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11/11 Patch Notes

November 10th, 2021 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6:30AM ~ 10AM (3hrs 30min)

★ Aisha 4th Path Update

Aisha’s 4th path, Immortal who achieved truth of alchemy.

* Wiz Magician – Mystic Alchemist – Lord Azoth

Info: Alchemist who creates new matter through alchemy.

Fancy combat style through homunculus creation and throwing flask bombs

Attack Type: Physical

Range: Mid

★ Aisha 4th path collection

Aisha 4th path collection

Collection Stage

Collection Effect


Consumable item cooldown reduction 6% (Max 30%)


Consumable item cooldown reduction 8% (Max 30%)


Consumable item cooldown reduction 10% (Max 30%)

★ Arena Season 10

[New Season] 2021 11 11 ~ 2021 12 23

Cash Shop Update

1. New IB : Agent Nous

2021 11 11 ~ 2022 2 3

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23 Responses

  • Oofmoment says:

    Yes throw Flask at enemy face and do nerfed damage

  • Begginggeegee says:

    Joaquin now has a rival, throwing flask bumbs at others faces should be fun

  • fal says:

    consumable cooldown, huh.. maybe new aisha have mana problems?, i expected skill cd or mana cost oh well.

    we knew this aisha would have something similar to vapor and inmortality is a plus from her.
    all wellcome non full metal aishalchemist with homonculus and maybe a missing arm/damaged eye.
    haha aisha nerf memes will be the the truth of inmortality.

    heem nice that ib looks very gothpunk, with furry rabbit ears? okay. i guess this one is for pvp

    • Nisha says:

      actually, consumable cooldown reduction is serving her theme. i mean, she’s an alchemist, but potion effect bonus already usen for BL in collection, so potion cooldown looks logical here.

  • Earlygame says:

    Lord Azoth??? Kinda scary, I hope she isn’t evil

    *why does kog still name girls as “lord” tho lmao*

    • Soren says:

      Lord is actually a gender neutral title though lol
      “one having power and authority over others”
      lord < ME lavord < OE hlafweard = hlaf + weard (loaf – keeper) is the one who keeps your loaf of bread, and grants you some to eat once a day. Traditionally a man, but not a gendered word.
      lady < ME ladiye < OE hlafdige = hlaf + dige (loaf – kneader) is the one who actually makes that loaf of bread and presumably hands it to the loaf-keeper for safekeeping. Again not gendered in any linguistic sense.
      So both of these are gendered only by tradition. If you kept the loaf, you were the lord. If you made it, you were the lady

    • Hex Flareheart says:

      Azoth is just an alchemical term for, essentially, ‘universal medicine’ (presumably a medicine that can cure anything), and the whole lord thing is entirely a translation thing. The equivalent to ‘lord’ in Korean (and I think Japanese too?) is ungendered, but there’s no easy ungendered alternative to ‘lord’ in English, so most translations usually don’t bother, especially since the female equivalent used to be ‘lady’, but that word gets used casually enough in modern times that it no longer works as an alternative to ‘lord’.

  • Katja Eclair says:

    Ooh cool, it’s Haivan and co.’s outfits

  • DanYami says:

    finally a good looking ice burner again

  • Anon says:

    I’m starting to wonder if the fourth job theme is something to do with the characters betraying something core to themselves. Elsword relying on the El power inside him instead of growing through his own strength, Eve abandoning her logic and reason to make excuses for a faulty code, Aisha embracing alchemy despite normally disliking it. etc.

  • DoomKittyLX says:

    What kinda Fullmetal Alchemist shit is this?

    • Flare Kyn says:

      I think it’s just the concept of alchemy in general? I mean, back in the day, people legit thought it was possible to become immortal through alchemy.

  • MagicSpice says:

    They didn’t call her an Atelier for obvious reasons I guess…

  • ImCringing68 says:

    I can see all the aisha bandwagons now, yuck, disgusting.

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