Ymir's Time and Space

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This is an Event Map celebrating April Fools Day (2015).
For the retired dungeon which it is based on, see Ymir's Time and Space: Elder.
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Ymir's Time and Space

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Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Entry Requirements
  • Must be Level 10 or higher.
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
ABEE.png Poisonous Bee - A poisonous bee! Make sure not too get too close to it, or it will sting you! The bees spawn from a Poisonous Bee Hive.
2-1-02.jpg Poisonous Bee Hive - A small beehive that can spawn bees. Make sure to attack it before it does though!
Wis.png Wisp - A small harmless spirit living in the forest. But don't let it get too close to a Mini Ent or else the Wisp will reanimate it!
2-1-001.jpg Mini Ent - Normally they just stand still, but when they get reanimated by a Wisp, the Ent will start attacking you!
LittleB.jpg Little Brother - A thief who tries to attack you with his knife.
BBro.jpg Big Brother - A thief that tries to punch you with its humongous fists.
2-3-5.jpg Ghost Magician - A roaming Ghost that can use magic. Don't let it hit you with it's fireballs!
2-3-3.jpg Mickey - A mischief of mice living in dirty places. But be careful, they spawn from Mickey's House!
2-3-4.jpg Mickey's House - A passage that mice use. They can also spawn Mickeys!
2-4-2.jpg Hungry Phoru - A young Phoru who follows and helps William in search of free wealth and food.
2-3-1.jpg Little Soldier - Instead of a knife-wielding thief, it's now a soldier working for Banthus! But what are soldiers doing here?
2-3-2.jpg Big Soldier - Instead of a thief that uses its fists, it's now a soldier working for Banthus! But what are soldiers doing here?
2-5-1.jpg Crossbow Soldier - As small as the Little Soldier, the sneaky Crossbow Soldier can use its crossbow to shoot you from a distance. Some Crossbow Soldiers may appear inside of a Bunker.
2-5-2.jpg Bunker - A bunker can protect soldiers inside it. Be careful of Crossbow Soldiers in the bunkers when destroying them!
Wally's Guardian.jpg Wally's Guardian - A powerful knight that attacks you with its huge sword.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Launch Pad2.png Launch Pad - Jumping on this platform will propel you into the air.
2-2-trap.jpg Falling Rock - Loose rocks will fall from the cave ceiling damaging those who might be underneath it.
2-3-trap1.jpg Steam Trap - There will be vents that will exert steam at regular intervals that can damage you.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Banthus Old.png Banthus - Banthus who ran away from the El-Tree. He's much more stronger than before!

-Kick: Banthus kicks you with his foot, usually followed by Leap Slash.
-Leap Slash: Banthus will leap towards you and swing his sword right at you.
-Jumping Slash: Banthus jumps into the air and strikes with his huge sword.

2-1-003.jpg Kira-Kira - An advanced version of the Ghost Magician. It can summon thunder and other sorts of powerful spells! It's always in Super Armor.

-Lightning Strike: Kira summons a bolt of lightning that strikes the targeted player, dealing damage and inflicting Curse.

Mini Wally No. 8 -Missile-.jpg Mini Wally No.8 -Missle- - These are smaller, yellow colored variants of Wally No. 8. They can launch homing missiles out of both arms. They'are always in Super Armor.

-Homing Missile: Wally will extend his arms and launch two guided missiles out of his hands that will home in on a random player. }}

  • Elsword: In the name of the Elrios corpus I will not forgive you~ ★
  • Aisha: ...I don't know anymore... I guess I'll just remain here...
  • Rena: A weapon takes the properties of its wielder. Shimmer! Radiate like the sun!
  • Raven: I'll give you a nice haircut in the shape of a heart~
  • Eve: Elegance is something words cannot describe.
  • Chung: I fight in the name of peace and love! Fall to my cannonballs!
  • Ara: This is Sparta!! Tonight we dine at the gates of hell!
  • Elesis: Even a beautiful rose must have thorns... It will only sting for a bit~!
  • Add: I love Eve! But I'm telling you, I am seriously not an otaku! (Very convincing)


  • While running the dungeon, characters will automatically wear their April Fools genderbend costume.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 伊妮尔时空 Ymir's Time and Space
German Flag.png Germany Ymirs Raumzeit Ymir's Space Time
Spanish Flag.png Spain Espacio-tiempo de Ymir Ymir's Space-Time
French Flag.png France Espace-temps d'Ymir Ymir's Space-Time
Italian Flag.png Italy Spazio-tempo di Ymir Ymir's Space-Time
Polish Flag.png Poland Czasoprzestrzeń Ymira Ymir's Time-Space
English Flag.png United Kingdom Ymir's Time-Space

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