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The entire Elsword soundtrack sorted alphabetically just as it is located in Elsword\data\music. Following list includes the name of the specific music files as well as a link to a YouTube video of the selected music file. Next to the names are all the locations where that song could be heard in the game.

Full playlist: Elsword Music Soundtrack


NOTE: Old Maps or areas where the music track is no longer used will be highlighted in red.
Event maps and temporary tracks will be highlighted in blue.

File Name (Link) Played in
awake_short (JP only) -
carol (Removed) Christmas Login Screen

characterselect (EU only)

Login Screen
dungeongate01 Suburbs of Ruben, Suburbs of Elder
dungeongate02 Altera Island, Feita
dungeongate03 Bethma Mountains
dungeongate04 Hamel Outskirts
eltrion_phase3_bgm Eltrion Final Defensive Fortress
event_halloweendungeon Halloween Banquet Room
field_altera001 Graveyard of Purification
field_altera002 Nasod Dumpsite, Garrison in the Sky
field_altera003 Unused
field_besma001 Bethagara Falls
field_besma002 Leikiki Lake
field_besma003 Toretugera Canyon
field_elder001 Wally's Memorial Bridge
field_elder002 Twin Watchtower
field_elder003 Unused
field_elysion001 Shyflowne Pond, Judge's Heart (PvP)
field_elysion002 City Outskirts
field_hamel001 Elime's Wave
field_hamel002 Stricken City
field_hamel003 Circular Waterway, Noah's Grave
field_peita001 Pilgrim's Site
field_peita002 Pilgrim's Gateway
field_peita003 Dead Man's Hill
field_raid001 City in the Sky, Atlas Air Defense Station
field_raid002 Fahrmann's Peak
field_raid003 Luriel's Nightmare, Hallowbear's Nightmare, Candy House in the Woods
field_raid003_clear Luriel's Nightmare (Cleared)
field_raid004 Perkisas's Ruins (Phase 1), Eltrion Hangar
field_raid005 Perkisas's Ruins (Phase 2), Perkisas's Ruin (Phase 3)
field_raid005_ready01 Room of Greed (PvP), Perkisas's Ruins (Phase 2), Perkisas's Ruin (Phase 3)
field_raid006 Perkisas's Ruins (Phase 3)
field_raid007 Eltrion Hangar‎
field_raid008 Eltrion Hangar‎
field_ranox001 Ashen Land, Volcanic Blade Canyon, Lanox Lava (PvP)
field_ranox002 Geyser Plains, Distant Ruins
field_rest_altera001 Adams' Welcome Party 3, Ponggo's Hideout
field_rest_besma001 Dicey Sky Road
field_rest_elder001 Wally's Castle Gateway
field_rest_elysion001 Atlas Station
field_rest_hamel001 Fountain of Healing
field_rest_peita001 Feita Village
field_rest_ranox001 Silent Night Shelter
field_rest_sander001 Wind Stone Ruins
field_rest_velder001 Clock Tower Square
field_ruben001 Lake Noahs
field_ruben002 Unused
field_sander001 Temple of the Wind, Caluso Tribe Territory
field_sander002 Sandtilus Grave
field_sander003 Behemoth Crater
field_tutorial001 Ruben Village Entrance (excluding Chung)
field_velder001 The Prosperity Road
field_velder002 The Peace Road
field_velder003 Harmony Road
field_velder004 Port Lurensia, Elysion Clear Cutscene
fishinghole01 Pet Training Camp, Fishing Hole
guild_agit Guild Base
halloween Phoru Witch's Lair, Ariel's Nightmare, Hallowbear's Nightmare
holloween_event_monster Halloween mob
jinglebell_square Christmas Login Screen
li_adventureloop6 (Removed) Judge's Sanctuary
li_boss_elianod001 11-2 Water Dragon's Sanctum (boss)
li_boss_elianod002 11-3 Elrianode City (boss)
li_boss_elianod003 11-4 Debrian Laboratory (boss)
li_boss_elianod004 11-5 El Tower Defense (boss)
li_boss_elysion001 10-4 Celestial Crossroads (boss)
li_boss_elysion002 10-5 Adrian's Palace (boss), Adrian's Celestial Room (PvP)
li_boss_elysion003 10-6 Solace's Fortress (boss, phase 2)
li_boss_elysion004 10-6 Solace's Fortress (boss)
li_boss_elysion005 10-7 Halted Sun's Memory (boss)
li_boss_event001 Unused
li_boss_event002 Unused
li_boss_event003 Guardian of Santa's Gifts
li_boss_raid001 Eltrion Final Defensive Fortress
li_boss_ranox001 9-X Grand Cavern: Source of the Demonic Energy (boss)
li_dungeon002 9-X Grand Cavern: Source of the Demonic Energy
li_dungeon003_boss 9-X Grand Cavern: Source of the Demonic Energy (boss)
li_dungeon004 10-4 Celestial Crossroads
li_dungeon005_boss 10-4 Celestial Crossroads (boss)
li_dungeon006 10-5 Adrian's Palace
li_dungeon007_boss 10-5 Adrian's Palace (boss)
li_dungeon008 10-6 Solace's Fortress
li_dungeon009_boss 10-6 Solace's Fortress (boss)
li_dungeon009_boss_phase2 10-6 Solace's Fortress (boss, phase 2)
li_dungeon010 Unused
li_dungeon011_boss Unused
li_dungeon012 Unused
li_field_elysion001 Judge's Sanctuary
li_field001 Judge's Sanctuary
li_scene_event001 Spooky Zombie Night
li_spa_ranox001 Charming Geyser
li_spa_ruben001 Spirit Falls
li_stage_elianod001 11-2 Water Dragon's Sanctum
li_stage_elianod002 11-3 Elrianode City
li_stage_elianod003 11-4 Debrian Laboratory
li_stage_elianod004 11-4 Debrian Laboratory
li_stage_elianod005 11-5 El Tower Defense
li_stage_elianod006 11-5 El Tower Defense
li_stage_elysion001 10-4 Celestial Crossroads
li_stage_elysion002 10-5 Adrian's Palace
li_stage_elysion003 10-6 Solace's Fortress
li_stage_elysion004 10-7 Halted Sun's Memory
li_stage_elysion005 10-7 Halted Sun's Memory
li_stage_elysion006 10-7 Halted Sun's Memory
li_stage_elysion007 10-7 Halted Sun's Memory, Chapter 26: [Dungeon] The Moment of Choice
li_stage_event_001 11-1 Hall of El
li_stage_event_002 11-1 Hall of El
li_stage_event_003 11-1 Hall of El (boss)
li_stage_event001 Unused
li_stage_event002 Valentine's Race
li_stage_event003 Valentine's Race
li_stage_event004 Private Phoru Academy
li_stage_event005 Serve as Edel's Butler for a Day!
li_stage_event006 Treasure Hunter
li_stage_event007 Dimension of Sinister Intent
li_stage_event008 Dimension of Sinister Intent
li_stage_event009 Dimension of Sinister Intent
li_stage_event010 11-1 Hall of El
li_stage_event011 11-1 Hall of El
li_stage_event012 11-1 Hall of El (boss)
li_stage_ranox001 9-X Grand Cavern: Source of the Demonic Energy
li_tutorial_ain01 Chaotic Forest of Ruben
li_tutorial_ain02 Chaotic Forest of Ruben
li_village_elianod001 Elrianode
li_village_elysion001 Elysion
li_village001 Elysion
lobby Sparring Room, Login Screen
lobby2 (Replaced)


Login Screen
logo_carol Christmas Login
main A Pink Login Screen
minigame001 Unknown
minigame002 Wally's Present Factory, Operation Valentine's Chocolate Delivery, Ymir's Time and Space
music001_tutorial Free Training Room, Adams' Welcome Party 4, William's Time and Space
music003_square Market Trade Plaza, Tutorial (excluding Eve & Chung)
music005_stage Tree of El - Bottom (PvP), 1-1 West of the Tree of El, 1-2 Tree of El, 1-4 East of the Tree of El
music006_boss 1-1 Tree of El (boss), Tree of El - Top (PvP), 1-2 Tree of El (boss)
music007_boss Wintery Velder (PvP), Elrios Bay (PvP), 1-1 West of the Tree of El (boss), 1-4 East of the Tree of El (boss)
music008_stage Beginner's Forest, 1-3 Monkey Forest, 1-5 North of the Tree of El, 1-X Tree of El: Secret Dungeon
music009_boss 1-3 White Mist Swamp (boss), 2-4 Suburbs of Wally's Castle (boss), 3-1 Dragon Road (boss), 3-2 Bethma Lake (boss), 4-1 Black Crow (boss), Bethtera Army (Toretugera Canyon) (boss), Wally's Castle Rooftop (PvP), Elrios Studio: Dragon Road, 1-5 North of the Tree of El (boss), 3-4 Matthew Bass Canyons (boss)
music010_stage 2-2 Banthus Cave, 1-5 North of the Tree of El, 1-X Tree of El: Secret Dungeon, 2-2 Natural Cave
music011_boss 2-2 Banthus Cave (boss), 3-5 Richie Mine (boss), 3-6 Cargo Airship (boss), 3-X Dragon Nest: Abyss (boss), 4-4 Altera Plains (boss), 4-5 Nasod Foundry (boss), 5-1 Shine of Dedication Entrance (boss), 5-5 Heart of Spire (boss), 8-3 Trock's Lair (boss), Bethtera Army (Graveyard of Purification) (boss), Banthus Room (PvP), Elrios Studio: Shine of Dedication Entrance, 1-5 North of the Tree of El (boss), 1-X Tree of El: Secret Dungeon (boss), 2-2 Natural Cave (boss), 3-6 Richie Mines Entrance (boss)
music012_stage 3-3 Bethma Lake (Night), 4-6 Altera Core, Bethma Lake (PvP), King Nasod's Lair, Mission Impossible D, 2-1 Shadow Forest
music013_boss 1-2 Forest Ruins (boss), 2-1 Shadow Forest (boss), 4-2 Return Plains (boss), Bethtera Army (Graveyard of Purification) (boss), Halloween Dungeon (boss), Fox Bandits' Treasure Room
music014_stage 2-3 Underground Waterway, 2-X Wally's Underground Laboratory, 4-X Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area, Halloween Dungeon, 2-4 Suburbs of Wally's Castle, 2-5 Wally's Castle
music015_boss 2-3 Underground Waterway (boss), 2-X Wally's Underground Laboratory, 3-3 Bethma Lake (Night) (boss), 3-4 Dragon Nest (boss), 4-3 Transport Tunnel B4-1 (boss), 4-X Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area (boss) 6-4 Burning Hope Bridge (boss), 8-5 Sandtilus (boss), Bethtera Army (Garrison in the Sky) (boss)
music016_stage 2-4 Suburbs of Wally's Castle, 2-5 Wally's Castle, 2-X Wally's Underground Laboratory, Magician Training Dungeon
music017_boss 2-5 Wally's Castle (boss), Wally's Castle Centre (PvP), Magician Training Dungeon (boss), Wally Land, 9-6 Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land (boss)
music018_stage 3-X Dragon Nest: Abyss, 4-2 Return Plains, Bethtera Army (Garrison in the Sky), Mission Impossible C, 3-1 Dragon Road, 3-4 Matthew Bass Canyons
music019_stage 3-2 Bethma Lake, 3-X Dragon Nest: Abyss, Bethtera Army (Toretugera Canyon)
music020_stage 3-5 Richie Mine, 3-6 Cargo Airship, 4-1 Black Crow, 4-5 Nasod Foundry, Cargo Airship (PvP), Elrios Studio: Black Crow, 3-6 Richie Mines Entrance
music021_stage 3-6 Cargo Airship, 4-1 Black Crow
music022_stage 3-4 Dragon Nest, 3-X Dragon Nest: Abyss, Mission Impossible A
music023_stage 4-3 Transporting Tunnel B4-1, 4-X Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area, 6-1 Residential Area 3
music024_stage 4-4 Altera Plains, Bethtera Army (Graveyard of Purification), Mission Impossible F
music025_boss 2-X Wally's Underground Laboratory (boss), 4-6 Altera Core (boss), 5-3 Underground Chapel (boss), 6-2 Hope Bridge (boss), 6-3 Palace Entrance (boss), 7-4 Heart of the Ancient Waterway, 8-4 Caluso Tribal Village (boss), King Nasod's Lair (boss), Reveal King Nasod's Identity (boss), Gate of Darkness (Season 1 & 2)
music026_stage 5-1 Shrine of Dedication Entrance, 5-2 Spiral Corridor, 5-5 Heart of Spire, Durahan Coliseum (PvP), Tyrant's Arena (PvP), Tag Mode (PvP)
music027_boss 5-2 Spiral Corridor (boss), 5-4 Underground Garden (boss), 6-1 Residential Area 3 (boss), 6-5 Commercial Area 1 (boss), 7-X Temple of Trials (boss)
music028_stage 5-3 Underground Chapel
music029_stage 5-4 Underground Garden, Mission Impossible E
music030_stage 5-6 Alter of Dedication
music031_boss 5-6 Alter of Dedication (boss)
music032_stage 6-1 Residential Area 3, 6-2 Hope Bridge, Hope Bridge (PvP), Elrios Studio: Residential Area 3
music033_stage 3-X Dragon Nest: Abyss (Luto Mode)
music034_stage 1-1 Tree of El, Elrios Studio: Tree of El, Tear of Ruben
music035_stage 1-2 Forest Fuins, Tear of Ruben, Joaquin's Laboratory of Alchemy, Tutorial (Chung), Ruben Village Entrance (Chung)
music036_stage 1-3 White Mist Swamp
music037_stage 6-3 Palace Entrance, 6-4 Burning Hope Bridge
music038_stage 6-5 Commercial Area 1, 6-6 Southern Gate
music039_stage 3-1 Dragon Road, Bethtera Army (Bethagara Falls)
music040_boss 6-6 Southern Gate (boss)
music041_stage 7-1 Resiam Outskirts, Elrios Studio: Resiam Outskirts
music042_stage 7-2 Sunken Resiam, 7-4 Heart of the Ancient Waterway
music043_stage 7-3 Ancient Waterway, 7-4 Heart of the Ancient Waterway, Resiam Triangle (PvP)
music044_boss 7-1 Resiam Outskirts (boss), 7-2 Sunken Resiam (boss), 7-3 Ancient Waterway (boss), 7-4 Heart of the Ancient Waterway (boss), 8-1 Barren Sander (boss), 9-1 Burnt Forest (boss), Elrios Studio: Barren Sander, Elrios Studio: Burnt Forest, Burnt Forest's Secret Space
music045_stage 7-5 Magmanta's Cave
music046_stage 7-5 Magmanta's Cave, 7-X Temple of Trials
music047_boss 7-5 Magmanta's Cave (boss), 9-2 Ash Covered Village (boss), 9-5 Collapsing Temple of Fire (boss), Ash Covered Arena (PvP)
music048_stage 7-6 Temple of Frozen Water, Mission Impossible B
music049_boss 7-6 Temple of Frozen Water (boss), 8-X The Rage of Behemoth (Luto Mode Boss)
music050_stage 7-7 Hall of Water
music051_stage 7-7 Hall of Water
music052_boss 7-7 Hall of Water (boss), Garpai Rocks (boss), 8-X The Rage of Behemoth (boss)
music053_stage 6-X Velder's Hallucination
music054_boss 6-X Velder's Hallucination (boss)
music055_stage 8-1 Barren Sander, Garpai Sandstorm (PvP)
music056_stage 8-2 Garpai Rock, Sander Oasis (PvP)
music057_stage 8-3 Trock's Lair
music058_stage 8-4 Caluso Tribal Village
music059_stage Gate of Darkness (Season 3)
music060_stage 8-5 Sandtilus
music061_stage 8-6 Heart of Behemoth
music062_boss 8-6 Heart of Behemoth (boss), 9-3 Phantasmal Geyser (boss)
music063_stage 2-1 Shadow Forest, Elrios Studio: Shadow Forest, Fox Bandits' Treasure Room
music064_stage 9-1 Burnt Forest
music065_stage 9-2 Ash Covered Village
music066_stage 9-2 Ash Covered Village
music067_stage 9-3 Phantasmal Geyser
music068_stage 9-4 Volcanic Flame Entrance
music069_boss (Replaced)


9-4 Volcanic Flame Entrance (boss), 9-6 Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land (boss)
music070_stage 9-5 Collapsing Temple of Fire
music071_stage 9-6 Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land
music072_stage 8-X The Rage of Behemoth
music073_boss 8-X The Rage of Behemoth (boss), Add's Energy Fusion Theory (boss)
music074_stage 10-1 Diceon Mines, Elrios Studio: Diceon Mines
music075_boss 10-1 Diceon Mines (boss), Add's Energy Fusion Theory
music076_stage 10-2 Atlas City
music077_boss 10-2 Atlas City (boss)
music078_stage 10-3 Elysion Tower
music079_boss Outer Atlas Station (boss), 10-3 Elysion Tower (boss)
musicwin Results Screen
never_ending_story_short (JP only) -
parallelworld_short (JP only) -
pve_stage01 Ereda Island
ship01 Hamel-Destined Battleship, Velder-Destined Battleship, Velder Marina, Hamel Marina
shop Season 1 Shops
space_henir Henir's Time and Space Lobby, Joaquin's Laboratory of Alchemy (boss)
test Unused
tutorial_add01 Elder Castle's Underground Laboratory‎, Ruben Village Entrance (Add)
tutorial_add02 Ruben Village Entrance (Add)
tutorial_aisha Ruben Forest (Aisha), Tutorial (Aisha), Ruben Village Entrance (Aisha)
tutorial_ara A burning village‎, Ruben Village Entrance (Ara)
tutorial_chung Dawn of Hamel‎, Tutorial (Chung), Ruben Village Entrance (Chung)
tutorial_ciel_lu Backalley of Lanox‎, Ruben Village Entrance (Lu/Ciel)
tutorial_elesis01 Ruben's Training Ground‎, Ruben Village Entrance (Elesis)
tutorial_elesis02 Ruben Village Entrance (Elesis)
tutorial_elsword Ruben Forest (Elsword), Tutorial (Elsword), Ruben Village Entrance (Elsword)
tutorial_eve01 Center of Altera Core‎, Tutorial (Eve), Ruben Village Entrance (Eve)
tutorial_eve02 Tutorial (Eve), Ruben Village Entrance (Eve)
tutorial_lena Ruben Forest (Rena), Tutorial (Rena), Ruben Village Entrance (Rena)
tutorial_new_add Elder Castle's Underground Laboratory‎
tutorial_new_ara A burning village
tutorial_new_chung Dawn of Hamel‎
tutorial_new_commonbattle Ruben Forest (Elsword) (boss), Ruben Forest (Aisha) (boss), Ruben Forest (Rena) (boss), Altera Research Lab (boss)‎, Center of Altera Core‎ (boss), Dawn of Hamel (boss)‎, A burning village (boss), Ruben's Training Ground (boss)‎, Elder Castle's Underground Laboratory (boss)‎, Backalley of Lanox (boss)
tutorial_new_elesis Ruben's Training Ground
tutorial_new_elswordaisha Ruben Forest (Elsword), Ruben Forest (Aisha), Adams' Welcome Party 1, Adams' Welcome Party 2
tutorial_new_eve Center of Altera Core
tutorial_new_lena Ruben Forest (Rena), Backalley of Lanox
tutorial_new_luciel Unused
tutorial_new_raven Altera Research Lab
tutorial_raven Altera Research Lab‎, Tutorial (Raven), Ruben Village Entrance (Raven)
tutorial_rose01 Outer Atlas Station
tutorial_rose02 Outer Atlas Station
village_altera Altera Village
village_besma Bethma Village
village_elder Elder Village
village_hamel Hamel Capital
village_ranox Lanox Village
village_ruben Ruben Village
village_sander Sander Village
village_velder Velder Village, Velder the Capital
wedding_ruben Ruben Wedding Hall
wedding_sander Sander Wedding Hall


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