetGrendized Dragonic-Force SetAlterasia Type-R SetGrendized Alterasia Type-R SetGlitter Berserker SetGrendized Glitter Berserker SetAncient Royal Guardian SetGrendized Ancient Royal Guardian SetSand Blast SetGrendized Sand Blast Set
Secret Dungeon (S5) Mechanized MK-5 SetGrendized Mechanized MK-5 SetEnhanced Mechanized MK-5 SetDragonic-Fear SetGrendized Dragonic-Fear SetEnhanced Dragonic-Fear SetAlterasia Type-S SetGrendized Alterasia Type-S SetEnhanced Alterasia Type-S SetGlitter Warlord SetGrendized Glitter Warlord SetEnhanced Glitter Warlord SetAncient Noble Guardian SetGrendized Ancient Noble Guardian SetEnhanced Ancient Noble Guardian SetSand Temptest SetGrendized Sand Tempest SetEnhanced Sand Tempest SetDark Force Slayer SetGrendized Dark Force Slayer SetEnhanced Dark Force Slayer Set
Heroic Mode Heroic - Guardian's Equipment SetHeroic - Savior's Equipment SetVision SetWisdom SetWrath SetHeroic: Vision SetHeroic: Wisdom SetHeroic: Wrath Set
Henir's Time and Space (S1) Time Conqueror Set (Ruben)Space Conqueror Set (Ruben)Time Conqueror Set (Elder)Space Conqueror Set (Elder)Time Conqueror Set (Bethma)Space Conqueror Set (Bethma)Time Conqueror Set (Altera)Space Conqueror Set (Altera)Time Conqueror Set (Feita)Space Conqueror Set (Feita)Henir Conqueror Set
Henir's Time and Space (S2) Time Ruler (Elder) SetTime Ruler (Bethma) SetTime Ruler (Altera) SetTime Ruler (Feita) SetTime Ruler (Velder) SetTime Ruler (Hamel) SetSpace Ruler (Elder) SetSpace Ruler (Bethma) SetSpace Ruler (Altera) SetSpace Ruler (Feita) SetSpace Ruler (Velder) SetSpace Ruler (Hamel) SetAbsolute Time and Space Set
Henir's Time and Space (S3) Time Keeper (Bethma) SetTime Keeper (Altera) SetTime Keeper (Feita) SetTime Keeper (Velder) SetTime Keeper (Hamel) SetTime Keeper (Sander) SetSpace Guardian (Bethma) SetSpace Guardian (Altera) SetSpace Guardian (Feita) SetSpace Guardian (Velder) SetSpace Guardian (Hamel) SetSpace Guardian (Sander) SetTranscendent Time and Space Set
Henir's Time and Space (S4) 1st Dimension Set2nd Dimension Set3rd Dimension Set4th Dimension Set
Henir's Time and Space (S5) Henir's Time and Space 1st Dimension SetHenir's Time and Space 2nd Dimension SetHenir's Time and Space 3rd Dimension SetHenir's Time and Space 4th Dimension_Set
Unique Box Sets Ample Bravery SetSudden Attack SetWild Tracker SetMystic Soul SetExploding Distorted Element SetMysterious Aspirations SetElemental Chaos SetTranscendent Key Code Set
Arena Challenger's Set (S1)Mighty Challenger's Set (S1)Divine Challenger's Set (S1)Competitor's Set (S1)Savage Competitor's Set (S1)Assault Competitor's Set (S1)Deadly Gladiator's Set (S1)Vicious Gladiator's Set (S1)PVP Set (S2)Advanced PVP Set (S2)PVP Set (S3)PVP Set (S4)Champion's Ornaments SetRadiant Champion's Accessory Set
Accessories 2013 Wyvern's Accessory Set2017 Winter Casual AccessoryAngelic Legion SetAwakened Power of HenirBlack Dragon's SetCorrupt EnergyCorrupted Soul SetDarkness SetDeath Slayer SetEl Lord Divine LightEl Lord's LightEl Turbine Mechanic SetElegant Classic Accessory SetElrios Kindergarten Accessory SetEltrion's Bright Energy SetEltrion's Dark Energy SetElysion's ProsperityErosion of Netherworld SetEternal FlameFallen Angel's Dark RestraintGloomy NeonGloomy Night Accessory SetGolden Days SetHeavenly Accessory MK-3 SetIt's Freezing!Lepus SetLonely Wolf B&W AccessoryManifested TopiaryMarionette's RestraintMonster Card CollectorsMysterious El Lord Power SetPower of Fire SetPrimal Gold SetShining SnowSinister Intent Control SetSnow White BunnySophisticated Classic Accessory SetSpace Moon Rabbit SetSparkling Milky WayStar Angel's Accessory SetStrength of AnubisSummer Getaway AccessorySummer Splash Swimwear AccessorySWAT Accessory SetSweet Star CandySweetie CottonTenacious Warrior's Accessory SetThe Shark HunterWarm Rabbit Stable SetWarrior's Jewelry SetWilliam Phoru SetWinter Fairy's Gift SetWyvern's Accessory Set‎
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