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6/23 Patch Notes

June 22nd, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes

Maintenance: 4AM~ 12AM (8 hrs)

# Content

★ Trade Board Revamp


★ QoL Updates

  1. Varnimyr~Tirnog dungeon bosses drop 2 ‘Giant Magic Crystal’ (Before 1)
  2. EXP adjustment for Laby Epic Quests before Elrianode. Laby will reach level 99 once quests are finished
  3. Some Boss/Midbosses being off sync
  4. Maximum ED changed 5b → 10b

Maximum shared bank ED
















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36 Responses

  • fal says:

    i guess “Maximum ED changed 5b → 10b” refers to shared bank , isnt it or or its for max board sales price? well at both cases they are 10b now.

    Thanks for more crystals, they increased the use in many things, and reduced the amount obtained in some ways, like farming or blacksmiths profession or dismantle equipments after elrianode.

    the increase of maximum shared bank is nice i have it at platinum so i can bank out a character in a single character change.

    Shared bank even the basic one is a must have for every player so I would just like to make most if not all cash items available to other players, at least via gift, if trade is impossible. But i guess some of them are that way to prevent some kinds of abuses.

    thanks again 2na

    • lolme says:

      they have for KR 200m to system and giftable in item mall but not for any other server like… why

      • Elshit Free to Playylmao says:

        Simple. Because KOG see us as clowns who give them money even if we get simple improvements or shit. Look at how KR server has had inventory expansion by ED for years, and they never released it in NA or any other server. They realized that KR players bought all the expansion with ED and it probably made them lose a lot of money, so they thought it better not to do it with NA and other servers because they want us to buy stuff in the cash shop with money while they laugh at us for being clowns. :D

  • asd says:

    “Some Boss/Midbosses being off sync”


  • TheLuiz says:

    Is it just me or this game gets less and less interesting with each update?

    • Elshit Free to Playylmao says:

      Brace yourself my friend! Flare will jump from some random spot to defend Elsword with all his might. Unfortunately I feel the same way. I used to love PVP even though it was completely broken for some classes, but after they released a bunch of cancerous Force Skill that polluted the screen I started to see PVP as a meme. You don’t even know what the hell is going on during the matches anymore. And it got worse when Laby and Noah came with more cancerous skills.

      • VolTorian says:

        Had a match against someone who was higher ranked than me and had better stuff in terms of both gear and force stuff. He used fog three times in that match and missed all three times. I almost won but he used a homing skill and I forgot obten was a thing

      • SadPepe says:

        Bruh imagine when they release the new Laby/Noah classes into the game or even worst a new character that somehow 10 times more on crack than these 2 :^)

      • Flare Kyn says:

        … Except I only do that when I see people try to make something that ISN’T objectively bad look as if it is objectively bad. You can have your own personal opinions, just be sure to remember that they’re SUBJECTIVE, not objective.

    • Furerum says:

      Just you… and the bunch of the other toxic ppl.

      • Flare Kyn says:

        Honestly, I wish the people posting toxic shit would just take a step back and reevaluate their life choices. With any luck, they’d probably realize how self destructive their toxic mindsets are… but that doesn’t seem likely, to be honest. They’ll probably just keep being toxic asses even after doing that.

  • YUYUHikro says:

    People still defending this game are not to be taken seriously to be honest I used to love this game’s pvp when it comes to doin funny combos and stuff. Pve was I didn’t care too much about but I always ran it with friends esp end game back when Rosso was the end game. It’s sad when we as A community form A union they quickly shut us up with Wardrobe tickets, Return of Old IBS which they stopped doin after all the backlash died down LMFAO!!!!

  • UnaPersona says:

    Why this game refuses to die? lol

  • xD says:

    The board update looks “fine”, excluding the fee from personal trade.
    Thats it, not much else to say… I wanted to believe that NA would finally have the client update like KR and its migration, but nah just a long attendance event, just as I said in my last reply from old mount update

  • G-gan says:

    I wonder why is it that with every good addition they have to add something negative :C

    Now people without shared bank are are obliged to pay masive amounts of ED to transfer ED from one character to another using a friend.

    Now more than ever i see people just using the board with random items just to remove a second 5% loss in ED

    • Flare Kyn says:

      Yeah, I don’t like that either. You telling me I have to pay a cost just because I want to give some money to someone IN PERSON?

      • fal says:

        sorry for the wall of text, too many ideas!
        ahhh as G-gan said, its like a curse. They do something really good but then they ruin it with something stupid/nonsence/with obvious problems/or just “good”.
        We might think now if they are doing it on purpose, just to make people think they are fixing it…
        like they leave it in a lower point which they are going to increase to the original intention, just to make it feel changes less drastic.

        in the end there is no point into using personal trade anymore, unless you want to swap items or give another of your own characters a specific item
        for those out there without bankshare the only advice i can give you is:
        buying something from a board, then with the help of a friend or a guild give it to your other character, taxes are not applied to items so this is the only way to prevent wasting ed.

        The market probably will apply a exchange coin with somewhat high value, usable at most stages of the game like +9 amulets.
        on the other option, it can be something not so cheap which be bought by anyone and it rarely changes its price. For me it would be chlorites. or both

        I can imagine the market like in other games with an exchange intermediary coin rather than just gold/ed: like i can remember now “Selling BasicWings for 2 souls and 3 chaos gems (remembering MuOnline)” or now in Elsword: Selling +10! only 110 chlorites!…

        on a side note: buying/selling kching would be a pain and less viable now XD.

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