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Short Update Schedule for rest of 2021

September 16th, 2021 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates

November – Aisha 4th path

December ~ February – New Area, New Dungeon, Raven 4th Path, Ara 4th Path, Trade board revamp

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  • Beautiful says:

    So they’re just gonna act like Rena wasn’t next in line. That’s cute.

  • Flare Kyn says:

    Huh. I expected Rena’s and Chung’s 4th paths to be before Ara’s and Add’s, on account of the order of 4th path releases matching the trailer so far ( I’m assuming Add’s will be right after Ara’s, though. As for the other characters, yeah, can’t say I’d be surprised either way. They weren’t explicitly pointed out in the trailer, after all.

  • TheLuiz says:

    Kog’s gonna milk this 4th path thing until late 2022. Any excuse to not make new regions or new characters.

    • Lazuli says:

      Well.. they are adding new dungeons, so a new region may come

    • fal says:

      if you search a bit for more info they said many things more, like one new region and the house “revamp” we got.
      the 2na announce its like its name a short version of everthing they said.anyway thanks for the info 2na.

      sigh some characters would have to wait to almost 2023 at this rate and so no synergy for them for that long. no mention they might ignore the other 3 paths for long too.
      oh well it seems they are working well in the game even if it is kinda slow, but hey at least they are going for the turtle’s way instead of the rabbit like they did with enhancement system and imprint.

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Except at this rate, we wouldn’t be getting BOTH Raven and Ara in the December~February section, as Raven would have to be in January and Ara in March. Methinks the 4th paths will start rolling out faster around that time.

        • Anon says:

          I don’t even mind if they don’t release for a little while personally, I just want them to tease more of the designs. Waiting to see what they look like is the most painful part.

  • LemonCakes says:


  • AkirinSeiker says:

    I don’t give a crud about any of the upcoming fourth paths. I just want Chung and Lu, Why is it they seem to get the short end so often?

    • Gabe says:

      How does Chung get the short end? All of his classes are amazing in their own way and Iron Paladin has been the #1 best class in PvP since the release of Sheath Knight. Chung gets more love than every other character in the game aside from Elesis.

      • Soren says:

        I disagree, Elesis doesn’t get anywhere as much love as Chung does from KoG, you might be mistaking her for Ara. Its always Ara/Chung that get all the KoG love, the Koreans really love their blue and clumsy ditz… For reasons unknown to me…

  • Myon says:

    So not only 3rd Jobs, 4th Path designs too, are physically unable to avoid having stupidly long coats/dresses (feat. Esencia’s shower curtains) almost every single path
    I can’t be the only one who feels a lot of 2nd Jobs look way better than 3Js right?

    • Flare Kyn says:

      Um… Knight Emperor (that’s a cape, not a coat), Rune Master Immortal, Metamorphy, Anemos, Nova Imperator, Code: Sariel, Bloody Queen, Minerva, Herrscher (debatable), Eternity Winner, Radiant Soul, and Celestia (debatable, as even though it is actually a coat, it could count as a cape since it’s not being worn as a coat). That’s around 1/4 of the current 4th Jobs who don’t have oversized coats/dresses.

      As for 2nd Jobs looking better than 3rd Jobs, I have mixed opinions. For some of them, yes, but for others, no. It’s a subjective thing anyway.

      • Anon says:

        I like most of the 3rd jobs but some of them feel a little overdesigned. It’s like they took the 2nd job designs and treated their next form like a Pokemon evolution. Some of them are pretty great like Doom Bringer and Dominator, and some are a bit excessive like Herrscher. It’s a bit of a tossup.

        I’ll probably always prefer Diabolic Esper over Mad Paradox, Dreadlord over Catastrophe, etc.

  • Teivel says:

    December cannot get here fast enough. I wanna know what the hell is going to happen to Raven. Given Genesis and Antithese both are losing who they are, I have a bad feeling it’s going to involve his cybernetics being taken to an extreme, unless they finally revisit the long-abandoned Soul Taker idea.

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