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Dungeon play is the core of Elsword Online. Dungeons are progressively unlocked as you level up, and have an associated storyline upon completing them. Dungeons can be played solo, or with a party of up to 4 players in most cases.

Basic Information

Dungeon Selection Menu


Some dungeons have multiple difficulty levels. For example, Henir's Time and Space can be accessed between Normal or Challenge Mode difficulties, while Debrian Laboratory, El Tower Defense, Crimson Tower of Howling Flames, Never-Ending Darkness, and Crimson Cradle of Flames can be accessed between Normal and Story Mode difficulties. All other dungeons do not have any adjustable difficulty levels.

Dungeons that have an adjustable difficulty level will often carry distinct differences from one another. Dungeons with a Story Mode option will have their difficulty and entry requirements significantly decreased, along with removing resurrection limits where applicable. However, titles and unique boss drops can only be obtained on Normal difficulty.


All dungeons possess a recommended number of players to play. However, it is also possible to enter and complete a dungeon without satisfying the recommended number in most cases.

Dungeon Type Dungeon Recommended Number of Players
Normal Normal Dungeons 1 ~ 4
Secret Dungeons 1 ~ 4
Hall of El 1
Elrianode City 3
Crimson Tower of Howling Flames 7 ~ 8
Never-Ending Darkness 7 ~ 8
Crimson Cradle of Flames 7 ~ 8
Abandoned Icerite Plant 3 ~ 4
Titan's Grotto 3 ~ 6
Special Henir's Time and Space 1
Heroic Dungeon 1 ~ 4
Ereda Island 6
Add's Energy Fusion Theory 1
Dimension of Sinister Intent 1
Gate of Darkness 1 ~ 4
Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak 3 ~ 8
Event Velder Academy Library 1
Velder Academy Athletic Meet 1
Velder Academy Concert 1
Dessert Cafe 1
ELSTAR Showcase 1
ELSTAR Fan Autograph Session 1
Guild Hungry Ghost 2 ~ 6
Bump Bump Moby! 2 ~ 6
The Great Zombie Invasion 2 ~ 6

Party Matching System

Dungeons are best played with a party! While logged on to the game with your character, click the Dungeon button at the right side of the screen. This will open the dungeon selection interface which lets you choose a particular dungeon and its specifications, as well as initiate party matching.


The indicated number of players for a dungeon is the minimum number of players the party matching system requires before starting the dungeon instance.

Level Range

Your character must meet a dungeon's level requirements to enter through party matching. Being one level behind the minimum can be possible to access the dungeon with the item level being the only restriction.

Required Combat Power

Your Combat Power must reach the dungeon's combat power requirement in order to enter. The current highest Combat Power requirement needed to access all content in the game is 500,000.

Starting a Dungeon

Pressing Start Dungeon or the F8 key will launch the party matching system. The system will try to create a party with up to 4 members of different classes who selected the same difficulty level. You may also choose Start with current members to go immediately into a dungeon by yourself or with your current party members. Note that you will not receive Heroes Assemble Buff if you choose this option.

Quest Marker

In the maps showing dungeon locations, the Q icon will appear over dungeons where you may accomplish tasks in order to complete a quest in your list. Let Q drive your adventure!

Heroes Assemble Buff

When using the party matching system, you will received a buff based on the final number of players in the party when the dungeon begins. This buff is maintained if you select Retry at the end of the dungeon, so long as you're in a party of 2 or more. If you are soloing, the buff will not carry over when retrying, and you must queue again in order to regain the solo heroes buff.

Status 058.png Heroes Assemble
Matched Players Buff Level Effect
1 Lv. 4
  • Physical/Magical Attack increases by 123%
  • Defense and HP increases by 39%
2 Lv. 3
  • Physical/Magical Attack increases by 88%
  • Defense and HP increases by 32%
3 Lv. 2
  • Physical/Magical Attack increases by 53%
  • Defense and HP increases by 25%
4 Lv. 1
  • Physical/Magical Attack increases by 18%
  • Defense and HP increases by 18%

Normal Dungeons

The most common type of dungeons, which are essential for completing story quests and most side quests. Their difficulty increases with each region and can vary from dungeon to dungeon.

Laby Dungeons

A basic form of dungeon that is exclusive to Laby's story progression. They are essential for completing story quests. They have average difficulty and are designed for all players.

Secret Dungeons

Main Article: Secret Dungeon

Secret Dungeons are a special type of dungeon based on 7 different regions of Elrios, and can be entered by using 1 Secret Dungeon Entry Permit. These dungeons offer special materials and quests to enable you to obtain Secret Dungeon Equipment. Players must be at least level 70 to enter. Secret Dungeons scale their difficulty based on the highest level player in a party.

Dungeon Name Dungeon Name
2-x (Renewal).png Wally's Underground Laboratory 3-x (Renewal).png Dragon Nest: Abyss
4-xIcon KR.png Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area 5-X Icon.png Velder's Hallucination
6-X.png Temple of Trials 8-X.png The Rage of Behemoth
9-X.png Grand Cavern: The Source of Demonic Energy

Special Dungeons

Special Dungeons are dungeons that offer unique gameplay mechanics separate from that of regular and secret dungeons. They are located in the Special tab of the dungeon select menu, and offer exclusive rewards and drops. Entry limitations may apply on some dungeons, requiring specific items or times of day in order to enter.

Henir's Time and Space

Main Article: Henir's Time and Space

Dimensional time and space where a genius magician is serving an eternal punishment.
This dungeon mode allows you to fight the major bosses in Elsword in a boss rush style.
Through this mode, you can collect Time and Space Fragments, which can be exchanged at Glave for rare items and upgradeable Force Skills.

Heroic Mode

Heroic Dungeon.png
Main Article: Heroic Mode

Heroic Mode is a gameplay mode where normal dungeons between Velder and Elysion (excluding Solace's Fortress and Halted Sun's Memory) can be played with a significantly harder difficulty for players at the level cap. Mobs receive significantly increased attack, defense, health among other boosts. These dungeons offer powerful equipment and materials as drops and quest rewards. Players must be at least level 85 to enter.

Ereda Island

Main Article: Ereda Island

Ereda Island is a strategic battle mode where you win by destroying enemy's base quicker than your opponents.
A place where the 'Red Knights' of Velder and 'Guardian Knights' of Hamel fight till their heart's content.
It was said that they both compete to promote unity and development, but in actual fact they compete because of the hidden artifacts in the island and both kingdoms fight for it.
The island battle was hidden with a mysterious force but now the mysterious land known as Ereda Island has appeared in the eyes of everyone.
A strategic battle mode where you win by destroying Guardian Tower quicker than your opponents.

Add's Energy Fusion Theory

Main Article: Add's Energy Fusion Theory

In an attempt to create the ultimate weapon, Add's greatest experiment backfired, unleashing a rogue entity empowered by the weapon's strength. You must battle through a series of increasingly powerful enemies imbued with Void Energy, in order to locate Apocalypse Type - Void, and defeat it. If you are lucky, you may even discover the ultimate weapon itself, but be quick, enemies will grow stronger the longer you take!
Add's Energy Fusion Theory is a single player exclusive dungeon.

Dimension of Sinister Intent

Main Article: Dimension of Sinister Intent

Dimension of Sinister Intent is a single player exclusive dungeon where you face off against powerful enemies that function similarly to Epic NPCs. You must battle through 30 stages of increasingly challenging battles for rewards, which can be used to obtain unique accessories.

Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak

Main Article: Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak

Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak is an 8-player giant boss battle against Drabaki, who has been affected by Henir. Sent forth by an unknown entity, the El Search Party must team up and enter the Gate of Time, in order to take down Drabaki. Those who are strong enough to take it down, have a chance to obtain rare and powerful rewards, including a Legendary Force Skill.

Gate of Darkness

Main Article: Gate of Darkness

Gate of Darkness is a defense-type dungeon where you fight demons while defending a certain structure. Successfully defending the structure will grant you a powerful buff, as well as rewards that allow you to craft new consumables and upgrade Dimension of Sinister Intent accessories.

Event Dungeons

Event Dungeons are usually part of a limited time event, that are later incorporated as semi-permanent additions to the game. Entry passes are required to play these dungeons, which are distributed through the mail during their initial release, or purchased through the Item Mall. You may also freely enter these dungeons once per day without the need for an entry pass.

Below is a list of the currently accessible event dungeons.

Current Event Cycle

Dungeon Name Dungeon Name
E-1.png Velder Academy Library VelderAcademySportsFestival.png Velder Academy Athletic Meet
VelderAcademyConcertHall.png Velder Academy Concert DessertCafe.png Dessert Cafe
ElStar Showcase Select.png ELSTAR Showcase ELSTAR Fan Autograph Session Select.png ELSTAR Fan Autograph Session

For a list of previous event maps that are no longer accessible, see Old Event Maps.

Guild Dungeons

Guild Dungeons are multiplayer minigames that can be played with fellow members of your guild. You can receive Guild Coins as a reward once a day per character from each dungeon.

Dungeon Name
HungryGhost.png Hungry Ghost
MobyBumperCar.png Bump Bump Moby!
The Great Zombie Invasion.png The Great Zombie Invasion

Tips and details

  • If you retry a dungeon while dead, you will be resurrected in the next dungeon with full mp, but 0 hp.


  • Prior to the 06/04/2013 Hunting Fields update, you could only enter a dungeon while in the respective rest area for that region. For example, to play a Bethma dungeon, you had to be in the Bethma Mountains rest area to do so.
    • Additionally, after completing a dungeon, you would be placed in a lounge area, which was identical to the boss room of that dungeon.
    • Lounges served as an instanced rest area for your party in between dungeon runs, and were all inhabited by Helen.

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