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Current State of Babel

January 22nd, 2023 | Posted by Kenny in Uncategorized - (9 Comments)

As you’re probably aware Babel has not had any updates in the past few months. I have spoken to 2na and we both agreed that Babel will now be taken over by Ritsu who is more than capable of doing the patch notes for Elsword KR. His site is still a work in progress but you can see it here

As for Babel itself, it will be eventually archived and all posts will be locked from posting comments. I won’t delete Babel, but it won’t be updated from now on.

I want to say thanks to 2nafish for helping with all these translations over the course of roughly 10 years. Please visit and subscribe to his youtube channel at


Quick message on the recent spam posted

May 5th, 2021 | Posted by Kenny in Uncategorized - (4 Comments)

You might’ve seen roughly 5 hours ago a series of hacked spam posted by 2nafish. Apparently his account got compromised, we’re not sure if it’s been related to the series of database leaks from recent sites like mangadex etc (check to see) but no other accounts have been logged in nor has Babel or Elwiki had a security breach. As of now 2nafish is still offline but I’ve force changed a password on his account so you shouldn’t see anymore spam.



Hello, Kenny here. Sorry for the inconvenience, but ever since the server updated, babel comics hasn’t been working properly and I’ve been trying to fix it but to no avail. For now I’ve uploaded all the comics onto one zip file so you can still read the comics.

Edit: Babel comics is now back up with a new comic system! I’ve also put all the ElType comics there. Enjoy.