The Tongue of Elrios

7/08 Patch Notes

July 7th, 2021 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes

Maintenance: 4AM~ 12AM (8hrs)

★ Elsword 4th Path Update

* Root Knight – Sacred Tempar – Genesis

Info: By resonating with the El, Elsword carries the will of El within his way of the sword. El’s Sword who brings judgement down on his enemies.

Attack Type: Magic

Attack Range: Mid-range


★ Elsword 4th Patch Collection

– Synergy will be updated later

Elsword 4th Path Collection

Collection Stage

Collection Effect


Hyper Active Skill Damage Increase +3%


Hyper Active Skill Damage Increase +4%


Hyper Active Skill Damage Increase +5%

★ Gameplay Quality of Life Patch


★ Teacher Pho’s Progression Guide Update


– Provides guide mission required for progression through 1~99. Clearing gives various rewards.

– Guide activates starting from level 1. Cannot be carried out once all rewards have been obtained.

– All new characters and existing characters can use the guide content.

★ Balance Revamp

–  [Link]

★ PvP Season 10

[New Season Period] 2021 7 8 ~ 2021 8 19

★ Elsword New&Returner Elrios Attendance Revamp

* More details after 7/8 maintenance

★ Other Update

  1. New PvP map. ‘Eternal Winner’ added.
  2. Way of the Sword information when mousing over Elsword’s portrait now shows detailed stats
  3. Town/Dungeon loading image and description UI changed
  4. Certain class’ 3rd job quest completion NPCs have changed




Anemos 1/5~5/5

Daybreaker 1/5~5/5

Twilight 1/5~5/5

Bloody Queen 1/5~5/5

Diangelion 1/5~5/5

Metamorphy 1/5~5/5

Code : Sariel 1/5~5/5

Mad Paradox 1/5~5/5

Herrscher 1/5~5/5

Nisha Labyrinth 1/5~5/5

  1. Some characters’ descriptions in the character creation window has changed to fit with the story.

# Event/Cash Shop Update

★ 2021 Summer Pre-Register Reward Event!

[Event Duration] 2021 7/8

[Event Target] All Players (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Gives pre-register rewards.


★ Elsword 4th path update event

1! Protect Elrios with Elsword

[Event Duration] 2021 7/8 ~ 2021 7/22

[Event Target] Characters level 10+ (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Obtain ‘[코보] 수호의 증표 – 엘소드’ through Daily/Weekly quests

Exchange for rewards at Ariel NPC

[[코보] 수호의 증표 – 엘소드 Exchange List]

Exchange Amount

Exchange Item

Exchange Limit


[Luriel] Red Bean Sherbet x3 OR [Luriel] Fossil Potion x3


[Luriel] Giant Stone Apple x2


[Luriel] Inventory Expansion Ticket (Equipment) OR

[Luriel] Inventory Expansion Ticket (Accessories) OR

[Luriel] Inventory Expansion Ticket (Consumable) OR

[Luriel] Inventory Expansion Ticket (Material) OR

[Luriel] Inventory Expansion Ticket (Quest) OR

[Luriel] Inventory Expansion Ticket (Special) OR

[Luriel] Inventory Expansion Ticket (Life) OR

1 Exchange per account


[Luriel] Adapt Potion x3 OR [Luriel] Fighting Spirit Potion x3


[Luriel] Rosso Raid Reset x1

1 Exchange per account


[Luriel] Sage Magic Stone x10 OR Spectral Amethyst x20

2 Exchange per account


[Luriel] Berthe Raid Reset Ticket x1

1 Exchange per account


[Luriel] Phoru Stamp Choice Cube x1

1 Exchange per account


2! Elsword’s new adventure

[Event Duration] 2021 7/8 ~ 2021 7/22

[Event Target] Elsword 4th path character (per character)

[Event Detail] Elsword 4th path character can carry out chain event quest for rewards


3! Elsword 4th Path Kakao Talk Theme


★ Elsword 4th Path update event

[Event Duration] 2021 7/8 ~ 2021 7/15 9:59AM

[Event Target] Characters level 10+ (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Login for 30 minutes to obtain [Cobo] Character Slot Expansion ticket


★ Play Elsword on weekends!

1! Magic Wardrobe Tickets!

[Event Duration] 2021 7/10 5 PM ~ 2021 7/10 11:50PM

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per Account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Obtain Magic Wardrobe ticket every 10 minutes

* Event Magic Wardrobe Ticket Availability list [KRList]

Event Target

Event Duration

Login time (minutes)


level 10+

(Per Account/Both Servers)

2021 7/10

5 PM ~ 11:50PM


[Luriel] Magic Wardrobe Ticket (Shoes)(4th)(Noah Included)


[Luriel] Magic Wardrobe Ticket (Gloves)(4th)(Noah Included)


[Luriel] Magic Wardrobe Ticket (Bottom)(4th)(Noah Included)


[Luriel] Magic Wardrobe Ticket (Top)(4th)(Noah Included)


[Luriel] Magic Wardrobe Ticket (Weapon)(4th)(Noah Included)


[Luriel] Magic Wardrobe Ticket (Hair)(4th)(Noah Included)


2! Weekend Burning Event

[Event Duration] 2021 7/10 0 AM ~ 2021 7 11 11:50PM

[Event Target] All Characters

[Event Detail] 

Event Duration


2021 7/10 0 AM ~ 11:50PM

2x EXP

2021 7/11 0 AM ~ 11:50PM

2x Drop Rate

★ New/Returning Players get up to maximum 5,000 NX Cash

[Event Duration] 2021 7/8 ~ 2021 8/5 (Ends when enough players receive rewards)

[Event Target] New/Returning Players

[Event Detail] New/Returning Players can complete missions to obtain up to maximum 5,000 Nexon Play Points


[New Player Missions]







New Players


Create a New Character

(1st 6,000 players)

Achieve 2nd job

(1st 4,000 players)

Achieve Transcendence

(1st 2,000 players)

Achieve level 99

(1st 1,400 players)






[Returning Player Missions]

* Haven’t logged into Elsword for over 30 days









Clear 5 dungeons within level range

(1st 6,000 Players)

Clear 10 dungeons within level range

(1st 4,000 Players)

Clear 20 dungeons within level range

(1st 2,000 Players)

Clear 30 dungeons within level range

(1st 1,400 Players)






* In the Nexon Play App, go to [포인트 적립] and participate in Elsword event through 엘소드 이벤트 참여하기 button

* Missions have to be carried out in succession. When skipping certain stages, you must move to character selection then log back in for rewards

* Nexon cash is given through Nexon Play Points soon as the quest is completed


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21 Responses

  • TheLuiz says:


  • Strawberrix3 says:

    this is straight up garbage, Yes i’m still mad about the aes buff nerfs even tho aes ist the worst character possible rn

    • Akira says:

      Bruh the patch was bad we get it. This update looks interesting though, can’t complain about everything they do or you won’t see the good things they do.

  • E says:

    All I read was:
    “We don’t care about your feedback, old classes are getting murder but hey, look at this shiny new class that will OP, don’t forget to buy a JC ticket~”
    Na, thanks KOG, I’ll pass.

  • Brancliff says:

    Bad update, let’s hope they fix it

  • Earlygame says:


  • Dedgaem says:

    Nerfs were pretty much a
    “yes, you’re gonna play elsword 4th path and you’re gonna like it”

    Also find pretty ironic that they have no “resources” for pretty much anything but they bringin back grand chase, so they do have a surplus of resources. It’s gonna go horrible wrong though like everything kog touched so far, lol

  • DoomKittyLX says:

    Did Elsword seriously transcend into Goodhood?

  • Enough With Spectral Amethyst, Give Chlorite Seed or Blessed Time And Space Scroll >_<

  • MagicSpice says:

    Pfft, already see some people getting distracted by 4th job… KoG/Nexon strikes with the “OOH SHINY!!!” tactic again.

    Sorry, but I’m not gonna sugarcoat this. If you feel like you shouldn’t complain cause of 4th jobs or you even think about forgiving them, you deserve to be played like a fool.

    They didn’t fix issues, instead making it worse by paywalling more stuff, then tossed out a distraction to probably hide MORE problems…

    Gonna just leave it at that. I know I wouldn’t fall for their crap.

    • Earlygame says:

      You don’t see people being distracted, it’s just that being negative every single time kinda tires you out. There are several things wrong with the balance patch but the 4th job looks cool. Why is it wrong to be positive for once?

      I mean I guess I’m talking to Babel regulars here, but seriously…

      Chill, MagicSpice, chill!

  • MIDGAME says:

    elsword reboot v2 is required…. :3

  • Pay2Lose says:


  • Samii says:

    Unrelated to this but, to Sylar who decided to start stuff with me over the ED Quest changes, it’s been proven that the change won’t be that much.
    But besides that senseless drama,
    Thought I would inform others about it as well incase people were upset about the Quest changes and not getting as much ED.

  • dogfood says:

    nice updates, em still waiting if they would adjust values on that very awful 7/8 balance patch. Well only the values are awful tho, cp scaling is all good for me.

    4th paths really look kewl, but im sure almost all of them if not all of them are OP or “very useful” on release just like every other new stuff. And it will take several months of kr-centric player feedback before they adjust it.

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