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Mini Icon - Ara.png Ara
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Full Name
Ara Haan (Chinese: 韓艾拉; pinyin: Hán Àilā)
Mini Icon - Ara.png Ara
December 20th
168 cm (5 ft 6 in)
Blood Type
Class Tree

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Icon - Little Hsien.png
Icon - Sakra Devanam.png
Icon - Apsara.png
Icon - Little Devil.png
Icon - Yama Raja.png
Icon - Devi.png
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Voice Actors
Korean Flag.png 여민정 (Yeo Min-jung)
Japanese Flag.png 佐藤 聡美 (Satomi Satō)
American Flag.png Dina Sherman
German Flag.png Annette Potempa
Spanish Flag.png Paula Ribó
French Flag.png Virginie Ledieu
Italian Flag.png Emanuela Pacotto
Polish Flag.png Karolina Kalina
English Flag.png Milena Merril
Release Date
Korean Flag.png 20 December 2012
Japanese Flag.png 24 July 2013
Chinese Flag.png 18 December 2013
American Flag.png 18 December 2013
European Union Flag.png 19 December 2013
Theme Song
UI - Physical Class.png
Until I face my brother again... I cannot give up!

Icon - Ara.png Ara

[The daughter of the Haan Family in Northern Fluone]

Special Ability

Main Article: Eun's Power

Ara also has a unique trait that separates her from the others; the "Energy" she uses, which can be used as a substitute for MP. Ara has a special 3rd bead awakening, where she becomes possessed by the Nine Tailed Fox; Eun, entering Eun Mode which changes her appearance and provide a unique Status 127.png Self BuffEun's PowerSelf BuffEun's Power buff.


Main Article: Burning Village
  • In-game Version
  • Nexon Version

Ara Haan was born to a martial arts family in the Northern Empire.

Her brother Aren gets possessed by a demon and ends up destroying his own village and family as 'Ran' while looking for the 'Moon El'.

With the help of Eun, a divine fox that was sealed within her family's ancestral shrine, Ara embarks on a journey to return her brother back to his original state.

First Class Advancement

Ara is required to be Lv 15 to begin her first class advancement. You can decide between the following:

Little Hsien
A martial artist that specializes in swifter and faster spear arts.

Little Hsien LHJC2.png

Little Devil
A martial artist who controls the flow of Qi, utilizing a technique using energy that is strong at mid-range.

Little Devil LDJC2.png

Little Specter
A martial artist that specializes in the illusive shadow techniques borrowed from the Millennium Fox Eun.

Little Specter LSJC2.png

Little Helper
A class that connects with the holy beasts to utilize their various powers to attack enemies or support allies.

Little Helper LHeJC2.png

Skill Tree

Skills Passives
[Create a bond and use the new skills!]
Changes to RelationSkill1.png if Married.
Changes to RelationSkill2.png if Partnered.


Blank.png Blank.png Level 1
Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 5
Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 10
Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 15


Blank.png Blank.png Level 20
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 20.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 1st job class.


Combo Description Damage
Z.pngZ.pngZ.pngZ.png Ara stabs an opponent with her spear, then pulls her spear out. She will then perform Wolf Stance 1, thrusting her spear forwards twice quickly before swiping her spear, launching enemies forward. The combo can be repeated on its own as Ara will immediately be able to attack again after the final hit.

Z.png 144% Phy. Damage
Z.png 178% Phy. Damage
Z.png 111% Phy. Damage x2
Z.png 93% Phy. Damage x3

Z.pngZ.pngX.png Ara stabs an opponent with her spear, then pulls her spear out. She will finish by smashing the group launching her back and launching opponent upwards.

Z.png 144% Phy. Damage
Z.png 178% Phy. Damage
X.png 337% Phy. Damage

Z.pngZ.pngZ.pngHoldX.png Ara stabs an opponent with her spear, then pulls her spear out. She will then perform Wolf Stance 1, thrusting her spear forwards twice quickly before charging up while in Super Armor and unleashing a final powerful stab which slightly lifts opponents.

Z.png 144% Phy. Damage
Z.png 178% Phy. Damage
Z.png 111% Phy. Damage x2
HoldX.png 275% Phy. Damage
+ 101% ~ 151% Phy. Damage x4

X.pngX.pngX.pngConX.png She swipes her spear around her twice then transitions to a series of spinning strikes which will finish by knocking down opponents.
  • This combo also hit enemies behind her, similarly to Sheath Knight's XXX~X combo.

X.png 220% Phy. Damage
X.png 302% Phy. Damage
X.png 322% Phy. Damage x2
ConX.png 238% + 119% Phy. Damage x2
+ 306% + 153% Phy. Damage

X.pngX.pngDX.pngX.png She swipes her spear around her twice before performing a stab pull with her spear then leaping forwards with Dragon Stance 1, slamming the ground in front. The combo can be repeated on its own as Ara will immediately be able to attack again after the final hit.

X.png 220% Phy. Damage
X.png 302% Phy. Damage
DX.png 276% + 69% Phy. Damage
X.png 356% Phy. Damage

U.pngZ.png Single jump upper-swing that staggers targets.

Z.png 150% Phy. Damage

U.pngX.png Single jump uppercut that knocks targets up.

X.png 309% Phy. Damage

UU.png Jump up once more while in midair.


U.pngDR.png While in the air begin to run in midair. Continuing to hold the arrow key will have Ara continue to run on the air while gradually descending. Same thing occurs when holding L.png/R.png while dashing off a platform.


DR.pngZ.pngHoldX.png Perform Wolf Stance 1 while dashing, thrusting twice in front quickly, before charging up while in Super Armor and unleashing a final powerful stab which slightly lifts opponents.

Z.png 84% Phy. Damage x2
HoldX.png 84% ~ 123% Phy. Damage x4

DR.pngX.png Leap forwards and perform Dragon Stance 1, slamming the ground with her spear.

X.png 272% Phy. Damage

DRU.pngZ.pngZ.pngZ.png After jumping in the air, perform two large upward slashes with her spear and finish is off by swinging her spear downwards spiking enemies down.

Z.png 174% Phy. Damage
Z.png 210% Phy. Damage
Z.png 269% Phy. Damage

DRU.pngX.png While in the air, stab the target and pull herself behind targets.

X.png 278% Phy. Damage

DRU.pngU.png While dash jumping, pressing up again will have Ara perform front flip which propels her forwards. She will remain in dash jump state afterwards.


Recovery Z.png/X.png Slash back and forth with her spear.

Z.png/X.png 100% Phy. Damage


Date Changes
12/18/2014 07/01/2015
  • X.pngX.pngDX.pngX.png and DR.pngX.png launch changed to hitstun.
07/27/2017 08/09/2017
  • Recovery combos no longer launch.
07/04/2019 07/31/2019
  • Adjusted command responsiveness to allow for less restrictive movement.
    • Also applies to all job paths.
    • Notably removes all endlag from Z.pngZ.pngZ.pngZ.png and X.pngX.pngDX.pngX.png's final inputs, allowing them to loop into themselves seamlessly.
  • Fixed DR.pngX.png and X.pngX.pngDX.pngX.png allowing [Enhanced] Steel Body to consume no Energy.



Bonding Skill



Full Gallery: Ara/Gallery




  • Ara's job path in Lore/Story would be the Apsara path.
  • Ara's official theme song is Changing Colors.
  • Ara encounters the main cast after the Halls of Water story quest Rescuing the Water Priestess and formally joins the group after the Hamel story quest El Lady and the Prophecy along with Chung and Add. Prior to joining the main cast, all dungeons will re-use one of 3 generic dungeon clear lines.
    • Prior to the early game Epic Quest rework, Ara would appear in the Feita and Velder CGI clear cutscenes, though this was never referenced in the Epic Quest dialogue.
    • Her animated class videos depict her attaining 1st and 2nd job in Northern Empire prior to departing for Hamel despite not being a playable segment in game.
  • Eun is based off the nine-tailed fox, a species of creature depicted in the Shan Hai Jing as having the voice of a human infant. It can be eaten by humans, and those who eat it will be protected from evil.
  • While Eun's seal is supposedly the entirety of the white fox-shaped hairpin, further job advancements show that it is actually the small orange gem embedded in it that is Eun's real seal, being the only consistent object part of each path's hair decorations.
  • Ara's full name, Ara Haan, was probably based on the term "Arhat" (or "Arahant"), from the Buddhism, that means: "one who is worthy", "a perfected person who has attained nirvana".
  • Ara is from Fahrmann, in the Northern Xin Empire. This region has not currently been explored during the main story with the exception of the Raid Fahrmann's Peak and Ara's tutorial Burning Village.
    • While the region itself is called Fahrmann, Ara comes specifically from the village of Isshin, which is known for housing the Moon El as well as the sacred beast hairpin Eun.
  • Ran, the main antagonist during the events of Hamel, was once known as Aren Haan and is Ara's older brother.
  • Ara is the only character that does not speak her skill names in English when using skills. Instead, she says various phrases in the language of the server you are on.
  • Ara is the first character to have a different color outline when attacking. Her outline is yellow, while all prior characters' outlines are blue.
  • Ara's design is influenced by Eastern culture and religion. This makes her job names to be written in Chinese on the Korean server.
    • All of Ara's job names are direct transcriptions from Chinese to Hangul, which in most cases, due to the religious ties between the two languages, means the Korean name has the exact same meaning as the Chinese name and are pronounced almost the same. In other cases, however, such as Devi, the Korean might not mean anything outright, with the name's origin solely coming from the given Chinese name.
  • Ara's base job quest name; 小侠 (Little Xia), means a person who is young and brave/chivalrous in English.
    • In the Chinese version of Hall of El (Trial), Ara mentioned if she wouldn't save Elsword, she would 'lose her duty to being a martial arts master'. In ancient China, '侠' (Xia) is used to describe people who save others by using their abilities, especially martial arts.
  • While not mentioned in-game, the martial art that Ara practices uses Qigong as its base, the act of using ones own "Chi" or life energy (which is what her system is based on) to meditate and calm the mind. Many aspects of the practice can be seen in various skills in all paths, such as the various animal motifs for her secret arts. Each of her advancements approach the concept in different ways:
    • Apsara focuses more on her martial prowess, using Qigong only when the situation demands it, as seen through her plethora of 10 Energy cost skills, with little other skills consuming her Energy.
    • Devi masters Qigong to continuously cycle her life energy, using and restoring it at equal pace, as seen through most of her skills consuming large amounts of energy but also recovering a lot when converted, with multiple passives directly referring to Chi itself (rather than the usual in-game term of "Energy").
    • Shakti forgoes training her Qigong due to her reliance on Eun's powers, resulting in the system taking a more passive approach, with most skills being usable regardless of how much Energy is available.
    • Likewise, Surya focuses largely on aiding the various spirits of holy beasts she encounters, drawing on their power instead of her own Energy, using it exclusively to help those around her.
  • Ara and Elesis are the only characters to utilize their pre-renewal portraits as their Epic Quest portraits.
  • Ara is depicted as being a bit of an airhead, being very clumsy and often making mistakes while being bad at dancing. Like Aisha, she's also afraid of insects.
  • Ara wrote the skill note Shadow Spear Technique and True Moonlight Slash.
  • Same with several other characters, Ara shared her canon birthday with her release date in the Korean server.
  • The side story My Brother & I 2 looks into Ara's family history.
    • It is revealed that Ara's mother is her father's second wife. This resulted in many of her siblings other than Aren looking down on her.
    • It is also revealed that besides Aren, Ara has at least 3 stepsisters and one other stepbrother.
  • Ara is currently the only playable character to be depicted as being explicitly left-handed in combat.

Prior to joining the El search Party
Generic Clear Lines

  • Ara: Hoo...the training is complete!! I hope I didn't make any mistakes.
  • Ara: Hmm... But my martial arts skills are not enough to rescue my brother...
    I need to train harder!!
  • Ara: With Eun's Blessing, I am confident it will lead me to him!!

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 아라
아라 한
Ara Haan
Japanese Flag.png Japan アラ
Ara Haan
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 艾拉
Ara Haan
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 艾拉
艾拉 · 韩
Ara Haan