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Trade Board Revamp

June 22nd, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates

Trade Board

  1. Trade menu is added to the board, items can be bought or sold in trade
  2. Upon reaching level 99, the maximum price for registered item changed to 10b ed
  3. The maximum item register count increased to 10
  4. Sale tax reduced to 5%
  5. Can individually register, cancel and receive items
  6. The registered item’s duration is counted separately
  7. When using a quick search, various  search criteria of the same types of items can be selected at once

– Available: Costume(Weapon, Top, Bottom) select at once

– Not-Available: Costume(Weapon), Consumable, Special select at once

  1. Advanced search feature added

– Can search through categories like material, consumable, costume …etc

– Just like quick search various search criteria of the same types of items can be selected at once

– Can search min ~ max price range

– Can search min ~ max enhancement level

– Can search min ~ max reforge level

– Can search remaining seal count

– Can search up to 5 maximum effect type

– Can search up to 6 maximum socket effects

– Can register up to 10 search criteria in favourites

  1. When buying or selling, you can check the market price for the items

– Daily(last 30 days), Monthly(previous year) market prices can be checked through graph or chart

– Can check average, minimum and maximum prices within a time frame

– Can check the average market price and trade amount on a certain day or certain month.

  1. A confirmation message will appear if the current purchase or sale deviates largely from the current average market price (last 30 days)
  2. Can use the re-register feature to re-register unsold items with the same condition
  3. Can check sold item’s names, price, amount and sale time through sales history

– Only items received can be checked in the sales history

– Only 30 latest sales histories will be displayed

  1. Can buy premium trade board ticket in cash shop

– Premium Trade service is applied per character

– Tax benefits are applied

– Buying the cash shop item again will extend the remaining time

  (Maximum 90 days)

  1. Frequently asked feature the “Wish to buy certain item” was removed from the update as it is impossible to implement in Elsword’s system. We are sorry to players that waited for this feature

Personal Trade

  1. level 99 characters can register up to 10b during trade
  2. Personal trade ED tax is 5%


  1. Tradable items can be more easily identified in the inventory
  2. Untradable text added to items registered to wardrobe
  3. The Board menu in the mailbox is deleted
  4. Trade board UI is added to mini-map

– Scrolling over it will display registered items

(Old) Receive items

Items registered before the update can be received through (old) Receive items button

This button will be removed on 2023 6/22

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13 Responses

  • fal says:

    i think this trade board revamp is far more than I expected. They overdid a lot of things. Great job devs! (sad for players who manually did this math to earn some extra ed)

    the only downside is the 5% forced tax in personal trade.
    i guess this will further encourage to just use the board and buy the premium (unless the item is worth more than 10b).
    VVIP which i frequently did because of the 10% tax, but now with only 5% tax, I have to see if KC:ED ratio of my sales is worth the investment. Some servers have a very inflated kching ratio so paying 5% taxes is just cheaper.

    i wonder if players will have to adjust their prices to include or lose the forced tax in personal trade (if they ever choose it over board), example:
    * im selling +9 at 500b >Buyer gives 500m, but seller only receives 475m; losing 25m or pay 526.32m so seller receives almost exactly 500m.
    * im selling +11 at 10b >Buyer gives 10b, but seller only receives 9.5b; losing 500m or pay 10.53b so seller receives almost exactly 10b.

    Thanks 2na!, i always check elwiki updates here first.

  • Ruy, no te des la vuelta says:


  • G-gan says:

    This update is a big middle finger for people without shared bank :(
    If you were to trade for ED with someone else you would lose a bunch of ED, lets say 500 kk you would lose like 50kk in the trade

    • lolme says:

      idiot will always said : just buy it its not expensive, while not considering that you need to pay with your own money(non tradeable) to unlock the most important stuff in the game

  • Flare Kyn says:

    “Personal trade ED tax is 5%” Dafuq is this?!

  • MarieWolf_94 says:

    about time they delivered on a worthwhile QoL concern. i dont quite understand the purpose of the 5% tax though. this “tax” thing is done in a lot of MMOs for trade/market and i never understood the purpose of it. it just feels like it’s burning off a few in-game money (in Els’s case ED) for no reason, and that youre just losing out on money you could use towards in-game NPC markets or crafting. i could only assume this is a balance thing, but balance for what exactly? well, whatever, this update is overall pretty solid from the looks of it so thats all that matters

  • Labyrinth says:

    I think the 5% in trading is a good thing. Now the trading board and personal trades are on the same field. Most people will prefer using the board. Scammers have less opportunities to scam. It’s easier for buyers to find the lowest price. The markets prices are more transparent. The traders who offer insanely high prices can be hold accountable. Too bad for people who don’t have shared bank, but they don’t offer much financial value to kog so why should kog care for them. It’s a game. They should just quit if they are having a hard time.

    • Flare Kyn says:

      Thing is, personal trades require you to be in the same place as the person you’re trading with AND you both have to be logged in while trading, while board allows you to buy items even when the seller isn’t logged in. So no, they aren’t on the same field. Nor should they ever be, because they’re fundamentally different from each other.

      • Labyrinth says:

        They are fundamentally the same thing since I am trading one thing for another. It’s just you need to use currency with the board, like currency is used for majority of trades in real life. You can also choose to trade with items with personal trade which board doesn’t allow. I’m satisfied with this change. Kog is the organization you need to persuade, not me.

        • Cloud says:

          You were literally trying to persuade Flare… The irony. The fee is just stupid. People without shared bank gonna suffer even more. Always making things even worse

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