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The entire Elsword soundtrack sorted alphabetically just as it is located in Elsword\data\music. Following list includes the name of the specific music files as well as a link to a YouTube video of the selected music file. Next to the names are all the locations where that song could be heard in the game.

Full playlist: Elsword Music Soundtrack


NOTE: Old Maps, Old Event Maps, or areas where the music track is no longer used will be highlighted in red.

File Name (Link) Played in
awake_short (JP only) -
carol (Removed) Christmas Login Screen

characterselect (EU only, removed)

Login Screen
dungeongate01 Suburbs of Ruben, Suburbs of Elder
dungeongate02 Altera Island, Feita
dungeongate03 Bethma Mountains
dungeongate04 Hamel Outskirts
eltrion_phase3_bgm Eltrion Final Defensive Fortress
event_halloweendungeon Halloween Banquet Room
field_altera001 Graveyard of Purification
field_altera002 Nasod Dumpsite, Garrison in the Sky
field_altera003 Unused
field_besma001 Bethagara Falls
field_besma002 Leikiki Lake
field_besma003 Toretugera Canyon
field_elder001 Wally's Memorial Bridge
field_elder002 Twin Watchtower
field_elder003 Unused
field_elysion001 Shyflowne Pond, Judge's Heart (PvP)
field_elysion002 City Outskirts
field_hamel001 Elime's Wave
field_hamel002 Stricken City
field_hamel003 Circular Waterway, Noah's Grave
field_peita001 Pilgrim's Site
field_peita002 Pilgrim's Gateway
field_peita003 Dead Man's Hill
field_raid001 City in the Sky, Atlas Air Defense Station
field_raid002 Fahrmann's Peak
field_raid003 Luriel's Nightmare, Hallowbear's Nightmare, Candy House in the Woods
field_raid003_clear Luriel's Nightmare (Cleared)
field_raid004 Perkisas's Ruins (Phase 1), Eltrion Hangar
field_raid005 Perkisas's Ruins (Phase 2), Perkisas's Ruin (Phase 3)
field_raid005_ready01 Room of Greed (PvP), Perkisas's Ruins (Phase 2), Perkisas's Ruin (Phase 3)
field_raid006 Perkisas's Ruins (Phase 3)
field_raid007 Eltrion Hangar‎
field_raid008 Eltrion Hangar‎
field_ranox001 Ashen Land, Volcanic Blade Canyon, Lanox Lava (PvP)
field_ranox002 Geyser Plains, Distant Ruins
field_rest_altera001 Adams' Welcome Party 3, Ponggo's Hideout
field_rest_besma001 Dicey Sky Road
field_rest_elder001 Wally's Castle Gateway
field_rest_elysion001 Atlas Station
field_rest_hamel001 Fountain of Healing
field_rest_peita001 Feita Village
field_rest_ranox001 Silent Night Shelter
field_rest_sander001 Wind Stone Ruins
field_rest_velder001 Clock Tower Square
field_ruben001 Lake Noahs
field_ruben002 Unused
field_sander001 Temple of the Wind, Caluso Tribe Territory
field_sander002 Sandtilus Grave
field_sander003 Behemoth Crater
field_tutorial001 Ruben Village Entrance (excluding Chung)
field_velder001 The Prosperity Road
field_velder002 The Peace Road
field_velder003 Harmony Road
field_velder004 Port Lurensia
fishinghole01 Pet Training Camp, Fishing Hole
guild_agit Guild Base
halloween Phoru Witch's Lair, Ariel's Nightmare, Hallowbear's Nightmare
holloween_event_monster Halloween mob
jinglebell_square Christmas Login Screen
li_adventureloop6 (Removed) Judge's Sanctuary
li_boss_elianod001 11-2 Water Dragon's Sanctum (boss)
li_boss_elianod002 11-3 Elrianode City (boss)
li_boss_elianod003 11-4 Debrian Laboratory (boss)
li_boss_elianod004 11-5 El Tower Defense
li_boss_elianod005 11-6 Forgotten Elrian Sanctum (boss), Forgotten Elrian Sanctum (3rd Job)
li_boss_elysion001 10-4 Celestial Crossroads (boss)
li_boss_elysion002 10-5 Adrian's Palace (boss), Adrian's Celestial Room (PvP)
li_boss_elysion003 10-6 Solace's Fortress (boss, phase 2)
li_boss_elysion004 10-6 Solace's Fortress (boss)
li_boss_elysion005 10-7 Halted Sun's Memory (boss)
li_boss_event001 Unused
li_boss_event002 Unused
li_boss_event003 Guardian of Santa's Gifts
li_boss_raid_rest_001 Camp: Crimson Edge
li_boss_raid001 Eltrion Final Defensive Fortress
li_boss_raid002 Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak
li_boss_raid003 12-5 Crimson Tower of Howling Flames
li_boss_raid004 12-5 Crimson Tower of Howling Flames
li_boss_raid005 12-5 Crimson Tower of Howling Flames
li_boss_raid006 12-6 Never-Ending Darkness
li_boss_raid007 12-6 Never-Ending Darkness
li_boss_raid008 12-6 Never-Ending Darkness
li_boss_raid009 12-7 Crimson Cradle of Flames
li_boss_raid010 12-7 Crimson Cradle of Flames
li_boss_raid011 12-7 Crimson Cradle of Flames
li_boss_ranox001 9-X Grand Cavern: Source of the Demonic Energy (boss)
li_devildom1_henir_01 12-1 Labyrinth of Ruin, Labyrinth of Ruin (PvP)
li_devildom1_henir_boss_01 12-1 Labyrinth of Ruin (boss)
li_devildom2_henir_01 12-2 Guardian's Forest
li_devildom2_henir_boss_01 12-2 Guardian's Forest (boss)
li_devildom3_henir_01 12-3 Dark Elves' Outpost
li_devildom3_henir_boss_01 12-3 Dark Elves' Outpost (boss)
li_devildom4_henir_01 12-4 Forsaken Spirit Asylum
li_devildom4_henir_boss_01 12-4 Forsaken Spirit Asylum (boss)
li_devildom5_henir_01 12-8 Shadow Vein
li_devildom5_henir_boss_01 12-8 Shadow Vein (boss)
li_dungeon002 9-X Grand Cavern: Source of the Demonic Energy
li_dungeon003_boss 9-X Grand Cavern: Source of the Demonic Energy (boss)
li_dungeon004 10-4 Celestial Crossroads
li_dungeon005_boss 10-4 Celestial Crossroads (boss)
li_dungeon006 10-5 Adrian's Palace
li_dungeon007_boss 10-5 Adrian's Palace (boss)
li_dungeon008 (KR only) 10-6 Solace's Fortress
li_dungeon009_boss (KR only) 10-6 Solace's Fortress (boss)
li_dungeon009_boss_phase2 (KR only) 10-6 Solace's Fortress (boss, phase 2)
li_dungeon010 (KR only) Unused
li_dungeon011_boss (KR only) Unused
li_dungeon012 (KR only) Unused
li_festival001 Bonfire Site
li_field_elysion001 Judge's Sanctuary
li_field001 Judge's Sanctuary
li_guild_agit01 Magic Academy Dormitory
li_guild_agit02 Hamel Hideout
li_guild_agit03 White King's Garden
li_scene_event001 Spooky Zombie Night
li_spa_ranox001 Charming Geyser
li_spa_ruben001 Spirit Falls
li_stage_elianod001 11-2 Water Dragon's Sanctum
li_stage_elianod002 11-3 Elrianode City, Elrianode City (PvP)
li_stage_elianod003 11-4 Debrian Laboratory
li_stage_elianod004 11-4 Debrian Laboratory
li_stage_elianod005 11-5 El Tower Defense
li_stage_elianod006 11-5 El Tower Defense
li_stage_elianod007 11-6 Forgotten Elrian Sanctum
li_stage_elianod008 11-6 Forgotten Elrian Sanctum
li_stage_elianod009 11-6 Forgotten Elrian Sanctum
li_stage_elianod010 11-6 Forgotten Elrian Sanctum, Forgotten Elrian Sanctum (3rd Job)
li_stage_elysion001 10-4 Celestial Crossroads
li_stage_elysion002 10-5 Adrian's Palace
li_stage_elysion003 10-6 Solace's Fortress
li_stage_elysion004 10-7 Halted Sun's Memory
li_stage_elysion005 10-7 Halted Sun's Memory
li_stage_elysion006 10-7 Halted Sun's Memory
li_stage_elysion007 10-7 Halted Sun's Memory, Chapter 26: [Dungeon] The Moment of Choice
li_stage_event_001 11-1 Hall of El
li_stage_event_002 11-1 Hall of El
li_stage_event_003 11-1 Hall of El (boss)
li_stage_event001 Unused
li_stage_event002 Valentine's Race
li_stage_event003 Valentine's Race
li_stage_event004 Private Phoru Academy
li_stage_event005 Serve as Edel's Butler for a Day!
li_stage_event006 Treasure Hunter
li_stage_event007 Dimension of Sinister Intent
li_stage_event008 Dimension of Sinister Intent
li_stage_event009 Dimension of Sinister Intent
li_stage_event010 11-1 Hall of El
li_stage_event011 11-1 Hall of El
li_stage_event012 11-1 Hall of El (boss)
li_stage_event013 Spooky Graveyard, Spooky Graveyard Hide-and-Seek
li_stage_event014 Velder Academy Library
li_stage_event015 Velder Academy Athletic Meet
li_stage_event016 Velder Academy Concert Hall
li_stage_event017 Hungry Ghost, Bump Bump Moby!
li_stage_ranox001 9-X Grand Cavern: Source of the Demonic Energy
li_stage_studio001 Elrios Studio: Idol Studio
li_tutorial_ain01 Chaotic Forest of Ruben
li_tutorial_ain02 Chaotic Forest of Ruben
li_village_elianod001 Elrianode
li_village_elysion001 Elysion
li_village001 Elysion
lobby Sparring Room, Login Screen
lobby2 (Replaced)


Login Screen
logo_carol Christmas Login
main A Pink Login Screen
minigame001 Wally's Chocolate Factory
minigame002 Wally's Present Factory, Operation Valentine's Chocolate Delivery, Ymir's Time and Space
music001_tutorial Free Training Room, Adams' Welcome Party 4, William's Time and Space
music003_square Market Trade Plaza, Tutorial (excluding Eve & Chung)
music005_stage Tree of El - Bottom (PvP), 1-1 West of the Tree of El, 1-2 Tree of El, 1-4 East of the Tree of El
music006_boss 1-1 Tree of El (boss), Tree of El - Top (PvP), 1-2 Tree of El (boss)
music007_boss Wintery Velder (PvP), Elrios Bay (PvP), 1-1 West of the Tree of El (boss), 1-4 East of the Tree of El (boss)
music008_stage Beginner's Forest, 1-3 Monkey Forest, 1-5 North of the Tree of El, 1-X Tree of El: Secret Dungeon
music009_boss 1-3 White Mist Swamp (boss), 2-4 Suburbs of Wally's Castle (boss), 3-1 Dragon Road (boss), 3-2 Bethma Lake (boss), 4-1 Black Crow (boss), Bethtera Army (Toretugera Canyon) (boss), Wally's Castle Rooftop (PvP), Elrios Studio: Dragon Road, 1-5 North of the Tree of El (boss), 3-4 Matthew Bass Canyons (boss)
music010_stage 2-2 Banthus Cave, 1-5 North of the Tree of El, 1-X Tree of El: Secret Dungeon, 2-2 Natural Cave
music011_boss 2-2 Banthus Cave (boss), 3-5 Richie Mine (boss), 3-6 Cargo Airship (boss), 3-X Dragon Nest: Abyss (boss), 4-4 Altera Plains (boss), 4-5 Nasod Foundry (boss), 5-1 Shine of Dedication Entrance (boss), 5-5 Heart of Spire (boss), 8-3 Trock's Lair (boss), Bethtera Army (Graveyard of Purification) (boss), Banthus Room (PvP), Elrios Studio: Shine of Dedication Entrance, 1-5 North of the Tree of El (boss), 1-X Tree of El: Secret Dungeon (boss), 2-2 Natural Cave (boss), 3-6 Richie Mines Entrance (boss)
music012_stage 3-3 Bethma Lake (Night), 4-6 Altera Core, Bethma Lake (PvP), 2-1 Shadow Forest, King Nasod's Lair, Mission Impossible D
music013_boss 1-2 Forest Ruins (boss), 2-1 Shadow Forest (boss), 4-2 Return Plains (boss), Bethtera Army (Graveyard of Purification) (boss), Halloween Dungeon (boss), Fox Bandits' Treasure Room
music014_stage 2-3 Underground Waterway, 2-X Wally's Underground Laboratory, 4-X Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area, 2-4 Suburbs of Wally's Castle, 2-5 Wally's Castle, Halloween Dungeon
music015_boss 2-3 Underground Waterway (boss), 2-X Wally's Underground Laboratory, 3-3 Bethma Lake (Night) (boss), 3-4 Dragon Nest (boss), 4-3 Transport Tunnel B4-1 (boss), 4-X Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area (boss) 6-4 Burning Hope Bridge (boss), 8-5 Sandtilus (boss), Bethtera Army (Garrison in the Sky) (boss)
music016_stage 2-4 Suburbs of Wally's Castle, 2-5 Wally's Castle, 2-X Wally's Underground Laboratory, Magician Training Dungeon
music017_boss 2-5 Wally's Castle (boss), Wally's Castle Centre (PvP), 9-6 Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land (boss), Magician Training Dungeon (boss), Wally Land
music018_stage 3-X Dragon Nest: Abyss, 4-2 Return Plains, Bethtera Army (Garrison in the Sky), 3-1 Dragon Road, 3-4 Matthew Bass Canyons, Mission Impossible C
music019_stage 3-2 Bethma Lake, 3-X Dragon Nest: Abyss, Bethtera Army (Toretugera Canyon)
music020_stage 3-5 Richie Mine, 3-6 Cargo Airship, 4-1 Black Crow, 4-5 Nasod Foundry, Cargo Airship (PvP), Elrios Studio: Black Crow, 3-6 Richie Mines Entrance
music021_stage 3-6 Cargo Airship, 4-1 Black Crow
music022_stage 3-4 Dragon Nest, 3-X Dragon Nest: Abyss, Mission Impossible A
music023_stage 4-3 Transporting Tunnel B4-1, 4-X Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area, 6-1 Residential Area 3
music024_stage 4-4 Altera Plains, Bethtera Army (Graveyard of Purification), Mission Impossible F
music025_boss 2-X Wally's Underground Laboratory (boss), 4-6 Altera Core (boss), 5-3 Underground Chapel (boss), 6-2 Hope Bridge (boss), 6-3 Palace Entrance (boss), 7-4 Heart of the Ancient Waterway, 8-4 Caluso Tribal Village (boss), Gate of Darkness (Season 1 & 2), King Nasod's Lair (boss), Reveal King Nasod's Identity (boss)
music026_stage 5-1 Shrine of Dedication Entrance, 5-2 Spiral Corridor, 5-5 Heart of Spire, Durahan Coliseum (PvP), Tyrant's Arena (PvP), Tag Mode (PvP)
music027_boss 5-2 Spiral Corridor (boss), 5-4 Underground Garden (boss), 6-1 Residential Area 3 (boss), 6-5 Commercial Area 1 (boss), 7-X Temple of Trials (boss)
music028_stage 5-3 Underground Chapel
music029_stage 5-4 Underground Garden, Mission Impossible E
music030_stage 5-6 Alter of Dedication
music031_boss 5-6 Alter of Dedication (boss)
music032_stage 6-1 Residential Area 3, 6-2 Hope Bridge, Hope Bridge (PvP), Elrios Studio: Residential Area 3
music033_stage 3-X Dragon Nest: Abyss (Luto Mode)
music034_stage 1-1 Tree of El, Elrios Studio: Tree of El, Tear of Ruben
music035_stage 1-2 Forest Fuins, Tutorial (Chung), Ruben Village Entrance (Chung), Tear of Ruben, Joaquin's Laboratory of Alchemy
music036_stage 1-3 White Mist Swamp
music037_stage 6-3 Palace Entrance, 6-4 Burning Hope Bridge
music038_stage 6-5 Commercial Area 1, 6-6 Southern Gate
music039_stage 3-1 Dragon Road, Bethtera Army (Bethagara Falls)
music040_boss 6-6 Southern Gate (boss)
music041_stage 7-1 Resiam Outskirts, Elrios Studio: Resiam Outskirts
music042_stage 7-2 Sunken Resiam, 7-4 Heart of the Ancient Waterway
music043_stage 7-3 Ancient Waterway, 7-4 Heart of the Ancient Waterway, Resiam Triangle (PvP)
music044_boss 7-1 Resiam Outskirts (boss), 7-2 Sunken Resiam (boss), 7-3 Ancient Waterway (boss), 7-4 Heart of the Ancient Waterway (boss), 8-1 Barren Sander (boss), 9-1 Burnt Forest (boss), Elrios Studio: Barren Sander, Elrios Studio: Burnt Forest, Burnt Forest's Secret Space
music045_stage 7-5 Magmanta's Cave
music046_stage 7-5 Magmanta's Cave, 7-X Temple of Trials
music047_boss 7-5 Magmanta's Cave (boss), 9-2 Ash Covered Village (boss), 9-5 Collapsing Temple of Fire (boss), Ash Covered Arena (PvP)
music048_stage 7-6 Temple of Frozen Water, Mission Impossible B
music049_boss 7-6 Temple of Frozen Water (boss), 8-X The Rage of Behemoth (Luto Mode Boss)
music050_stage 7-7 Hall of Water
music051_stage 7-7 Hall of Water
music052_boss 7-7 Hall of Water (boss), Garpai Rocks (boss), 8-X The Rage of Behemoth (boss)
music053_stage 6-X Velder's Hallucination
music054_boss 6-X Velder's Hallucination (boss)
music055_stage 8-1 Barren Sander, Garpai Sandstorm (PvP)
music056_stage 8-2 Garpai Rock, Sander Oasis (PvP)
music057_stage 8-3 Trock's Lair
music058_stage 8-4 Caluso Tribal Village
music059_stage Gate of Darkness (Season 3)
music060_stage 8-5 Sandtilus
music061_stage 8-6 Heart of Behemoth
music062_boss 8-6 Heart of Behemoth (boss), 9-3 Phantasmal Geyser (boss)
music063_stage 2-1 Shadow Forest, Elrios Studio: Shadow Forest, Fox Bandits' Treasure Room
music064_stage 9-1 Burnt Forest
music065_stage 9-2 Ash Covered Village
music066_stage 9-2 Ash Covered Village
music067_stage 9-3 Phantasmal Geyser
music068_stage 9-4 Volcanic Flame Entrance
music069_boss (Replaced)


9-4 Volcanic Flame Entrance (boss), 9-6 Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land (boss)
music070_stage 9-5 Collapsing Temple of Fire
music071_stage 9-6 Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land
music072_stage 8-X The Rage of Behemoth
music073_boss 8-X The Rage of Behemoth (boss), Add's Energy Fusion Theory (boss)
music074_stage 10-1 Diceon Mines, Elrios Studio: Diceon Mines
music075_boss 10-1 Diceon Mines (boss), Add's Energy Fusion Theory
music076_stage 10-2 Atlas City
music077_boss 10-2 Atlas City (boss)
music078_stage 10-3 Elysion Tower
music079_boss Outer Atlas Station (boss), 10-3 Elysion Tower (boss)
musicwin Results Screen
never_ending_story_short (JP only) -
parallelworld_short (JP only) -
pve_stage01 Ereda Island
ship01 Hamel-Destined Battleship, Velder-Destined Battleship, Velder Marina, Hamel Marina
shop Season 1 Shops
space_henir Henir's Time and Space Lobby, Joaquin's Laboratory of Alchemy (boss)
test Unused
tutorial_add01 Elder Castle's Underground Laboratory‎, Ruben Village Entrance (Add)
tutorial_add02 Ruben Village Entrance (Add)
tutorial_aisha Ruben Forest (Aisha), Tutorial (Aisha), Ruben Village Entrance (Aisha)
tutorial_ara A burning village‎, Ruben Village Entrance (Ara)
tutorial_chung Dawn of Hamel‎, Tutorial (Chung), Ruben Village Entrance (Chung)
tutorial_ciel_lu Backalley of Lanox‎, Ruben Village Entrance (Lu/Ciel)
tutorial_elesis01 Ruben's Training Ground‎, Ruben Village Entrance (Elesis)
tutorial_elesis02 Ruben Village Entrance (Elesis)
tutorial_elsword Ruben Forest (Elsword), Tutorial (Elsword), Ruben Village Entrance (Elsword)
tutorial_eve01 Center of Altera Core‎, Tutorial (Eve), Ruben Village Entrance (Eve)
tutorial_eve02 Tutorial (Eve), Ruben Village Entrance (Eve)
tutorial_lena Ruben Forest (Rena), Tutorial (Rena), Ruben Village Entrance (Rena)
tutorial_new_add Elder Castle's Underground Laboratory‎
tutorial_new_ara A burning village
tutorial_new_chung Dawn of Hamel‎
tutorial_new_commonbattle Ruben Forest (Elsword) (boss), Ruben Forest (Aisha) (boss), Ruben Forest (Rena) (boss), Altera Research Lab (boss)‎, Center of Altera Core‎ (boss), Dawn of Hamel (boss)‎, A burning village (boss), Ruben's Training Ground (boss)‎, Elder Castle's Underground Laboratory (boss)‎, Backalley of Lanox (boss)
tutorial_new_elesis Ruben's Training Ground
tutorial_new_elswordaisha Ruben Forest (Elsword), Ruben Forest (Aisha), Adams' Welcome Party 1, Adams' Welcome Party 2
tutorial_new_eve Center of Altera Core
tutorial_new_lena Ruben Forest (Rena), Backalley of Lanox
tutorial_new_luciel Unused
tutorial_new_raven Altera Research Lab
tutorial_raven Altera Research Lab‎, Tutorial (Raven), Ruben Village Entrance (Raven)
tutorial_rose01 Outer Atlas Station
tutorial_rose02 Outer Atlas Station
village_altera Altera Village
village_besma Bethma Village
village_elder Elder Village
village_hamel Hamel Capital
village_ranox Lanox Village
village_ruben Ruben Village
village_sander Sander Village
village_velder Velder Village, Velder the Capital
wedding_ruben Ruben Wedding Hall
wedding_sander Sander Wedding Hall


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