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6/20 Patch Notes

June 19th, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 5AM ~ 12PM (7 hrs)

▣ RE:BOOT : Elsword, Rena, Eve

▣ Character Reboot Update

6/20 Elsword, Rena, Eve’s reboot update

More details in the following [Link]

Quality of Life changes

[Board market category expanded]

1. Can choose special category on the left to filter through even more details (Customization, Pet, Mount)

[Item use tooltip revamp]

1. Changed so your character name appears on the notification window that appears before using item.

* For LuCiel, additional message notifying that Lu or Ciel will use the item appears.

2. If certain character tries to open a cube they cannot open, a notification window appears

3. On the tooltip in upgrade material window, seal amount of the item that’s used as a material is applied. Changed so seal amount of upgraded item is visible as well.

[Guild Related]

1. Added Laby(Mono), Laby(Color) for Guild banner decals

2. Can expand guild skill page up to maximum 3 pages

[Pet Related]

1. Can feed in bulks when supplementing nutrients

2. Digest supplement feature added to pet’s growth system window

3. Pet Expedition achievements added

Achievement Name Condition
내 먹이는 내가 구한다!Complete 10 pet expeditions
엘리오스의 해결사! Complete 100 pet expeditions
정예 원정대! Complete 500 pet expeditions

[Character information related]

1. Can view character’s information regardless of server or channel by using ‘/정보 name servername’ command

2. Reveal my character information On/Off feature added in System > Option window

[Dungeon related]

1. Changed so HP/MP recovers fully upon entering a dungeon that has limit on consumables

* Target Dungeon: Henir, Sinister Intent, Gate of Darkness, 5 Event dungeons

2. Changed so Gate of Darkness MP potion cooldown isn’t shared with character’s MP potions

3. In Henir, ready time after dying and failing changed from 10s → 3s

[Quest Related]

1. Field Quests, Chain Field Quests and certain normal quests removed

* Quests already accepted can be carried out normally

2. Dungeon materials required for Skill Quests are dropped 100%

3. 최강의 길 3/5 Clear condition changed from defeat field middle boss → Clear sander dungeon bosses

4. 금단의 힘 2/5 Clear condition changed from collect Nasod energy device → Miniature Nasod energy device

[Fishing Related]

1. 4 new fishing achievements

Achievement Condition
큰 고기를 낚기 위하여 작은 미끼를 아끼지 말라. Attempt 1,000 fishing
이 정도면 많이 낚았다. Attempt 10,000 fishing
이 정도면 낚시왕 인정? 어, 인정! Attempt 100,000 fishing
황금 가재를 낚는 어부가 되어라 Fish golden crayfish 1 time

2. Added option to equip fishing tools of same name automatically once current tool’s durability reaches 0%

   (Check ‘자동 교체’ in fishing window)

3. Added option to stop fishing automatically once a fishing tool’s durability reaches 0%

   (Check ‘자동 종료’ in fishing window)

4. Changed so life stamina is displayed when fishing window is open

[Item Related]

  1. 1 Flame Crystal is obtained when dismantling Varnimyr Raid accessories

▣ Character Reboot 1st Event

▣ Log in to obtain Elrianode Color Change Ticket & Mystic Stone Effect Change Ticket!

[Event Duration] 2019 6 20 ~ 2019 7 4

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Log in during event to obtain [Cobo] Elrianode color change ticket cube and more rewards

* Log in for 30 minutes and check attendance on event window located at top of the screen

* Attendance time is every day 0 ~ 11:59

▣ Obtain Class change tickets every week

[Event Duration] 2019 6 20 ~ 2019 7 4

[Event Target] Level 10+ Elsword, Rena, Eve (Per Account/Both Server)

[Event Detail] Clear weekly event quest to obtain [Cobo] 1st Reboot Class change ticket

▣ All Characters get Twisted Time-Space Key and title

[Event Duration] 2019 6 20 ~ 2019 7 4

[Event Target] lvl 10+ Characters (Per Account/Per Server)

[이벤트 내용]

1) Clear Event quests to get [Luriel] Twisted T&S key

2) Clear Weekly Event Quest to get [Cobo] Re:Boot title (7 days) (Physical/Magical Damage +10%, Dungeon)

▣ Secret/Heroic/Elrianode dungeon free entry!

[Event Duration] 2019 6 20 ~ 2019 7 4

[Event Target] Characters able to enter each dungeons

[Event Detail] Enter for free

▣ Weekend Hot-time

[Event Duration] 2019 6 22 0 ~ 2019 6 23 11:59PM

[Event Target] characters over 10+

[Event Detail]

Day Hot-Time!
6/22(Sat) 3x EXP
Unlimited Stamina
6/23(Sun) 2x EXP
Unlimited Stamina

▣ Notice Regarding Elrianode Color change and Mystic Stone effect change

[Available] 2019 6 20 ~ 2019 8 14

▣ El Tear Color change notice

[Change El Tear Color]

– NPC : Denif

How to use :

1) Prepare a gear with red or blue set effect and an ‘Elrianode gear color change ticket’ ‘엘리아노드 장비 색상 변경권’

2) Use the El Tear gear change feature ‘엘티어 장비 색상 변경’ from NPC Denif

3) El Tear Colors of the gears will change

[Change Example]

  1. Normal Effect

Red Critical 4% ↔ Blue Critical 4%

Red 29 LV ↔ Blue 29 LV

Red All Skill Damage+44% ↔ Blue All Skill Damage +44%

2) Physical/Magical (Switches to other)

Red Physical Defense Ignore 10% ↔ Blue Magical Defense Ignore 10%

Red Party Physical Damage [2 + Enhancement]% ↔ Blue Party Magical Damage [2 + Enhancement]%

Red Party Magical Damage [2 + Enhancement]% ↔ Blue Party Physical Damage [2 + Enhancement]%

* Purple El Tears cannot be changed

▣ Mystic Stone Effect Change Notice

Flames of Judgement Wep, Apocalypse Type-Void

‘Physical/Magical’ Mystic Stone effect swap ticket released

Click on tickets from inventory then select a weapon to change physical/magical mystic stone effect currently applied to that weapon

* Only usable on Flames of Judgement Wep, Apocalypse Type-Void

* Only usable if there is Physical/Magical mystic stone effect applied to the weapon

* Changes all physical magical effects others effects aren’t affected

[Ending Event]

1. Pre-Reboot event

▣ Cash Shop Update


1. Laby: Sailor Swimwear – Sugar White/Vintage Navy

– 2019 6 20 ~ 2019 8 14

2. Stand Motion : Mega Caek My Dear Sweet – Another Dance

– 2019 6 20 ~ 2020 1 2

3. Suit : Elite Search Party Uniform – Crimson Edge

– 2019 6 20 ~ Always

– Receive buff faster when standing in Crimson Edge


1. Laby Glacial Princess/ NBSMK2

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