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9/10/2020 Patch Notes: Harmony Festival, New IB

September 9th, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices | Patch Notes

# Event/Cash Shop Update

2020 Harmony FESTIVAL

  1. 2020 Harmony FESTIVAL

[Event Duration] 2020 9 10 ~ 2020 10 08

[Event Target] All Players / Level 10+(Per Character)

[Event Detail]

1. Harmony Festival Resting Area is open

2. Log in for 30 minutes to obtain Harmony Festival Title(7days)

(Physical/Magical Attack +10%, Adaption 2%, EXP 20%)

3. Ariel Sells Harmony Festival Consumables

  1. Harmony Festival!

Harmony Festival Ticket Exchange

[Event Duration]

[1st Phase] 2020 9 10 ~ 2020 9 24

[2nd Phase] 2020 9 24 ~ 2020 10 08

[Event Target] Level 10+ (Per Account/Server Separate)

[Event Detail] Clear event quests to obtain Harmony Festival Tickets then exchange tickets for rewards at Ariel

Rewards: [Luriel] Harmony Festival Costume Cube, [Luriel] Sage Stone, Spectral Amethyst

Harmony Festival Resting Area

[Event Duration] 2020 9 10 ~ 2020 10 08

[Event Target] All Players

[Event Detail] Stay in Harmony Festival Resting area for 1 minutes for buff. 

Event Duration & Buff


Event Duration & Buff

9/10 ~ 9/17 9:59 AM KR

9/24 ~ 10/1 9:59 AM KR


9/17 10:00 AM KR ~ 9/24

10/1 10:00 AM KR ~ 10/8

Physical/Magical Attack +3% (Dungeon/Field)

EXP + 50%

Adaptation +2%


Physical/Magical Attack +3% (Dungeon/Field)

Drop Rate + 50%

Adaptation +2%

Harmony Festival Raid Reset Ticket

[Event Duration] 2020 9 10 ~ 2020 10 08

[Event Target] Level 10+ All Players(Per Account/Server Separate)

[Event Detail] Log in every week for 30 minutes to obtain [Luriel] Varnimyr Raid Ticket.


Harmony Festival Life Burning Times

[Event Duration] 2020 9 10 ~ 2020 10 08

[Event Target] All Players / Level 10+ All Players(Per Character)

[Event Detail] 

Event Name

Event Duration

Event Detail

공존의 축제 1부

9 10 After Maintenance ~

9 24 Before Maintenance


Free Entry for Secret, Heroic, Elrianode Dungeons

공존의 축제 2부

9 24 After Maintenance ~

10 08 Before Maintenance

[Log in 10 minutes daily]

[Cobo] Grotto Ticket x1

* For: Level 10+ All Players(Per Character)


+1 time Free ticket entry for Pruinaum region

Drop Rate 2 for Varnimyr Raid

Cash Shop

  1. New IB: Eligos

– 2020 9 10 ~ 2020 12 3 Before Maintenance

     2. Suit: Harmony Festival Costume

– 2020 9 10 ~ 2020 10 08

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12 Responses

  • Noware says:

    “Life Burning Times”

    That naming sense is just so real, lmao. Playing elsword literally makes you feel lifeless…

  • Sariel says:

    Berthe raid nerf when?

  • Gabezin says:

    And also a weapon drop in story mode.

  • VeryAngryGremlin says:

    The new IB is a blatant copy of a costume from the game Love Nikki Dark Veredict. I knew Elsword was lame…, but this lame? The shape of the top piece, the legs, the hat…….

  • MagicSpice says:

    For everyone asking for or mentioning “raid nerf”… i hope you do realize they won’t nerf it unless either there’s content PAST the raid (so far there isn’t) or too many KR players end up failing.

    And that’s of course assuming someone can even take the raid on anyway cause without a fuck ton of adapt (likely maxed), you’re gonna need well beyond the 1.5 mil CP to even stand a chance, and even then it took a while for KR players rocking nearly 4mil+ to beat it.

    Plus there’s still balancing with characters, but that’s nothing new. It’s KoG after all… they’ll either get some things right and break them later, ignore the problem areas and do something random, or RARELY get something right and leave it as is.

    Also, about the last time I posted where KR gave out +12 ammies, sure only a few players could get them, but doesn’t change the fact that they still also gave out +11 ammies outright before (aka no raffle) and still FURTHER doesn’t change that other servers will at best get a random chance for a +9 for free, or chance at +10 ammy if you pay for it, provided it’s not an enhancement event… It’s still pretty much every non-KR server asking “fork up some cash or just git lucky/gud”.

    Also, RIP NA forums, heard what happened with that. My metamorphy guide is definitely dead for sure despite not updating it for a long time.

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