Capital-Bound Train

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Capital-Bound Train

The train that moves across the White-Ghost Land... Familiar sound of machine echoes from the long corridors within the trian.

The El Search Party get on the abandoned train to enter the capital.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Entry Requirements
  • 1 free daily entry permitted.
  • Have 1 Aurora Operation Orders in your inventory.
  • Requires exactly 4 players to enter.
Dungeon Layout

Demon Realm

  • The El's power does not reach into this realm, Attack and HP will be reduced by 70%.

How to Play

The train is divided up into three sections, the Roof, the Coach, and the Cargo. In order to progress to the boss, each section must be cleared by defeating a requisite amount of enemies.

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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Long Range Guard - A wolf Garen wielding two axes in its hands.
  • Forward Throw: Throw their two axes straight forwards.
  • Downard Throw: Throw their two axes at a 45 degree downwards.
Close Range Guard - A wolf Garen ground troop.
  • Claw: Swipe at targets close to it with its claws.
  • Charge: Change forward as a brisk pace dealing continuous damage.
Elite Guard - A flying bird Garen.
  • Feather Shot: Shoot three feathers at a downward diagonal angle.
  • Cyclone: Create a cyclone that travels forwards, sucking and dragging player away.
  • Talon Dive: Raise up and dive scratch with their talons.
A.M.A.S Type - Abyssicola - An upgrade Abyssicola model fitted with a new type of noxious gas.
  • Gas Emission: It will start to emit gas wherever it moves for a period of time.
  • Gas Leak: Upon being defeated, they will release their contents, spewing a cloud of orange gas which will freeze players.
A.M.A.S Type - Kaempferi - An upgrade Kaempferi model fitted with a new type of noxious gas.
  • Claw Swipe: It will swipe downwards with its tow metal claws.
  • Gas Emission: It will emit gas beneath itself which deals damage to players.


  • Only its main body has a hitbox, along with its tall stature, many attacks will miss if used at ground level.

Enraged Antiquark - An angry ice yeti that was boarded the abandoned train.
  • Ice Punch: Swing down its first in front of it.
  • Roll: Lunge forward and roll forwards in a ball.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Levers - Levers located throughout the train, triggering these levers will result in additional enemies spawning in other locations of the train.
Frost Weed - Thorned plants indigenous to the cold tundra that for some reason it on a metal train. These plants will regularly shrink and expand, if you touch them while they expand, they will deal a significant amount of damage and disappear.
Bounce Pad - A platform that will launch players up to the levels of the train cart.
Gap - A gap between the trains, refraining from falling between them. Failure to do so will result in a percentage loss in HP.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
T.P.S.S Core - The train's engine prepared to strike back.
  • Snipe: A reticle will appear then burst into an explosion.
  • Land Mines: Place two land mines in front of it, will explode upon contact.
  • Burst: Reveal a bomb in its core that results in a close ranged explosion.
  • Speed Through: Drive forward a great speeds, indicated by a yellow light.
  • Exhaust: Expel a large quantity of noxious gas out of its valves behind it.


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  • ???: Ahem, Mic check. Unfortunately there's been a sudden change in destination. We apologize for the inconvenience... But have a nice trip!
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Engine Cooling System
Engine Cooling System
T.P.S.S Core

Accessory (Top Piece):
Adaptation +1%
Damage against enemies with higher than 50% HP -10%
Damage against enemies with 50% HP or lower +10%

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Date Changes
07/30/2020 08/26/2020
  • Capital-Bound Train added.
  • Minimum players to enter changed to 4.
  • Changed so A.M.A.S Type - Kaempferi monsters spawn faster on the roof section.
07/06/2023 08/02/2023
  • All monsters' HP decreased.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 수도행 열차 Capital-Bound Train
Japan 首都行きの列車 Capital-Bound Train
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 列車突圍戰 ?
China (Simplified Chinese) 通往首都的列车 Capital-Bound Train
Germany Hauptstadtzug Capital City Train
Spain Tren a la Capital Capital-Bound Train
France Train de la capitale Capital City Train
Italy Treno della Capitale Capital City Train
Poland Pociąg do Stolicy Capital-Bound Train
United Kingdom Capital City Train
Brazil Trem para a Capital Capital-Bound Train

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