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Notice for additional sanctions regarding El Championship and other matters

June 11th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Elsword News | Event Notices

I didn’t want to translate anything regarding this issue. But since this particular one has item giveaway involved which people still interested in the game could be interested in, here it is.

Hello. This is Elsword.

Just as we mentioned in our previous statement, additional inspection and internal discussion has taken place and therefore we’re here to give everyone an additional notice.

1. Sanctions regarding players suspected of abuse

As we mentioned in our initial statement, there were circumstantial evidences however it took us some time to prepare ground to impose punitive measures.

We tried to impose sanctions soon as possible after we received reports from our players, but we couldn’t because it wasn’t possible to confirm that an abuse has taken place based only on player reports we received at the time.

Also, we would like to apologize again for sanctions against abuse that took place on 6/5, which was only based on some player reports and data that only spanned over short period of time. This resulted in some users being removed or wrongly included in the sanction list.

After our initial statement, we looked through the reports we received and data from across wider period of time, including data regarding 2019 1st El Championship and confirmed that there were multiple records of abuse. Therefore, we are planning to impose following punitive measures.

[Sanctions against abusive users for 2019 El Championship + Arena]

1. Limit of Gameplay

1) Date : 2019 6 12

2) Target : Accounts that obtained unjust RP through abnormal PvP gameplay, or has shared accounts.

ServerCharacter Name Server Character Name
가이아 H*** 솔레스 상****
솔레스 답**** 솔레스 최**
솔레스 맹**** 솔레스 호***
솔레스 메** 솔레스 아***
솔레스 쁘*** 솔레스 절***
솔레스 아* 솔레스 해***
솔레스 압**** 솔레스 *
솔레스 와** 솔레스 유*
솔레스 하*** 솔레스 마****
솔레스 흑***** 솔레스 베****
솔레스 밀*****

3) Measures Taken :

– According to Management Policy 5.1.1 and 5.2.1, above players are forbidden from game use for 90 days. Removed from target list for prize money and deprived of right to enter 2019 Global El Championship and preliminaries.

* For a quick announcement, above are initial targets for sanctions and we’ll inform you of additional targets once they are found through continuous inspection.

2. Suspicion regarding personal contact between certain player and game manager

As we mentioned in our previous statement, an inspection has taken place and although evidence of some personal communication has been found, we’ve confirmed that it wasn’t related to leaking of content updates.

However, the game manger in question felt responsible for his/her actions providing the ground for players to become suspicious and therefore has been removed from all work related to Elsword by personal consent.

All Elsword developers and managers will make sure to learn from this incident and be careful so our players won’t have even a slightest suspicion.

3. Announcement regarding developer talk-meeting

Elsword is currently looking forward to 2019 summer update.

All managers are deeply reflecting upon many criticism we received regarding lack of communication. Therefore, after the summer update has progressed for a bit, we’ll hold another talk meeting so we can hear the voice of as many players as possible.

We’ll inform you of further information once they are confirmed.

4. Future Measures

We’re aware that many players were deeply disappointed in Elsword and either deleted their long favourite characters or dismantled/broke their equipment.

No matter what the reason, we are responsible for disappointing our players through rather late and poor response and therefore will do our best to restore those lost characters/items.

[Notice Regarding Restoring Lost item/Characters]

– Eligible : 2019 6 10 7:53PM ~ 2019 6 12 3:20AM

                Those who lost items through dismantle/discard/sell/feed or deleted their characters

– How to restore : Through customer support, [엘소드 고객센터 > 해킹/신고/복구 > 실수로 인한 아이템 복구] please send us an appropriate ticket.

* Above item/character restoration will be effective until 7/31

* Gears that were reset/downgraded/broke through enhancement attempt won’t be eligible for restoration.

* If you received items through dismantle, restoration is only possible if the character is in possession of those items. Those items are retrieved upon restoration.

Also, we’d like to compensate all our players who were very distressed regarding this matter over the weekend with the following rewards.

We hope that those long time you spent together with Elsword can continue.

[Elsword Apology Rewards]

– Period: 2019 6 12 3:20AM ~ 2019 6 20

– Detail:

  1. EXP 2x / Drop Rate x2

2) Log in 10 minutes to receive [Luriel] Sage Magic Stone x100, [Luriel] Organic Apple x200 (Per Account/Per Server)

3) Log in for 90 minutes on 6/16 to recieve [Cobo]Magic Amulet Lv.10 x1 (Per Account/Both Servers)

Thank you

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