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8/09 Patch Notes

August 8th, 2018 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes

Maintenance: 06AM ~ 10AM(4 hrs)


New [Mod] Skill Update

– 3rd job character [Mod] Skill updates. Each Class gets 2 new [Mod] Skills.

Character Class Skill 1 Skill 2
Elsword Knight Emperor Mortal Blow Armageddon Blade
Rune Master Splash Explosion Extreme Rune Buster
Immortal Infinity Chaser Infinity Strike
Aisha Aether Sage Meditation Frost Edge
Oz Sorcerer Dark Ring Abyss Field
Metamorphy Heavy Press Guillotine Press
Rena Anemos Spinning Crescent Gyro Kick
Daybreaker Arc Shot Gungnir
Twilight Humming Wind Karma
Raven Furious Blade Flash Shoot Up Genocide
Rage Hearts Maximum Dive Arch Enemy
Nova Imperator Breaking Fist Ignition Crow

– Incineration

Eve Code: Ultimate Illusion Thorns Extreme Cutter
Code: Escensia Tesla Flare Space Wrench
Code: Sariel Electronic Move Electronic Fall
Chung Comet Crusader Land Smash Rage of Gaurdian
Fatal Phantom Trick Shot Burning Punisher
Centurion Fatal Cannon Heavy Field
Ara Apsara Matchless Truth Dragon Stance 3: Eight Trigram Palm
Devi Rakshasa Inferno Bind: Energy
Shakti Spell : Thunder Shadow Blast
Elesis Empire Sword Sonic Blade Juggernaut Buster
Flame Lord Explosive Fist Ignis Crusher
Bloody Queen Injection Stigma Burning Phantom
Add Doombringer Dynamo Configuration – Dissolver Conqueror
Dominator Install – Charged Impluser Install – Ultimate Fury
Mad Paradox Mind Break Void Field
LuCiel Catastrophy Fear Tomorrow Dead Cross
Innocent Swift Smash Shadow Bolt
Diangellion Bloodlust Altar of Evil
Rose Tempest Burster Burst Grenade Photon Shower
Black Massacre Double Gunhawk Gun Guard
Minerva EMP Storm Phantom Shot
Prime Operator G-0 Battleroid G-3 Raptor
Ain Richter Zweit · Ritus Autosuggestion
Blue Hen Ruhig Angriff
Herrscher Leere Befreiung Feld


Changes to how [Mod] Skills are obtained

– [Mod] skills won’t be dropped anymore. Instead, ‘비전서 : [체인지] 포스 (A)’ item will drop. Can take this item to Camila to craft a [Mod] Skill you want.


* Crafted mod skill won’t come sealed. But can be sealed once.


Added quest to obtain [Mod] Skill

– Upon completing 3rd job change, you can take ‘체인지 포스 스킬 획득 퀘스트’ quest from Camila. (Quest is per character)

Can use the [Mod] Skill Selection Cube obtained from end of the quest chain and choose to obtain one of the [Mod] Skills that were updated on 8/09. (Can only choose one for your character)

[Mod Skill Quest]

Quest Name
Detail Reward
카밀라의 포스 스킬 훈련 1/3

(Camilia’s Mod Skill Training)

Defeat Chaos Leviathan 5 times El Essence (x 5)
카밀라의 포스 스킬 훈련 2/3 Defeat Forginay 10 times concentrated el’s essence(x5)
카밀라의 포스 스킬 훈련 3/3 Defeat Sentinel Guardians 5 times [체인지] 포스 (A) 큐브

([Mod] Force (A) Cube)


PvP Leauge 3 Starts!

[League Duration] 2018 08 09 ~ 2018 11 01

[League 3 Changes 3]

  1. Rewards from Challenger Coin exchange changed
Item Needed
Amount Needed
Reward Reward Amount
Challenger Coin
1 Basic Warrior’s Potion 5
1 Secret Dungeon Ticket 2
7 Intermediate Warrior’s Potion 21
7 Heroic Dungeon Ticket 7
15 Stamina Potion 7
15 Elrianode Tticket 7
30 Necklace (30 days) cube 1
30 Ring (30 days) select cube 1


  1. Rank limit to purchase PvP Magic Stones removed, prices lowered.
  2. Warrior’s Medal (Ereda Island reward) Added to following PvP Quest Rewards
Quest Name
[대전] 단 한 명이면 돼!
[대전] 더블 킬!
[대전] 트리플 킬!
[대전] 달콤한 승리!
[대전] 승리를 열망하다
[대전] 팀 워크!
[대전] 쉽다! 팀 워크!
[대전] 정당하게
[대전] 정정당당하게
[대전] 정정당당하면 정당하다


  1. SS, SSS, STAR Quest Rewards added
Quest Name
Before After (Additional Rewards)
[대전] SS 랭크 투사의 증명! liquid medicine of fighting spirit x7 (Choose 1 of following)
Sage Magic Stone x5 or Twisted Sage Magic Stone x5
[대전] SSS 랭크 투사의 증명! liquid medicine of fighting spirit x8 (Choose 1 of following)
Sage Magic Stone x7 or Twisted Sage Magic Stone x7
[대전] 스타 랭크 투사의 증명! liquid medicine of fighting spirit x9 (Choose 1 of following)
Sage Magic Stone x9 or Twisted Sage Magic Stone x9


  1. Blindly Radiant Champion Accessories purchase requirement changes from STAR rank to SSS or higher

New PvP Map: Labyrinth of Ruin, Elrianode City

– Elrianode City: Narrow, straight and simple

-Labyrinth of Ruin: Has straight&curved terrain with portals and jump pads.

Other Content Changes

  1. 2nd job characters get their own quick voices.
  2. Seals changed so they are applied upon registering items on the board.

(If the item doesn’t sell, seal count isn’t consumed and the seal is returned to the character’s inventory)

  1. Character gear page maximum amount  2 → 3
  2. Resonance page maximum amount 2  → 3
  3. Can check opponent’s character during PvP loading screen.
  4. ‘Party member buff icon ON/OFF’ feature added to options.

[Event Notices]

[Mod] Skill Acquisition Support 1

[Event Duration] 2018 08 09 ~ 2018 08 22  11: 59PM

[Event For] All Players (Lv.10 +, per character)

[Event Detail] Log in 10 minutes during event to get: [Cobo] Mod Skill Acquisition Cube including:

[Cobo] Refined Recovery Potion + [Cobo] 50% EXP medal


 [Mod] Skill Acquisition Support 2

[Event Duration] 2018 08 09 ~ 2018 08 22 11: 59 PM

[Event For] All Players(Lv.10+, Per Account, Per Server)

[Event Detail] Clear Daily Event Quests to get various items to help you get the mod skills like [Cobo] Elrianode Ticket, [Cobo] Drop Rate 25% Medal(1 day), [Cobo] Adaptability Elixir!

* Certain event items are deleted on 8/23


Elsword Quiz Show(4th)

[Event Duration] 2018 08 11 02PM ~ Until Quiz ends

[Event For] All Players (Per Account,  Both servers)


Free Job Change Ticket!

[Event Duration] 2018 08 11 00:00 ~ 11:59 PM

[Event For] All Players (Per Account, Per Server)

[Event Detail] Log in 30 minutes during the day to get job change ticket cube


200% EXP + Unlimited stamina event!

[Event Duration] 2018 08/11 02:00PM ~ 03:59PM

[Event For] All Players

[Event Detail] During event, get 200% EXP and unlimited stamina!


[Ending Event]

  1. Boss Raid Update Event ends

[Cash Shop Update]

New Cash Shop Item

  1. Costume : Pure Vacance (Green Apple/Blue Curacao)

– 2018 08/09 ~ 2018 09/06

* Purchase Premium Package for Alternate Hair/Top


[Changes/Fixes] (Notable)

Changes/Fixes : Character

[Aisha – High Magician]

  1. To fix the problem of Elemental Body only consuming MP and skill effect not activating when using it while being hit,

Changed so it cannot be used when being hit.


  1. Fixed problem of being able to use skill right away in PvP if you revive as Ciel.


Fixes/Changes : Dungeon, Field

  1. Heroic Dungeon Difficulty lowered, resurrection limit removed.
  2. Game notifies players if possessed resurrection stone limit is lower than the maximum revival limit for the dungeon/raid.

[Raid : 12-5]

  1. 1st phase boss HP lowered
    2. 1st phase boss’ fire pillar attack ignores character’s defence
    3. 2nd phase boss uses the healing orb pattern less
    4. 2nd phase boss HP lowered
    5. 2nd phase boss’ healing orbs are affected by black hole effects
    6. reduced HP of 2nd phase boss’ healing orbs
    7. reduced HP of 3rd phase boss’ HP


[Raid : 12-6]

  1. Fixed problem of not being able to move forward in certain locations during 1st phase
  2. Lowered HP of 2nd Phase Boss
    3. Lowered Spike Prison HP that the 3rd phase boss summons.
    4. Slightly lowered 3rd phase boss HP recovery amount whenever a character/search party member dies.
    5. Fixed the 3rd boss being able to be moved using certain skills (Lotus…etc)


[Raid : 12-7]
1. 1st phase boss’ bullet hell attack ignores character’s defence.
2. 2nd phase boss’ fire pillar attack ignores character’s defence
3. 2nd phase boss’ laser attack ignores character’s defence
4. Lowered HP of 2nd Phase boss’ summoned spikes
5. Slightly lowered 3rd phase boss HP recovery amount whenever a character/search party member dies.
6. Lowered Spike Prison HP that the 3rd phase boss summons.
7. Lowered HP of 3rd Phase boss’ summoned spikes
8. Changed so certain attacks from 3rd phase boss doesn’t cause Ember of Retribution debuff. (One that heals the boss when attacked)
9. Changed so the 3rd phase boss pauses for certain period after summoning Spike Prison.


Fixes/Changes : Other

  1. Game’s internal system changed to prevent cable pull plays.
  2. Added missing [Cobo] Summer Casual Costume in ED shop for Lu/Ciel
  3. Fixed so turning party’s skill cut-in and skill frame off in the options also prevents skill cut-ins and skill frames appearing when other player uses a Hyper Active.




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