The Tongue of Elrios


New Elsword themed racing game from KoG has been announced. It’s set to release on March 32nd.

1/31 Balance Patch Notes

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1/31 Balance Patch Notes


Summarizing Relevant Details

KoG worked on Laby for around 1 year

Player reaction to Laby specific dungeons was good. Thinking about using this idea for other new characters too.

Wanted to go back to old Elsword concept so chose to make Laby a fighter character (command oriented)

Laby’s 2nd path is story(canon) path

Laby’s 3rd path is (as everyone already expected) ‘dark’ path (Summoner concept)

3rd path will be released before the Winter Break ends (KR winter break period)

Laby will probably join El Search Party around summer update

Laby’s story is relevant for later Demon Realm story.

Individual character revamps are planned after Laby’s 3rd path

Reflecting on bad results of early 2018 patches

Planning to go more in depth with the past of other existing characters

Planning to revamp other older contents(Either removing them entirely and making new ones)

Top priority at the moment for content updates is Henir’s Time and Space

8/04 EXP&Drop Rate Event

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▣ EXP&Drop Rate Event

[Event Time] 2018 08 04  02PM ~  04PM (KST)

[Event Target] All Players

[Event Detail] 2x EXP and Drop Rate

Happy New Year~

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Goodbye~ 2017

Welcome~ 2018

Almost done

11/02 Balance Patch Eve/Chung/Ara/Elesis


9/28 Balance Patch LuCiel/Rose/Ain