The Tongue of Elrios

New Character, Noah Teaser

November 18th, 2020 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates

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  • Arcandanic says:

    Noise, more problrms with the lore and the game :V

    • zen says:

      Like the lore ever made sense anyways lol stop complaining

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Honestly, I haven’t had much trouble following along with it. I mean, I do have some questions, but for the most part, I’ve been able to connect the dots.

        It helps to try to set your perspective as someone who’s actually in that world, not as someone observing from the outside.

        • SkyVR says:

          Sadly that’s pretty much everyone’s perspective in most cases.
          Unrelated but SA2 is similarly affected by adapting this kind of overseer PoV, instead of trying to put yourself in the shoes of the chars present.

          And similarly, a lot of ppl dismiss the plot in both games, and call it full of plotholes and issues, even though they understand next to nothing about them.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            It feels like people forget that they’re supposed to see stories like this as completely different worlds. I mean, yeah, in our own world, this stuff wouldn’t make sense. But guess what, guys! These stories DON’T take place in our world! The worlds that they DO take place in have different rules and logic! So stop trying to put real world logic into them! It’s the entire freaking reason the concept of “suspension of disbelief” exists in the first place!

    • MarieWolf_94 says:

      ive never had an issue following along w/ the lore. my only issue w/ it is how Ain and Rose was shoehorned in and kinda throws a wrench into what was already established as the lore before their respective releases.

      to anyone who says the lore/story is confusing and/or bad, clearly y’all didnt read the dialogue properly or just sped through it (skipping it altogether i get ppl dont really care for the story and just want to get to the gameplay, but this is directed at those that ARE reading the story but speed through it and complain it doesnt make sense). though i will say it’s pretty confusing nowadays since KOG deleted several story quests a handful of years ago. because of this, now the story dialogue flows more awkwardly since the dialogue would cut then come back w/ someone saying “Ok, we got the thing!”/”We dealt w/ this enemy!”/etc, but you no longer do the dungeon run you were meant to do between then and the dialogue that was meant to be before you do the dungeon run. this i blame on the players that bitched and moaned the runs were “too long, repetitive and grindy” as well as KOG because, ofc of all times, the dumbasses at KOG decided to listen for once in their lives, cutting content. this is AN MMORPG, it’s SUPPOSE to be grindy and kinda repetitive! if you dont like it, then obviously these type of RPGs arent meant for you…now because of these kinds of ppl we got shorter, often times ugly dungeons and awkward dialogue that makes the “confusing” lore/story actually confusing.

      as much as i love Elsword, at this point KOG should just cut their losses and close the game. i give them kudos to them (finally) trying for once and giving us new, relaxing content to entertain us as well as (sort of) balancing the game’s RNG and such…but at this point it’s too little, too late. a lot of the old veteran players have long since given up on the game (myself included) and any new players they may attract leave once they start hitting endgame because the difficulty curve suddenly skyrockets. i will be checking out Noah and his new classes upon his release, but, after that, i’ll be leaving and returning to Closers and my single-player games

  • Stormquake says:

    Oh boy is that an actual scythe? Actually seems more like some kind of arm-blade… still neat though

  • Raven's Toenail Clippings says:

    looks like add and aisha had a kid. he’s kinda boring design-wise but I’m interested in seeing his gameplay and his paths.

  • Dinu says:

    Kinda lazy introduction…. Nothing to compare to Laby. (Downvote!)

  • Michele says:

    Woah woah, we did not expect a character. Actually, it was to be expected, but not this soon after 2 years (like with gap between Ain and Laby). I suppose this character will have Master Class with Ebalon.

    • Dan Yami says:

      But Ebalon is the traitor how tf is that gonna work

      • Dranvo says:

        Possibly, this new character could be an evil one.

      • Rdx says:

        Adrian is not a master either and you still have to train with him him/his creations.

      • SaiNeko says:

        Ebalon can still be a master class for him since ebalon is still the El master of the moon. Sure he maybe a traitor but he’s still the el master of the moon so he can still teach them.

        • SaiNeko says:

          To also add to my comment, It would make sense for Ebalon to be a master class since most of the master class is centered around the elements of elrios. Denif being water, Solace being sun, Ventus being wind, Gaia being Earth, Rosso being fire and Hernia being the mother of all since she’s the master of the EL. The only person who technically shouldn’t be a master class is Adrian since he’s not an element of elrios like the others. So ebalon being a master class for this character makes quite a lot of sense.

          • Sariel says:

            Crappy KoG is gonna throw him into the El-Lady Dungeon with some lousy excuse in the story, don’t get your hopes up too high.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            To be fail, the “Master” of Master Class doesn’t necessarily have to mean El Master. It could just be literal and mean that they’ve mastered their class. Eve is a Nasod, and Add uses Nasod tech, so it makes sense for them to have Adrian, the guy who invented Nasod tech, as their Master.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Crud, how did I not notice that typo?! I meant to type “fair”, not “fail”. Ugh, I wish we could edit these >_>

      • DuoXyro says:

        More then likely, he will have the same Master as Ain, since Ain’s the only group that only has one person.I have a feeling this character is related to Ebalon and is trying to right the wrongs his relative caused.

  • PinkAnemos says:

    this char will have to compete with chung for shota status

  • Bubie says:

    I mean we kinda knew it, was going to be a shota

  • Flitz says:

    Apparently, his basic class might be called “Moon Shadow” judging from the interview with the CEO

    we know that he is a high mobility character, he has shadow power, and he has multiple types of Awakening that a player can choose to use.

  • KGI says:

    Noah? As in the Noah’s Graves in Hamel? Chung, explain this shit.

  • Sieg says:

    That’s too cool of a weapon to be wasted on a bland-ass character design, we need more Macho males like Raven, Solace and the likes to be playable, Laby was already a major disappointment being the only real “melee” character in the game, especially comparing her with GC’s melee characters, such as Jin and Azin, badasses and cool looking

    Oh, well…but i guess that’s the state with Elsword now, focusing on as much cutesy and fanbase stuff as possible, thing is, there are more male players than females out there, and they also want relatable non-cringey, badass male characters to play with, unfortunately almost all the time the female characters wipe the floor with them because fanservice, it is what it is
    (Still interested to see how that twink turns out to play, really cool weapon)

    • Santiago says:

      I mean that’s just base job, you gotta wait for other jobs designs lol

    • SaiNeko says:

      I like how you say macho male and put solace as your example when solace ain’t even as macho as gaia. At best solace is as macho as Ciel since ciel is the second macho playable character(Just not as BULKY MUSCLUAR as raven but more just on the well built side). Also laby was not a major disappointment. She actually did very well aka why they made the new character base off from laby’s success. Sure laby when we actually did get the character to play we got bad with her since at the time she was broken (or too op) but that’s gameplay reasons and this character might make a difference in the gameplay aspects. (aka this character already have a different weapon from her which is a tonfa blade). Also by melee character I assume you mean characters in the brawler category. Which I would like to say is more than laby, its just laby actually shows it more. Rage hearts is a brawler, Doom bringer is a brawler, Timoria (catastrophe Lu) is a brawler, Anemos is a brawler. So yea but this is just base design. Just wait for more

    • Anoche says:

      Raven’s base job looks like a giant headed baby with a butcher knife but the twist is he’s 24 and pushing 30 in his third job…no one but Ciel comes close to his age lol. It’s funny you bring that up that they should have more macho designs but it’s Korean char design…they don’t care about what westerners want. We’re lucky to even be getting a male char since girl chars are more profitable. I’m so sorry you think all that

      • SaiNeko says:

        LOL that raven statement now that is funny. Also just because its korean char design doesn’t mean they can’t do macho characters. That’s up to them if they want and you simply give a feedback on it. They are not gonna try and please the west because the west is not their main concern. Korea is. Sure, the game is accessible to people in the west but that’s just not make you feel left out. It’s to bring you entertainment. If KR people want a macho character, then well there’s is a high chance they will get one. There’s already macho npc characters so having a playable macho character is nothing. Its just up to what they want. Easy
        and also its better to be glad that elsword is making male and female characters (evenly in a way) because they would profit so much more if this game had mostly females because sex really do sell.

  • Hiro'chi says:

    Could he be replacing Ebalon as Moon Master and have Hernia be his Master like Ain does?

  • Flare Kyn says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this design actually looks good? I mean, I won’t deny it could have been better, but it feels like everyone’s hating on it just for the sake of hating on it. Simple designs can be cool, too, you know.

    • SaiNeko says:

      I like it too, Idk people just don’t like him I guess for no reason or their expectations for what that want the new character didn’t happen so they got upset.

    • Sieg says:

      It’s not bad, but it’s a fucking shota just lol

      • Flare Kyn says:

        I fail to see how that’s an issue.

      • Hatsushi says:

        It’s his base job, Elsword looks much younger then Noah on his base job and yet look at him on his 3rd jobs.

        • Flitz says:

          Yes, but Elsword took 5 years to reach C3 while Laby only took around 1 month (Elsword’s gang was already C3 when Laby started her basic class journey). Unless they start Noah’s story from 5 years ago at the same time Elsword started his journey in Ruben, Noah will barely grow and we won’t see much difference in his appearance compare to his C3/MC to his basic class design.

          He will probably grow at a lightning speed just like how Laby only took ~ 1 month.

          • Anon says:

            Honestly time doesn’t matter much. Even using your Laby example, she still looks years older by third job compared to base class, and she’s supposed to have been alive the longest out of everyone already. KoG clearly doesn’t care about that kind of consistency.

          • Flitz says:

            @Anon Yeah, I also guess that much since if you take a look at Elwiki’s data you’ll see that everyone has 5 years of growth between their basic class and C3 which make doesn’t make sense for Luciel and Rose at all since Luciel’s cutscene in Lanox start her with basic class and Rose is still in basic class when Elsword already beat Solace. That’s a big plot hole there unless those 5 years numbers are a mistake.

            but still, I doubt that Noah will grow as much as Elsword did since it’s pretty clear that KOG wants to make a counter Laby ( Pink loli > Blue Shota). we will have to wait and see on Friday in the “Fly me to the moon” Live event then ( we should see how C1 of 1st path and some of his gameplay by then I assume)

          • Flare Kyn says:

            As someone who is actually able to follow the story…

            Even I have a problem with that! Why the heck are Lu, Ciel, and especially Rose still base class so late into the story?!

            As for Laby, I feel like her physical growth could be connected to her mental growth. It’s already heavily implied that she’s not a (normal) human, so I don’t think it’s impossible.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Either that or the forest was somehow preventing her physical growth (I thought of this after posting my initial reply).

          • SaiNeko says:

            Actually that’s probably more of a mistake on kog part. That they just stick with and never changed for some reason. Since here’s another question, why would lu/ciel start from ruben when you are playing them? Shouldn’t they start from lanox? That’s not the case. Which means they possibly grow before they reach lanox so them being at base job at lanox is more of kog not realizing that. So when the el gang reach at lanox in technicality lu/ciel is already a noblesse, same goes for rose when they meet at elrianode. The problem here is that kog made everyone start from the same place (until laby became a thing) aka ruben and worked their ages from there. So from ruben to elrianode the el gang has passed 5 years which explain their ages in the elwiki.

          • SaiNeko says:

            So in Kog view its like this:.
            When we play rose and Lu/ciel: they start from ruben so we can see their growth
            In the story though: when they meet the el gang they are already second job, its just kog didn’t realize that so they ended up showing the character’s in the movie at base job.

          • Flitz says:

            @SaiNeko I don’t think the “everyone starts from Ruben” is canon because there’s more evidence saying that Luciel starts from Lanox than starts from Ruben such as their released trailer with Karis, Ciel’s backstory, and in-game cutscene. Also, it wouldn’t make any sense to starts everyone from Ruben because everyone would have met each other from the beginning. The people that start from Ruben should only be Elsword, Aisha, Rena, and Ain. Ruben’s story for everyone else is just a filler. The next guy that starts in the next town (Elder) should be Add iirc.

            and no, Luciel didn’t start from Ruben, their tutorial starts in Lanox and they just magically teleport back to the past to Ruben (which doesn’t make sense).

          • Flitz says:

            Also, Rose starts in Atlas. Unless you mean that she stuck in the Atlas for 5 years and do nothing to progress to the mission that the queen gave her. I don’t think someone that takes the responsibility seriously as Rose would just stick around in Atlas for 5 years.

          • Flitz says:

            I get what you’re trying to say though. You mean that they’re already in the advanced class when they start the story in the game, not as a basic class. But the in-game story isn’t the only place where the canon story takes place. So some of them still don’t make much sense.

          • SaiNeko says:

            Of course the statement of not everyone start from ruben is canon. I mean their tutorial dungeon proves that but that’s literally the only way they calculated the characters age. They calculated it from Ruben to Elrianode. Ara started from the northern empire which at the time of her creation wasn’t even a dungeon yet region. So how did she even get to velder or hamel and partner up with the El gang? That’s the reason I don’t pay attention to the movie because the movie isn’t a good piece of evidence. Especially when the movie outright the existence of First job entirely which is why I said some of them technically when they do meet the characters are already second job. It sounds weird to say but its mostly like that since it took at least 3 or 4 years for the el gang to reach lanox (coming from elsword’s view) so this would make character’s like lu/ciel and rose have enough time to reach second job. Idk its the most I could see sensible at the time

          • SaiNeko says:

            Auto correct sentence:
            *The statement that everyone starts from ruben is not canon.

          • Flitz says:

            All and all. . . whatever plothole or a mess that they did with the story and age. I still standby on my assumption of Noah will grow at a Laby’s pace since he probably will get his own dungeon just like Laby and design-wise he probably still look like a kid because they try to make a counter Laby (Happy + Loud -> Quiet + Reserved, Pink Loli -> Blue Shota.) since Laby still looks like a kid in C3/MC, I’ll bet that Noah will be like that too. But we’ll have to wait until Friday when they might show some stuff on the Nexon Youtube Live.

          • SaiNeko says:

            Also if I recall roses communicator wasn’t fully working so she needed to get that fix. So she being in atlas longer to try and fix it makes sense since she is in the place of technology and rose doesn’t know elrios so she even being in atlas for more than longer does make sense and she joins the guys in elrianode, the movie in elysion tells us that she was merely spying but that’s it. She was just spying. But the movie isn’t fully creditable so I can’t use it all the time and I just have to work with what at least make sense cause even class backgrounds also contradict the movie sometimes. Even rose canon class line proves she might have been in atlas for a long time.

          • SaiNeko says:

            Of course noah will age faster. You’re not wrong with that. He will 100% high likely age faster since he is to be most like laby so i don’t think he will follow the others

  • Anon says:

    Base class is kinda bland. Hopefully he will look more badass around 2nd or 3rd job advancement.

  • Kouta says:

    now it all comes down to this….. more characters, just like how grandchase died, get your pvp fixed instead of releasing a new character where everything is hard to balance, its really hard to come back to this game anymore kog making awful mistakes again

    • Flare Kyn says:

      New characters aren’t inherently a bad thing. I quite enjoyed playing as the 13 characters we already have and each of their classes, and I’m looking forward to being able to play as another character in the future. Plus, I’m interested in seeing what Noah’s story is.

      • Anon says:

        I see PvP as more of a side distraction myself. As much as I’m sure tournaments and the like contribute to Elsword’s longevity, in my opinion it’s much more important to keep the PvE game alive. New characters are great for this, as they offer a fresh new take on playing through the game that is much needed after years of just playing the same way.

        It seems like KoG has settled into a nifty little pattern of releasing a new region every summer, and rotating every other year between releasing new characters and new job advancement or skill related updates. We will likely see something like 2nd Transcendence or something in December 2021, followed by another new character in 2022.

        • Flare Kyn says:

          I could be wrong, I feel like we already have a 2nd Transcendence in the form of Master Class, so if they’re going to release yet another advancement, I think it’ll probably be 4th Jobs.

          Though I honestly wish they’d just release 4th paths for everyone already! Seriously, there’s nothing stopping them from doing it, and evening out the physical and magical paths for each character is a good thing IMO! But literally every time I bring up the Non-Rose characters getting 4th paths, everyone tells me “RoSe OnLy HaS 4Th PaTh BeCaUsE sHe’S a GuEsT cHaRaCtEr AnD hAd 4 pAtHs In HeR oRiGiNaL gAmE!” And every time, I’m just like “What’s your freaking point?! Yes, that’s why she has four paths here, but that in no way prevents the other characters from getting 4th paths! In fact, it actually makes the other characters having 4th paths make MORE sense (not that the idea didn’t make sense in the first place)!”

          • SaiNeko says:

            In rose case its easy to get 4th path for her, not because she is a guest character but that 4th path was already planned for her. Kog did not have any work to really do in it and so far Kog is mostly use to 3 pathline for classes. I know we would love to even it out and heck 4th path would give us more options, but that puts much more work load on Elsword. Rose is not a good enough test of elsword getting 4th path because that path already existed. It was not Kog’s work as such this makes us fear that Elsword is inexperience with making 4 paths for the characters and just stick to 3. If they actually wanted to experiment with 4th paths then after they implemented rose they would have possibly tried 4th paths a bit earlier but they didn’t. Just because rose have it does not mean everyone else should have it. Kog can’t simply just be like “hey rose have 4 paths lets give it to everyone because why not!” No. They have to think it through, they would have to think of more designs, more concepts, more skills, how to make the new class have a different playstyle than the other so fort and so on, they also have to think of the backstory and try to make that backstory different from the others and try to make it make sense within their lore. They would have to test this first and Rose is not really a good example of their testing when Rose already have the path to begin with and was already a fleshed out character in another game. In my opinion, If elsword does want to try 4th paths, they should have implemented way earlier as a test run and then when that test run is over then they fully flesh it out. So in my view when they implemented rose, if they were interested in 4th paths, they could have at least tried with Ain just to make kog actually feel what making a 4th path is like for their characters as such it would give us a good hope of 4th path existing. I’m not saying here that 4th paths should not exist. Elsword can do it if they want to, (they should have just tried it earlier) but the reason of “rose has it because of her own game having it” is not fully good reason. Just because rose have it does not mean everyone else should have it.

          • SaiNeko says:

            Also even in DFO (where rose is from). She doesn’t even have 5 class line paths unlike other characters in her game that do. So yea, just because someone else have it does not mean they should get it.

          • SaiNeko says:

            (I like to also add even some characters in roses universe don’t even have a class path)

          • Flare Kyn says:

            “Kog did not have any work to really do in it and so far Kog is mostly use to 3 pathline for classes.”

            Except up until Chung’s release, there were only 2 paths per character. 3rd paths became a thing AFTER Chung was released. So that’s not really stopping them from doing 4th paths, ’cause it didn’t stop them from doing 3rd paths either when the norm before then was only 2 paths per character.

            “Rose is not a good enough test of elsword getting 4th path because that path already existed.”

            I mean, to be fair, she IS the first and only character in THIS game to have a 4th path up to this point, so while she had her reasons for having a 4th path, she could still fill the role of finding out how people think of 4th paths.

            “Kog can’t simply just be like “hey rose have 4 paths lets give it to everyone because why not!” No. They have to think it through, they would have to think of more designs, more concepts, more skills, how to make the new class have a different playstyle than the other so fort and so on, they also have to think of the backstory and try to make that backstory different from the others and try to make it make sense within their lore.”

            Hey, I don’t want them to just haphazardly release 4th paths either. Tbh, I actually kinda wanted 4th paths before Rose was even revealed to be coming to Elsword, it’s just that Rose actually having four paths made me want it even more.

            “Also even in DFO (where rose is from). She doesn’t even have 5 class line paths unlike other characters in her game that do.”

            Two things. First, in DFO, the base classes aren’t named characters like in Elsword, so it can be easily believed that multiple people in the world of DFO can have the same class. Rose in Elsword is actually an adaption of the Female Gunner class who IS a named character, meaning that while there could be other female gunners in her world, there is only a single “Rose” specifically. And with the characters in Elsword being actual named characters, it’s heavily implied that each class path relates to a specific timeline. There’s also the fact that while the paths are based on the DFO classes, there is actual Elrios influence in them (for example, the Metal Heart path uses actual Nasod tech, which didn’t exist in her original world). Second (and I looked at a DFO wiki to get this information), the DFO class that she was based on isn’t an odd one out in DFO, as other base classes in that game also have only 4 paths. But in Elsword, she IS the odd one out, being the ONLY character in the game to have a 4th path, while everyone else has EXACTLY 3 paths with ZERO exceptions.

            “(I like to also add even some characters in roses universe don’t even have a class path)”

            Only the Dark Knight and Creator classes.

            And I’m not saying that the game NEEDS 4th paths, I just think it would be a good idea. I only get annoyed at the “but Rose is a guest character” excuse because it means literally nothing in terms of the OTHER characters getting 4th paths.

          • SaiNeko says:

            Sigh. 4th path is a good idea, in fact I would like it. I’m not against the idea. I’m only stating that just because rose have it, does not mean everyone should have it. That’s all I’m saying. In DFO case you can say its because of the fact they work on classes and don’t give name to the character, however the only reason this rose is mostly different is because she was given a name and she needed to at least fit a bit in Elsword world (aka the job changes being more with elsword lore than that of dfo. Which makes sense since how else is she gonna job change if she aint in her world). Imagine going around and just calling her female gunner, doesn’t sound good at all. Sure rose gives the possibility of 4th paths, that’s no lie and maybe they will implement it. I mean it is a very good idea and kog might just market from it but taking into the fact no one even likes rose much in KR and since Kog mostly listen to KR people would they even implement it? Oh well, I appreciate your idea and I think it should be a thing but I don’t feel rose is a good candidate, especially with her popularity in the elsword community. Anyway the excuse of “rose is a guest character” works up to some point. Her being a guest is what makes her stick out and makes you just know right off the bat she ain’t from here. Also i would to know how would elsword even go on the concept of 4th paths? They would have to think much harder for their characters like ain and laby when they seem already fully fleshed out with just three. Where would ain 4th path go? Would he just become a full on demon instead of becoming herrscher?

          • Anon says:

            Honestly if we did get 4th paths for the next big thing, they would likely release them either one at a time or in batches of three over the course of the year. If we did get batches of three, it would likely be (Elboy, Aisha, Rena) in January, (Raven, Eve, Chung) in April, (Ara, Elesis, Add) in July, (Luciel, Ain, Laby) in October, and then finally Noah at the end of the year in December.

            It’s hard to say whether they would also split the advancements into separate updates as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if they released up to 2nd job at first, and then finally released 3rd jobs for them the following year. That way they could get extra cash from hyping them up again. This would also reflect how Elboy-Chung originally only got their 1st jobs on their 3rd paths at first, and got 2nd jobs in later updates.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            “I’m only stating that just because rose have it, does not mean everyone should have it.”

            That’s… what? I said I wanted 4th paths BEFORE Rose came out, Rose just made me want them more than I did before. And I also said that I’m NOT trying to say that the game needs 4th paths!

            “Sure rose gives the possibility of 4th paths, that’s no lie and maybe they will implement it.”

            Uh… no, the possibility was ALWAYS there, even before Rose. That’s not at all the reason I bring up Rose’s 4th paths (well, maybe it was in the past, but I wouldn’t remember that, and even if it was, I wouldn’t agree with that anymore).

            “but taking into the fact no one even likes rose much in KR”

            I’m sorry, what? Where did you get this from?

            No, seriously, where did you get this from? Because I legit thought most of the Rose hate came from NA, and even then, I thought it was heavily unjustified.

            “Anyway the excuse of “rose is a guest character” works up to some point.”

            Uh… what? It’s true that that’s why she has a 4th path, but people are using it as an excuse for the other characters to NOT get 4th paths, which is why I get upset at people using that excuse against me. Yeah, it’s entirely possible that the other characters won’t ever get 4th paths, BUT IT WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ROSE BEING A GUEST CHARACTER!

            “They would have to think much harder for their characters like ain and laby when they seem already fully fleshed out with just three.”

            Every path has to be fully fleshed out in the first place. The paths are just different angles for how the character is fleshed out. For example: Richter and Bluhen may both be Ain, but they’re still different from each other, even having some personality traits that conflict with those of the other paths.

            “Where would ain 4th path go? Would he just become a full on demon instead of becoming herrscher?”

            What? Herrscher is HENIR corruption, not demonic corruption. Also, his 4th path doesn’t necessarily have to be a corruption path (they CAN go that route if they want to, but they don’t have to).

          • Anon says:

            I honestly doubt 4th path would be corruption path at all. They already have that with most of the 3rd paths. More likely we would see something entirely different, such as perhaps an “conversion” path where the character abandons their original fighting style entirely and does something completely different , such as replacing Elboy’s sword with a shield, or making LuCiel swap so that Lu uses the gunblades and Ciel punches things, or etc.

            Or for all we know, 4th path could be basically just base class but stronger, but I suppose you could argue most of the canon paths are just that anyway so probably not.

          • Anon says:

            Immortal does still have some corruptive influence. It may be miniscule, but it exists. Twilight might not have a particularly corrupted personality, but her fighting style is particularly savage, making use of nature to do some particularly inhumane things with her traps. Nova Imperator has positive intentions, but unlike his other two paths he refuses to let go of the past and effectively becomes the living embodiment of the worst point in his life, just redirecting the negative feelings he felt back then into a desire to protect his friends. This is the version of him that’s the closest to when he was under Nasod mind control of the three. Code: Sariel abandons her emotions in favor of gaining more power, effectively turning into an apathetic killing machine loyal only to the search party. Shakti embraces Eun’s power to the point of being possessed a majority of the time, though admittedly is less of a full replacement than Nisha.

            Back in the day before the update that added Ara, Add, and Elesis’s third paths, third paths were intended much less to be corruption paths, so they generally don’t align with the same trend that has existed since, but the elements, although usually subtle, do usually exist somewhat.

            My point regarding Fatal Phantom wasn’t that he stops using the cannon, it was that he uses it less and less in favor of his pistols, which he uses more and more. By the time you get to second and third job the cannon feels a lot more like a secondary weapon than a primary.

        • Flare Kyn says:

          “I honestly doubt 4th path would be corruption path at all. They already have that with most of the 3rd paths.”

          Whut? The corruption paths are Code: Sariel (hypothetically), Bloody Queen, Mad Paradox, Diangelion, Black Massacre (which is 2nd, not 3rd), Herrscher, and Nisha Labyrinth. That’s 5/6 of 13 3rd paths, less than half.

          “such as replacing Elboy’s sword with a shield, or making LuCiel swap so that Lu uses the gunblades and Ciel punches things, or etc.”

          Okay, considering I used to have a fanmade advancement of Code: Electra that did this, this might sound a bit hypocritical (then again that was a long time ago and my thoughts on it have changed), but I do not want to see weapon replacements. At all. Especially since that would mean completely revamping base class combos just for one path. And what about the weapon costumes?

          I almost said that having Lu and Ciel swap weapons was a better idea, but then I remembered that their costumes are for their specific individual weapons, so it’s technically also a weapon replacement.

          • Anon says:

            Immortal may not be full corruption, be he does technically count as having corrupted. Rose doesn’t count in general as she doesn’t follow the same class structure as everyone else. While their intentions may technically be pure, Twilight, Nova Imperator, and Shakti have some elements of corruption too. That’s 10 of 13 characters including Code: Sariel giving in to at least a small amount of corruptive influence on third path in their search for more power. A big portion of them are much more obviously fully and near-fully corrupted such as Mad Paradox and Bloody Queen, but they don’t have to go that far to count.

            Speaking of Immortal, he already changes Elboy’s combo game to the point he feels like an entirely different character. The addition of the second sword gradually with each advancement replaces more and more of his base combos until very little feels like what he had to start with. A somewhat similar argument can also be made for Fatal Phantom as he uses his dual pistols more and more instead of his cannon. It’s therefore not super outlandish to expect them to re-animate character combos to a similar degree to make them work with a “different” weapon.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Whoops, replied to the wrong comment. Oh well.

            “Immortal may not be full corruption, be he does technically count as having corrupted.”

            Taken straight from the wiki.

            “A common misconception is that Infinity Sword is corrupted due to absorbing the Dark El. However, he still retains most of his personality.”

            Immortal doesn’t change much personality-wise, and even the changes he does experience can’t be classified as corruption. And no, the fact he’s absorbing Dark El does not make it corruption. In order for it to be corruption.

            “Twilight, Nova Imperator, and Shakti have some elements of corruption too.”

            Okay, Shakti I can kinda see, but if Twilight counts as corruption (which she doesn’t IMO), then Deadly Chaser does too, because both of those paths WILLINGLY chose to go down the routes they did. And Nova Imperator? What? All he does is take weapons from enemy Nasods to enhance his own Nasod tech. That’s not corruption. Hell, Rage Hearts is closer to corruption than Nova Imperator.

            “Speaking of Immortal, he already changes Elboy’s combo game to the point he feels like an entirely different character.”

            True, but he still uses his first sword, the path simply replaces some of his base combos and adds onto others. Also, most of the path’s new combo attacks use his first sword outside of what he kept from his base class.

            “A somewhat similar argument can also be made for Fatal Phantom as he uses his dual pistols more and more instead of his cannon.”

            Not only does he still use his cannon, he even has passives that benefit his cannon usage. Some of his new combos also use his cannon outside of what’s kept from base class, though not as much as Immortal.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            “In order for it to be corruption.”

            Whoops, I meant to delete this part, ’cause I couldn’t think of a good way to explain what makes a path a corruption path.

  • SadPepe says:

    Evrybody talking here about him being a shota,bland and etc.
    We rly not gona mention dat he is gona be braindead broken ? Like literary Male Laby in a nutshell? Or even twice more broken than her? No?
    Well shit

    • Flare Kyn says:

      Oh, so you mean like literally every character ever until the inevitable patch that makes them less broken?

    • Flitz says:

      It’s more like it’ll happen for sure and everyone knows about it so they just don’t bother to talk with it and talk with something else that they don’t know instead lol. Sad truth but true and it’s gonna take months until he gets a nerf.

    • Anon says:

      New characters being broken is just a fact of life at this point. No reason to point it out every time a character comes out.

  • Flitz says:

    Now that the 2nd story is out unless Noah is immortal like Laby (doubt it since he seems human). He (and probably Ebalon) must have some kind of power to stop them from aging or else they would be dead already since Elrianode exploded centuries ago.

    So with this. . . it should further my theory of Noah stay the same appearance as a kid even with his C3/MC. Combined with my assuming that he’ll grow to MC at lightning speed like Laby. He probably stays the same face with little difference.

  • exasperatedrose says:

    instead of focusing on other aspects of the game that need desperate fixing like how overly grind dependent it is, are they really going with a new character, i mean do they really think this and an emote system will bring the game back to life?

    • Flare Kyn says:

      The emote system? Probably not. But a new character means a new playstyle, which actually DOES help to bring back old players and draw in new ones. Plus, the more ways to play, the less the grind bothers you (though I will confess that the grind is still bothersome).

      • Anon says:

        Also, everyone has their own preferred type of playing games. More characters means more playstyles available, which means more people catered to in regards to their ideal way of playing.

        Though, it doesn’t help so many people shame people for playing newer characters due to them being OP.

        • Flare Kyn says:

          “Though, it doesn’t help so many people shame people for playing newer characters due to them being OP.”

          Yeah, but that’s the fanbase’s fault, not KoG’s fault.

          • Anon says:

            I didn’t mean to imply it was KoG’s fault.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Sorry, I didn’t post it because I thought you thought that.

          • Anon says:

            It is something I do really wish would stop though. It’s been a thing for a really long time, and it often makes me want to play on my older characters instead for a while after a new character comes out, because every time you so much as win a PvP match or do better in a dungeon, people just complain about the new character you are playing being somehow toxic and you are toxic for using them. It can be really demotivating.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            I don’t PvP, but I kinda understand where you’re coming from. And yeah, I wish it would stop, too.

  • Anon says:

    Doesn’t look like he ages much on first path so far.

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