The Tongue of Elrios

Elsword 2022 Update Roadmap

April 6th, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Elsword News | Korean Elsword Updates


Epic Quest rewards revamp

  • ED gain through Epic Quests adjusted
  • Clearing Epic quests gives Epic Points
  • ED shop revamped into Epic Point shop. Items from original ED shop and other useful items for character growth can be purchased from Epic Point shop.
  • Epic points can be purchased with ED

LuCiel 4th path update


New pet content

  • From teams with existing pets and compete with other players


New mount content

  • Race content with mounts

Trade board revamp

  • Display market price
  • Detailed search filters
  • Revamped trade fee
  • Register/Cancel items on board individually
  • Favorite feature
  • System to register for purchasing certain item
  • Other quality of life changes


Rena 4th path update


New Raid

Laby 4th path update


Harmony Festival


Add 4th path


Guild revamp

Hair dye system


Elesis 4th path

January 2023

Chung 4th path

Febuary 2023

Ain 4th path

March 2023

Noah 4th path

Rose Story Quest

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52 Responses

  • fal says:

    thanks 2na, interesting to this…

  • Furerum says:

    PLEASE tell me that new raid doest not have a new weapon, PLEASE

    • DanYami says:

      every raid has a new weapon, probably some shadow themed weapon as the next raid will DEFINITELY be Ran

      • Earlygame says:

        Definitely? lol we really don’t know anything. It could literally be anything

      • Furerum says:

        not all of them, it hasn’t even been one year after Tenebrous. If there is a new weap ill just stop there, i just can’t anymore, farm and farm and cannot really enjoy the end resutls for long.

      • xD says:

        I highly doubt it’s a weapon, possibly something stupid like Grotto… Tenebrous’s biggest ore and at most an accessory, don’t forget a title of +800 runs and tickets… Always tickets

        • RandomUser says:

          it will be have a weapon, and by all means, the story is hinting that the next raid will be ran, also, “xD” it seems that you forgot that rosso raid came in 2018, and that berthe raid came in 2020, we are in 2022, it’s about time we get a new raid; now probably a lot of people wont be as done with berthe as we were with rosso, due to how that raid is, the evolution, and the titles that it has.

          • xD says:

            Hmmm thats true…
            Then if its the case of new weapon/raid set… probably Pruinaum’s weapon drop rate will increase now in a short future as it happened with FOJ

  • GabbyNoctis says:

    March 2023 for all 4th paths to drop. Roughly 1 year and 9 months since 4th paths in general were announced. What a fucking schedule

    • Anon says:

      Yeah it’s a bit of a let down. By the time they’re all out the novelty and hype will have long since worn off. It really should have been monthly at the latest, if not releasing them in pairs.

      I am curious about the new Rose content though. Is it just a rework to her story, or are they giving her the Laby/Noah treatment in giving her unique dungeons?

      • GabbyNoctis says:

        Late 2011, KoG announced 3rd paths and released their 1st jobs in a bi-weekly basis. Then 5 months later they released 2nd jobs under the same bi-weekly schedule. This bi-monthly, monthly, then bi-monthly again release has me thinking KoG is entirely developing these classes from scratch as these classes release. To think 11 months from now we’ll have all 4th paths. 11 months is plenty of time to fully begin development on Noah’s 4th path.

        In the case of Rose, most likely the former. I’d be surprised if it was the latter.

        • Sariel says:

          Goes to show that the game is slowly but surely about to be declared dead as they have most definitely run out of ideas at this point. Hence why they gotta drag it out as much as possible as Els ain’t as profitable anymore.

          • lmao says:

            I’ve read similar messages like this since 2018, yet I have yet to see the game die. It’s too many that it’s so stale to read these, but you do you.

          • Anon says:

            People have been saying the game is “about to die” and that “KoG is out of ideas” for a real long time now, but new content keeps coming out and the game keeps not being dead. I heard it said when Elesis came out (“They can’t think of any new characters so they are just rehashing GC characters now”), I heard it said when Transcendence came out (They can’t think of further job advancements so they are just buffing 2nd job”), etc. Seems like every year people want to go spreading the same bull about the game being on the verge of death because of KoG being out of ideas.

            The real reason for the long update times is probably because they realize how lucrative for them financially it really is. They get to extend the time between hype around each individual character getting a new job path, thus extending the time people are spending money on said new paths. Job change tickets, gear upgrades, costumes, etc.

    • doggo says:

      yea cant believe they even pull this off this bs content stalling, like i trying really really hard to like this game cause it afterall most of our childhood games but this is some real bs.

    • Peeker Chonk says:

      Yes and how Chung got yeeted to the last batch while lushjt and labytch come early is dumb, salty CC lover here ^^ Should be 6 weeks per New Class as longest gap with the original reliz lineup not this mess poor Chungs, and may+june contents splitted is sus cuz they r not big updates imo just mini Pokemon / drive compe

      • TTs says:

        The order of characters is mostly based by popularity in KR, thus we got Eve among firsts, Luciel and Laby. The reason why all new classes are taking so long is due class teaser trailer video, which is actually in process of making right now (Example, when LuCiel new class came out they worked on Rena’s classes videos), not only that but we get full story and a trailer for new class + trailer for other classes of that same character.
        This has been actually a topic in KR community among player base and devs.
        Ngl, they have been way more toxic about how long they are taking to release new classes than NA community. But than again player base in NA can’t compare to KR (amount of players).

  • Xamy says:

    Tell me they’ll make a pvp weapon like duelist :)
    So we can say fuck to boring nonsense pve ty

    • lolme says:

      nah just get that VoS and later New Raid weapon that 30% better in pvp than VoS

      really they should make the pvp weapon easier , why play pve when u play pvp << same reason pve player mad at kog cuz fpot is only from pvp before get changed

    • Earlygame says:

      Yea sure, gatekeep a pvp weapon behind 4m cp lmao. Would make soooo much sense.

  • DanYami says:

    here comes the Ran raid

    meanwhile I am still on VoS Stage 2 :v

  • Thatguy says:

    Damn they milking these jobs lol

  • xD says:

    Im really tired of “Raids” content, I know very well that it is what many players like but it is also the main reason for gatekeeping, unfair nerfs and a sick farming season. Just remember that some already got the title of Plegas in the second week of appearing.
    On the other hand, it seems stupid to me that they have been releasing all the 4th jobs for many months while they fill the game with support events and other updates that… Nobody asked
    It is not much use complaining, because as it happened with the “Elrios pass” many will say that it is the best thing that KoG could think of and then they will not play during the week or they will be playing Genshin/Lol/Valorant

  • MuscleGirlsEnjoyer says:

    I bet that even with this update the INT server will continue with the shitty economy. +1.3B for just one hairpiece. On EU server you complete 5/5 combo set with only 900m. LMAOOOOOO

    • leedongshin says:

      different playerbase 90% of int player is f2p and gacha content make ppl doesnt want to load and dont forget int player come from, usd is expensive for them

      • MuscleGirlsEnjoyer says:

        Not only is it expensive, it is also dead. You will never see a +10 amulet on the market because they don’t put it at the maximum price. They want to sell it via trade so they can abuse it. Honestly INT is already doomed. There is no solution that KOG can do to fix the shit they did in merging several servers into one while putting only dollar as cash purchase.

        • Dan Yami says:

          EU is a shithole too

        • VortexMaster (INT) says:

          Actually, the economy is improving aftet the recent changes, I got a 5/5 aurora mustika for 1.5B.
          And just so you know, merging many servers into one wasn’t what made the INT ecomony so bad, things like the players migrating to the EU server had a big influence too

          Why would I pay for a +10 when I get weekly quests that give me 5 fluorite/1 scroll + a hammer.

          In the same day that I got my FoJ I was able to get it to +10.

    • Mmey Lover says:

      INT inflasi

  • MuscleGirlsEnjoyer says:

    So they will reduce the ED gain through the quest and put this new point in there. I bet this new point will be used for good items on KR server, but on other servers it will be completely garbage items like the ED store that sells expensive and ugly ED costume with trash stats.

  • Asuha says:

    Don’t care, waiting for a TB buff which I hope it happens before KoG kills this game.

  • SuperLuigi1025 says:

    So no Anniversary event this year?

  • TheLuiz says:

    How come Laby gains new class before Add and Chung?

  • MuscleGirlsEnjoyer says:

    Man I will laugh so hard if they reduce the ED to put useless items in the store like new costumes that give trash stats. LMAO

  • BladeMotion says:

    new raid…cmon. can we please chill on a weap without being pushed to create/buy a new +12 while the current weapon is 80-90% done …?

    “You can skip VoS” , to read 12months after ran raid,that a new weapon will come again xD

  • QuitAlready says:

    Why do people still play this game……really, give me a solid answer im genuinely curious.

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