Old Event Maps

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Select Icon Dungeon Name Select Icon Dungeon Name
Wally newyear.png New Year's Celebration in Wally's Castle Halloween Carnival.png Halloween Dungeon
Rubens tears.png Tears of Ruben Forest GG select.png Secret Garden
Beach.jpg Fishing Battle Lowe.png Battle! Lowe!
MTD select.png Magician Training Dungeon Dark Wally.png Dark Wally's Castle
Training Wally.png Trial! Wally's Castle Doomsday.png Harvest Day
PTC select.png Pet Training Camp MI select.png Mission Impossible
Save The Birthdaycake.png Birthday Cake Dungeon WCF select.png Wally's Chocolate Factory
Wally's Present Factory.png Wally's Present Factory Lair.png King Nasod's Lair
Halloween banquet Room.png Halloween Banquet Room Beijing.png Emperor City
Shanghai.png Magic City Canton.png Elf City
Bashu.png Fachok Changan.png Jangan
Moguicheng.png Devil Phoru Witch's Lair.png Phoru Witch's Lair
Helena.png Operation Valentine's Chocolate Delivery Luriel's Nightmare.png Luriel's Nightmare
Reveal King Nasod.png Reveal King Nasod's Identity Ariel Nightmare.png Ariel's Nightmare
Joaquin Lab Icon.png Joaquin's Laboratory of Alchemy Ymir's Time and Space Icon.png Ymir's Time and Space
BFSecretIcon.png Burnt Forest's Secret Space CHWIcon.png Candy House in the Woods
FoxBanditIcon.png Fox Bandits' Treasure Room FoxBandit2Icon.png Fox Bandit's Secret Storage
FoxBandit3Icon.png Fox Bandit's Treasure Room WallyLandIcon.png Wally Land
Spooky Zombie Night Select.png Spooky Zombie Night GoSG Select.png Guardian of Santa's Gifts
Valentine'sRaceSelect.png Valentine's Race OldE-1.png Private Phoru Academy
E-2.png Serve as Edel's Butler for a Day! E-3.png Treasure Hunter
E-Rnew2.png Harmony Festival Rest Stop E-4.png Spooky Graveyard
E-4.png Spooky Graveyard Hide-and-Seek BlackForestOutskirtsEvent.png Outer Edge of Black Forest
ELSTAR Special Stage.png ELSTAR Special Stage Elrios Jump Master Select.png Elrios Jump Master!

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