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7/04 Patch Notes

July 3rd, 2019 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6AM ~ 12:00 (6 hrs) KST

RE:BOOT : Ara, Elesis, Ain

Character Reboot Update


Summer Update Pre-Register ‘RE:WIND’!

Summer Update ‘RE:WIND’ Pre-Register Event

[Event Duration] 2019 7 4 ~ 2019 7 17 5PM

[Event Target] all players (1 per account, only 1 character can obtain)

[Event Detail] Pre-Register on Elsword homepage to obtain RE:WIND pre-register cube

▣ Character Reboot 2nd Event

Log in to obtain Elrianode color change ticket & mystic stone effect change ticket!

[Event Duration] 2019 7 4 ~ 2019 7 18

[Event Target] character over lvl 10 (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Log in for 30 minutes to complete attendance and obtain rewards

Obtain Job change cube every week

[Event Duration] 2019 7 4 ~ 2019 7 18

[Event Target] Ara, Elesis, Ain over lvl 10  (Per Account/Server)

[Event Detail] Clear weekly event quest to obtain job change ticket cube

Drabaki Keys and Reboot title

[Event Duration] 2019 7 4 ~ 2019 7 18

[Event Target] lvl 10+ (per account/server)

[Event Detail]

1) Clear daily event quest to obtain Drabaki key x1

2) Clear weekly event quest to obtain Reboot Title  (P/M Attack+10%, Dungeon Only)

Free Secret/Heroic/Elrianode dungeon entry

[Event Duration] 2019 7 4 ~ 2019 7 18

[Event Target] characters that can run the dungeons

[Event Detail] No tickets required to enter

Reboot weekend event time

[Event Duration] 2019 7 6 0AM ~ 2019 7 7   11:59PM

[Event Target] Characters over lvl 10

[Event Detail] 

Date Hot-Time!
7/6 EXP x3
Unlimited Stamina
7/7 EXP x2
(Normal/Secret/Heroic/Add Dungeon)
Unlimited Stamina

Nexon Cash Game

[Event Duration] 2019 7 7 3PM ~ 3:20PM / 4PM ~ 4:20PM

[Event Target] all players (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Choose the right side for chance to obtain Nexon Cash

[Cash Shop]

New Items

  1. Avatar: Floral Holiday – Sunrise/Sunset

– Duration: 2019 7 4 ~ 2019 8 1

  1. Custom Motion : Pink/Sky Teacup (Ain, Laby)

– Duration : 2019 7 4 ~ 2019 8 29

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9 Responses

  • Human Race says:

    *Waiting to ASD heavy nerf to balance PvE and PvP

    • Abeyll says:

      An ASD nerf will do nothing about pve balance, even less for pvp since it is not even impacted by it.

      • AishaJulieth says:

        Emmm… Really makes a diference in PvE. Evoid a skill Instant clean stage for some characters. But to get that need’s a change in ADS, Critical damage and damage decrease in a skill of multiples targets who really broken the PvE in that aspect.

    • Katja Eclair says:

      An ASD nerf wouldn’t balance anything. It’d just screw over normal people while heavy cashers continue to roflstomp in +12s and pimped-out Elrianode gear.

    • MagicSpice says:

      People saying ASD wouldn’t do a thing misunderstand how ASD works…

      People stack skill damage to do absurd amounts of overall damage.

      Sure there’s other factors like crit and maxi stats, but skill damage increases is the biggest reason why we can suddenly hit the damage cap and cause an overflow.

      Hell, you can get almost 100% ASD between elrianode set and ERP if done right… That’s double skill damage there….

      • GarryMS says:

        I’m pretty sure they meant that the nerf won’t change the fact that strong people are still strong, weak people are still weak and the unbalanced between those 2 is still there because nerfing ASD will make both weaker.

  • Lolme says:

    What inside summer rewind cube??

  • Michele says:

    Is pet expedition bugged? My pet is at growth point of about 120 in NA, meets the type requirement but success rate is 0%.

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    of afterward its up to other people that they will help, so here it

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